Top 2 Pool Pump House Ideas

by James Williams

Dipping in the pool is one of the best ways to get rid of all the stress and anxiety. However, even if they look like simple holes that contain crystal clear water, a lot is going underneath.

Have you ever wondered how these pools are still clean and fresh after having tons of people in them? Well, that is because a pump underneath is the cleaning and ensuring that you get the safest and cleanest water every second.

So, where are these pumps? Generally, these are within a house that is made specifically for pumping the pool, called the Pool Pump House. Today, our pool pump house ideas guide will introduce you to some of the top pump house ideas in the business. Hence, stay tuned!

What Is a Pool Pump House and Its Importance?

Swimming Pool Fence
Swimming Pool Fence

Well, what is the point of a house? To host and allow shelter human beings inside. Now, what do you think the purpose of a pool pump house is? Obviously, as the name suggests, a pool pump house is a home for the pump of your pool. There are two reasons why one would need such a thing:

  • It does not ruin the looks of your pull by preventing you from having to place the pump out in the open.
  • Due to that, the house protects people and the environment from any unwanted harm.

There are tons of other benefits and perks of owning a pool pump housing. So, if you plan to have a pool, you should have a plan for the pump house.

Can You Make A Pool Pump House?

Of course, you can! If you are into DIY or have a certain level of construction expertise, you can make such a thing on your own.

Pool Pump House
Pool Pump House

Top 2 Ideas for Pool Pump House

We promised you the best of the best! And, in this section, we have delivered what you have asked for. Here you shall find five of the best pool pump houses in the business. We have made sure to provide you with blueprints that are quite easy to make. So, keep on reading!

Wooden House

Who said that pool pump houses have to have that mundane and same old look? If you want, you can switch it from looking simple and functional to classy and elegant by doing a couple of straightforward tweaks. Now, to do that, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is ensure that you have accurate measurements of pumps.

Once you are done with that, place the pump in an isolated spot. Then after keeping a couple of feet distance from the pump, start building the base. After you have established a suitable base, give it your desired design.

Now, you can do this all on your own. But, if you are not an expert or have some level of experience regarding the matter, we suggest that you take professionals' help.

Brick or Concrete Houses

You can either opt for brick or concrete houses as well. If you opt for concrete, you should create a confined and heavy-duty contraption, which ensures you top-class durability and longevity. Now, there are two cons to having a concrete house.

The first one is that it is a tad expensive as you would need professional help to make it. And the next one is that it is not as good looking as the previous option. On the flip side, with brick houses, you can make the houses look more aesthetic and gorgeous. Are you wondering how?

You would be able to find several designs that you can use to make brick houses look more attractive. But, just like concrete houses, you might need professional help to do the chore. By the way, you can make concrete houses look nice by painting it, but it will not be like wooden or brick houses.


Apart from the two we have suggested, you can come up with your own idea for such kind of housing. Anyways, the pool pump house ideas that we have suggested are the least complicated and grant you the best looks overall.

Let us know your opinion regarding them in the comments.

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