5 Best Saltwater Washdown Pump [Top Marine Pumps]

by James Williams

Fishing is very exciting and fun. We all know that. But the debris, fish scales, and filthy dirt that take over your boat after a fishing session is everything but fun. It's a difficult task to manually clean up the mess.

That's why a washdown pump proves to be the most efficient solution to this. Having said that, to get the maximum result from the cleaning done by a marine washdown pump, you need the best one in your hands.

If you are not sure about which one is the best saltwater washdown pump , we are here to help. We made a list of top 5 that clean up your deck, just like that!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Washdown Pump

The Best Saltwater Washdown Pump
The Best Saltwater Washdown Pump

If you are asking yourself what the best saltwater washdown pump is, then you may need to answer the question from multiple angles. There are a few factors you need to consider before labeling one as the best option for you. Here's a list of how to do it.

The Higher the Pressure, the Better

If the washdown pump doesn't produce enough pressure per Square Inch area, then it's probably not your worth. A standard-functioning machine will be delivering a water pressure of around 60 to 70 PSI.

Any pressure below that may be considered as below the satisfactory level. Look for the one that has the capacity to deliver more than 65 PSI. It's the best if its 70 PSI.

Speed Is Always the Key Factor

Let's get this straight. You are trying to pump water and other junks that are mixed up with it out of your boat-deck. The sooner you can do it, the better it is for you,which calls for a higher speed of draining.

An average washdown pump may clear off dirty water at a speed of about 3.5 to 5 GPM. Of course, you should look for the highest GPM to be on the safe side. To select the best one, always make sure that it can drain out at a speed of around 4.5 or more GPM.

Built-In Thermal Control Can Save Your Pump

Obviously, thepump runs with a lot of air pressure to suck out water from your boat surface. This makes the machine heat up quickly. That's why most of the pumps suggest intermittent pumping.

However, the latest models come with a built-in thermal control system. Whenever the machine gets heat up to a certain level while running, it will detect it and switch itself off.

It will wait until the machine comes back to a normal temperature position. Once it comes back to normal, the machine restarts itself. This option can be very crucial for your pump's health. You should definitely place it on your check-list before making the purchase.

Make Sure Its Corrosion Resistant

A washdown water pump works with seawater, mainly. This definitely means that it is going to be exposed to salty water. Coming into contact with saltwater on a frequent basis, poses the pump under threat of corrosion and rust.

To solve this issue, some of the washdown pumps have protection against such corrosion.Some of them are made from ABS engineering plastic that not only allows the device to have rust and corrosion-resistant features but also a sturdy build.

Go Noise-Free

Pumps are very popular for their noise-making traits. Of course, it's a machine, and it is likely to make noise while in use. But there is room for updating it as well.

There area number of pumps that have a low-noise producing capacity. Some even go completely noise-less. That's a great feature to have at the same price as other noise-making ones. Don't miss this out.

An Automated Pressure Switch Is Smarter

Nowadays, many pumps come with automated pressure switches. This pressure switch is smartly integrated with their nozzles. It starts and goes off according to the nozzle's opening and closing.

Whenever the nozzle opens, the pressure switch starts and goes off the moment the nozzle is closed. This saves a lot of power and accelerates the longevity of the pump.

Best Saltwater Washdown Pump 2023

All that glitters is not gold. That's true even for washdown pumps. You can see there are thousands of options to go for, but finding the best one out of it is a next-level challenge. Read our top 5 list to cut the unnecessary searching time.

1. Johnson Pump Model 64534 Marine - Link

Johnson Pump Model 64534 Marine Aqua Jet Wash Down Pump Kit
Johnson Pump Model 64534 Marine Aqua Jet Wash Down Pump Kit

Our first pick is the Washdown Pump from seaflo. seaflo Always is one step ahead, and SEAFLO 33 Series is just a prime example of the giant.

It's a 12-Volt device that can pump out dirty water from your deck quite easily. And that's enough of a power to get your cleaning job done in no time. Having a pressure level of 70 PSI, it performs at a very satisfactory level.

As the SEAFLO 33 Series draws nearly about 16 amps, a 20 amp fuse is necessary to support it. With a three-chamber design, this thing can efficiently work even if there is a huge amount of dirt and debris on your deck. Just switch iton and leave the rest on its 12-Volt power.

The pump works on an intermittent style. That means you can't run it on a continuous basis. It can damage the product if you do so. Take a 30-minute break after a 30-minute washdowns-session. That will help the machine to keep going.

Immediately after the trigger is closed, the 70 PSI pressure switch will make it shut off. This can save your machine from facing wear and tear, and increase efficiency, as well.

Besides, it runs pretty smoothly without making much of a noise. So, if you are someone who hates noise, that's good news for you.

Even after being exposed to saltwater, the pump resists corrosion like a pro.


  • Self-priming of 10 feet
  • 18.9 Liter per minute of output
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Great pressure
  • Runs smoothly and makes a very little sound


  • It can't be used at a stretch for more than half an hour

2. Happybuy RV Washdown Pumps for Boats - Link

Happybuy RV Water Pump 5.3 GPM 12V Water Pump Automatic 70 PSI Diaphragm Pump with 25 Foot Coiled Hose Washdown Pumps for Boats Caravan Rv Marine Yacht
Happybuy RV Water Pump 5.3 GPM 12V Water Pump Automatic 70 PSI Diaphragm Pump with 25 Foot Coiled Hose Washdown Pumps for Boats Caravan Rv Marine Yacht

The second position of our list is occupied by the Washdown Pump from Happybuy. It pumps out water at a rate of 5.5 GPM, which makes it a pretty smart competitor in the market.

Having a 70 PSI rate, this device is absolutely amazing at its work. It's a great amount of pressure to soak up the dirty water from your boat within a short time.

The body is made from ABS engineered plastic that provides it the ultimate durability.

Being a 5-chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, the unit works quite efficiently. Together with a water-proof cover, and sealed pressure switch, the productis designed to deliver the best.

The automatic pressure switch control is very useful when you are using it. It opens and closes whenever you open or close the nozzle.

A superior built-in thermal-protection system protects the machine from getting overheated and saves it from damage. When the temperature of the unit goes past a certain limit, the machine will automatically shut-down. That's a great safety feature to have. Don't worry; it will start again when the temperature is dropped.

You can find a variety of sizes for the externally threaded port pump-heads to connect universally to any outlet.


  • 12-Volt heavy performer.
  • Delivers pressure at 70 PSI
  • Built with high ABS engineered plastic
  • Self-priming pump
  • UV-protected coiled hose


  • The plastic nozzle is not sturdy

3. USA Adventure Gear ProGear 5500 - Link

USA Adventure Gear ProGear 5500 High Performance Professional Grade Water Pump | Made in the USA | 12 Volt DC | 5.3 GPM | 14 Foot Lift | Self-Priming | Potable Water Use | RV, Boat, Plumbing
USA Adventure Gear ProGear 5500 High Performance Professional Grade Water Pump | Made in the USA | 12 Volt DC | 5.3 GPM | 14 Foot Lift | Self-Priming | Potable Water Use | RV, Boat, Plumbing

Another winner is the Jabsco Marine ParMax. Its 3-chamber excellent design makes it an efficient and powerful beast for your regular use.

The body of the ParMax 4 is made from glass-filled polypropylene. This feature makes it resistant to pressure.

Reaching a pressure level up to 60 PSI, it can pump out water at a rate of 15 liters per minute or 4 GPM. So, you can get your job done pretty easily and fast.

Up to 6 meters of self-priming allows it to be of great help when you need quick and perfect clean-up. The corrosion-resistant feature makes it a perfect choice for saltwater washdown works.Its self-priming mechanism makes it one of the most efficient products on our list.

Weighing less adds to its value. The ParMax 4 weighs just over 5 pounds. It's easy to carry with you, wherever required.

Having 25 feet of hose coil, this beast can stretch its performance to a new level. Its 9 amp draw calls for a fuse size of 12 amp.

Furthermore, it has a noise-reduction capacity that creates little to no noise while in use.


  • Super efficient with a compact 3-chamber design
  • Corrosion-resistant body
  • It comes with a sealed motor
  • Includes a pump-guard intake strainer
  • Longer hose coil


  • A bit hard to install on boats

4. Trac Outdoors Portable Washdown Pump Kit - Link

Trac Outdoors Portable Washdown Pump Kit - Self-Priming Marine-Grade Pump - Includes Everything Needed to Power-Spray, Just Add Water (69380) , Blue
Trac Outdoors Portable Washdown Pump Kit - Self-Priming Marine-Grade Pump - Includes Everything Needed to Power-Spray, Just Add Water (69380) , Blue

The Trac Outdoor Series is loaded with useful features that you definitely need to check out. It's a 5-chamber pump that runs smoothly with a noise-free flow.

In addition to the smooth flow for the positive displacement diaphragm, it has a 12-V power capacity that makes sure you get a proper clean-up every time you use it.

With 70PSI pressure capacity, the Seaflo 55-Series can pump out water at a rate of over 5 GPM. It's only a matter of very little time to drain out all the junks from your boat-deck.

Built-in ignition and thermal overload protection save the product from self-destruction. It won't blow itself up for the ignition protection, and it can't heat up to an alarming point for overheating prevention.

Immediately after the machine heats up too badly, it will automatically switch off. You can let the machine cool down for a while and reuse it again when it comes back to normal temperature.

The machine has a metal bracket and rubber mounting feet that provide better stability and helps it to reduce noise.

Default multi-step corrosion protection and the seamless motor body prepares it to stand against adverse weather all around the year. Moreover, it resists rust and corrosion that adds to its longevity.


  • Has a 5 Chamber positive displacement diaphragm
  • Can dry run without any harm
  • Ideal for cleaning boats
  • Improved robust pressure switch
  • Comes with spray-nozzle and a long coiled hose


  • Difficult to set up in tight spaces

5. Johnson Aqua Jet Wash Down Pump - Link

Johnson Pump Model 64534 Marine Aqua Jet Wash Down Pump Kit
Johnson Pump Model 64534 Marine Aqua Jet Wash Down Pump Kit

Last but not least, we have the Johnson Aqua Jet. The pump-kit allows easy installation to any type of boats. If you want a true universal washdown pump, say hello to Johnson Aqua Jet.

It is a 5-chambered heavy-duty device that serves the exact performanceit promises. It drains out water-junk at a pressure rate of 70 PSI.

Moreover, it can pump out water at over 5 GPM. That's a great amount of speed which will help you to complete your job fast.The quick-connection of hose allows the device to connect quite easily by saving your time.

Integrated with the spray nozzle, a pressure switch turns itself on and off automatically whenever the spray nozzle opens and closes. It can also dry run in different conditions without damaging the product or wasting its power.

This one-of-a-kind device includes many useful features like PUMProtector inlet strainer, illuminated panel switch, and a 25-feet hose for better reach out of the boat.

It gets triggered immediately when the pressure falls below a preset level. That means it will run only when the water is allowed to flow.

Overall, thisJohnson Aqua Jet is a perfect fit for any small or medium-sized boats and commercial boats.


  • Easy to install on any boats
  • Best-suited for small and medium boats
  • Comes with a 25-feet hose
  • Pumping speed of over 5 GPM
  • Self-priming pump with 70 PSI pressure


  • It tends to lose pressure at times

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How to Install a Saltwater Washdown Pump?

Installing a saltwater washdown pump is not hard. You need to follow a few simple steps to get the pump going within minutes.

After selecting the device that suits your purpose, you need to mount it on your boat.

First, you need to mount the pump in a drier place of the bilge, which can be about five to six feet from the water intake. Still, allow enough space for placing the water strainer over the inlet part.

Now, from the sides of the outlet T-fitting, you need to route its hose to front and back termination locations. The front one can be mounted on an anchor locker while the back one should be on the bulkhead of the transom walk through.

Now you need to connect the intake hose's head to one of the sides of the check valve. Connect the other side to a hose part running to the inlet port of the water strainer. Again, you need to run another section of the hose from the outlet of the strainer to the inlet part.

From the outlet T-fittings, you need to run the hoses towards the holes that are drilled for connecting bulkhead fittings.

Use clamps every 18 inches on the hoses. Pull out the hoses via the holes, and do a double clamping. After you are done with this, install all the fittings in the deck.

Finally, connect the pump to a DC power distribution to make it start working right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a washdown pump on a boat

It drains all the junk, debris, dirt, and other filthy materials that are mixed up with saltwater and stuck on your boat after you are done with your fishing. It pumps out all the debris and liquids out of the boat.

How does a washdown pump work?

It works on a suction basis by pumping raw water inside, and the hose attached to it does the work of draining the water out.

What is a raw water washdown?

A raw water washdown usually refers to washdown using raw salty water of the sea. The benefit of the raw water washdown is that you get an unlimited supply of water. But at the same time, your pump gets exposed to the risk of corrosion.

What is the intermittent running of a pump?

A washdown pump can get overheated due to a continuous active operation. To avoid any harm, it needs to be stopped after about 20 to 30 minutes and kept at a halt position for another 20 to 30 minutes. This alternate operation is known as intermittent operation.

What is GPM in a washdown pump?

GPM refers to Gallons Per Minute. For washdown pumps, GPM indicates to the flow-rate at which the pump drains the water.

Wrapping Up!

We all know how irritating it is to clean up the deck after a nice fishing morning. It's not something that needs to be done once in a while. Instead, it's a regular and continuous task that demands automation in this process.

Owning the best marine washdown pump is just the perfect response to this. We hope our reviews will help you find out the perfect product that suits your needs perfectly.

Keep our buying guide handy in case you need to go through the key points to reach your decision.

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