Why a Quiet Compressor Is Important for Your Health?

by James Williams

Air compressors are probably one of the most elaborate and multi-functional machines of the modern-day. This nifty device has numerous uses and is very flexible in terms of functionality.

But it is no secret that these air compressors also produce an awful amount of noise. If you have been working in an office or a workplace for some time, you know how noisy it can get.

However, in today's world, problems come with solutions. A great alternative to a regular air compressor is a quiet/silent compressor. Here, we'll learn why a quiet compressor is important for your health . Let's begin.

What Is a Quiet Compressor?

A quiet air compressor is a specialized apparatus designed to produce less noise while performing the functions of a regular air compressor.

A regular air compressors force air inside the device's body and then pressurize it to be used as potential energy. A quiet air compressor does the exact job but produces less noise in the process.

How Does It Work?

Because air compressors have such a complex configuration, they are more susceptible to internal friction. The internal parts of air compressors are composed of metals, which are very likely to produce noise.

Quiet compressors, however, are constructed in such a manner that the noise level decreases exponentially. Three factors are in consideration here.

Precision of Machine

These machines are built with dense materials of high quality, which help to reduce the noise. Other than that, the structure of the parts specifically serves the purpose of noise reduction.

External Insulation

Quiet compressors usually consist of an extra insulation system, eliminating the noise from the internal parts.

Effective Lubrication

Lubrication is an essential aspect of compressor maintenance. Some compressors even have oil level indicators which prevent unpleasant noise.

The Impact of Quiet Compressors on Health:

 The Impact of Quiet Compressors on Health:
The Impact of Quiet Compressors on Health:

Now that you have a general idea of the machine, you may ask why a quiet compressor is important for your health. The following points will answer your question:

Prevention of Hearing Problems

Air compressors' noise can increase up to 100 dB (Decibel), which is way more than the standard limit of noise.

Frequent exposure to noise levels of such range for a prolonged period of time can cause various troubles like hearing deficiency, bleeding from ears, etc.

Besides, compressor level noises can create a disease called "Tinnitus," which is a condition which causes a perception of ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Although a quiet compressor does not eliminate noise entirely, the noise created by it is very low compared to regular compressors and falls in the safe range.

Safeguarding Overall Health Condition

Loud noises don't only cause hearing problems; they can impact your entire health condition too.

Studies have suggested that loud noise can cause hypertension, anxiety, heart diseases, and even mental health issues.

Quiet compressors can minimize your possibilities of experiencing any of these conditions.

Providing Clean Air

With the growth of factories and industries, the air is becoming more polluted day by day.

Compressors will provide you with clean air and ensure that you have a healthy respiratory system.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Noise pollution does not only affect us, humans; it can be hazardous for the environment around us too.

Other living organisms, both terrestrial and aquatic, experience noise pollution too. This hampers the ecosystem and also causes the degradation of environmental quality.

Prevention of External Ear Discomfort

In workplaces that contain air compressors, workers often use noise-canceling headphones to cancel out the unwanted noise.

However, this device can cause irritation in your ears and even result in dizziness.

Quiet air compressors have no contact with your physical body. Hence, there is no possibility of such discomfort occurring.

Health Is the Greatest Wealth

A quiet compressor is not only important for your health but also a device that boosts productivity and improves the quality of life. Indeed it is expensive, but it is an excellent investment.

At the end of the day, health is the greatest wealth you have. Even in terms of expenditure, it must be your top priority. So, buy one immediately as you now know why a quiet compressor is important for your health.

Live healthier, better!

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