8 Best Automatic Gate Opener For 2023

by James Williams

Imagine you drive up to your house. The front gates are closed, and there’s no one around to open those gates for you. You get out of the car to open the gates, hop in, and drive away. Then you come back to close them again. With all that happening, your date is patiently waiting for you in the car to get things right.

Awkward, isn’t it?

To save you from those embarrassing situations and also to keep the control of your house in your hands, you need the best automatic gate opener.

Also, when you have an automatic gate opener, you can protect your furrypets and toddlers from getting harmed. The ultimate wizards of the category are in the list below.

A Best Automatic Gate Opener
A Best Automatic Gate Opener

Automatic Gate Opener Buying Guide

Whether you want to protect your property or keep your livestock out from predators, you need to purchase an automatic gate opener under a fair investment.

To do that, you need a guideline to select the perfect one so that it stays with you for a longer time. I'm discussing the features to look for before buying a gate opener.

Hopefully, after this, you can purchase your desire gate opener, which will fit accurately to your place.


You have to choose a gate opener depending upon how long the entrance is. Make sure there is an appropriate space for the gate to open up. There will be no problem if you’re going to choose a sliding gate.

Please be sure of the chain length because, upon this, the whole operation of the gate opening will depend on. However, if you decide to purchase a swinging gate, then the perfect one will work for approximately 12 feet.

Quality of the Material

It is recommended to do a quality check before buying a gate opener. Please be careful that you are not choosing a gate opener that has got aluminum sliding arms. Your ideal gate opener should be made of solid metal like steel because it will reduce the chance of breaking.

Steel sliding arms will not bend if the gates move due to strong wind. Another most important aspect you can remember is to have tough toothed bars. You need to make sure that the teeth are not small.

Motor Type

For an automatic gate opener to work properly, it needs to be in constant connection with the power supply. The amount of power consumed by gate openers will depend on different brands.

You can be at ease because most of them are made to be cost-effective. And you can power up the gate by using solar panels, battery backups, or AC transformer. In fact, you also can go for all three of them.

This will save you during power failure because the gate will not get stuck. It is recommended to use an automatic gate opener that supports solar panels. This eco-friendly option will save your electricity bill to a great amount.

Control Box

It is the main feature of a gate opener so that it can operate efficiently. In other words, it is responsible for the movement of the sliding arm of your gate. Please don’t purchase the cheaper models because of the preset functions.

These types of gates will awfully slow you down and increase the chance of you getting mugged outside your house.

The automated gate openers come with a fully protected control box and remote control that has a lock to keep it safe from moisture. Besides, it also prevents the access of outsiders, and lastly, you can also adjust the speed and sensitivity.

Loop Detectors

These create the magnetic fields to detect any type of underground metal objects. It prevents the gate from closing and opening if any metal object is detected. This is a significant feature that provides an extra safety measure that will also keep you away from any accident while the gates are opening or closing.

There is three main loop system. The exit loop is located approximately 20 yards from the gates. It is responsible for detecting if any vehicle or metallic object is coming towards it.

The second one is the safety loop that detects objects that may interfere during closing the gate. During this time, the gate pushes back to open, and then after the object is removed, it moves back, preventing any kind of collision. Lastly, there’s the entry loop. This works exactly how the exit loop operates.

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Types of Automatic Gate Opener

Right after you have decided which material, size, or brand of automatic gate openers to choose, you can make another important decision, yep, speaking of the gate opener type.

Here, you can look through the different types of gate and types of automatic gate openers and choose the one that is best for you.

Swing Gates

These work similarly to your regular house doors. Swinging gates are best for residential houses. So, if you are thinking of using it for commercial purposes, it is better to go for another option. Under this category, you have a single or double arm.

Swing Gate Opener
Swing Gate Opener

The specialty of double arm doors is that each gate can separately move inward or outward. If you decide to purchase a swing gate, then it is best not to choose a wooden one because there is a high chance of it getting broken due to the resistance of the wind.

Slide Gates

If you have limited space, then going for a sliding gate is the best option because it will slide and cover the same length of your driveway.

So, it leaves more driveway space for moving cars. The gate needs to have a well-performed roller guide, guide track, and a cantilever device to open and close it according to your need.

Sliding Gate Opener
Sliding Gate Opener

A bigger sliding gate will require more motor power, and you also have to think about the weight of the overall gate. It is ideal if you go for a heavier one. In this case you have to pick electric sliding gate opener. 

Within this, there are two types. One is the V-track, while the other is the rear pipe. Now, the V-track uses a V-shaped route, over which the gate can move easily with the help of the motor.

However, this might not be a good option if you are living in a snowy region. Rear pipe type is quite similar to V-track, but they contain wheels so you can manually handle it if it gets stuck when there is no power source.

Underground System

They are what people call the ‘Elite Looking Gates’ because of their invisible openers. You have to install it inside a protective case underneath the ground, which will connect to a drive arm with the bottom of the gate.

These gate openers are a bit expensive because of their complex installations. After that, they will be able to perform just like you want.

You can install gate opner by following our article, just check it out. 

How Does an Automatic Gate Opener Work?

You use a remote control to use your electric gate opener, right? As you press the remote, it basically creates an electric impulse and the gate opener receives it.

Afterward, the gate opener swings the gate inwards and opens it. But here’s the part that makes the great impression out of it. Unlike the manual doors, the gate stays open for a while to allow traffic, thanks to the gate opener.

Then after a few seconds, the gate opener swings back the gate to its previous position and closes it. Now, this happens because of an opening arm. This arm makes sure the gate swings to a good position.

If you ask me what’s the brain of this system, I’d say it’s the control box. You’ll find it mounted close to the hinge of the gate. The control box instructs the operators on how to function as soon as it receives the radio signals.

As for the power of the box, it feeds on a battery that you need to change after a specific time period. However, if you want to save some bucks, you can use solar panels as well.

List of 8 Best Automatic Gate Openers 2023

Now we will unveil the stage and tell you how you can get the perfect automatic gate opener. Because you got to open up your gates, right? Let’s jump right into the reviews.

1. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Automatic Gate Opener Review

We know how frustrating it is to get out of the car to open the gates as you always have to look back for safety. Who has time for that! Well, the good news is that you can forget that struggle forever.

Meet this gate opener from Ghost Control designed for residential use and any other way that you might want to utilize this baby. It is compatible with swing gates that are approximately 20 feet long while weighing up to 300 lbs.

Trust me! It's hard to get noiseless, and fast get openers these days. However, Ghost Control has done an amazing job of being quiet and fast to operate. What makes it worth your investment is that you can even use it to protect livestock from predators.

This single gate opener consists of a control box with a control board system. You do not have to spend an extra penny after you buy this gate opener kit because all the hardware tools for installing it comes with the set. This is an absolute steal for that price!

Ghost Control DIY kit comes with an easily understandable manual so you can install the gears comfortably.

Now you don’t have to worry about your surging electrical bill because the whole gate system can operate on a 12-volt battery power range. Plus, it has 10W solar energy panels. This gate is born to work at its maximum efficiency.


  • The assembly can be done by own self
  • No need for high electrical voltage or welding for installation
  • Its battery system is quite strong and can last long
  • Everything needed from hardware to fasteners is included
  • 20 ft long and 300 lbs. swing gates are no problem


  • Doesn't come with a remote control

2. ALEKO GG900ACC Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener

ALEKO GG900ACC Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener
ALEKO GG900ACC Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener

Next up on the list is the amazing ALEKO GG900 for dual swing gates. It is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for an automatic gate opener. This one is compatible with any type of gates, such as panel, wooden, or even metallic.

This is one of the best dual swing gate opener while being perfect for your need. You can easily manage it with a gate that’s about 12 feet long and weighs around 300 lbs. This opener will adapt to any kind of gate design. See! How convenient this is!

Forget about paying for an electrician to install your gate for you because it comes with a user kit where the whole installation process is explained step by step.

The items that you’ll see with the kit are a transmitter, an AC transformer, and a 12-volt automatic battery. And let’s not forget the 5-watt solar panel; this is a complete and professionally designed automatic dual gate opener to provide maximum protection, safety, and efficiency.

Guess the wow-factor! The battery will automatically charge itself with the help of solar energy. Last but not least, you’ll love the fact that the opening and shutting down process will take about 120 seconds approximately.


  • Opening and shutting down combined takes 120 secs
  • You will have a built-in alarm facility
  • Dual sense technology for added protection
  • Suitable for any type of gates like panel, wood or metallic
  • It is extremely easy to install with the supplied DVD


  • Control box and some gears are made of plastic
  • The remote control is not long-lasting

3. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Hardware Kit Review

Are you trying to find the best match for your gates that will work together to enable you to be lazier than you already are? Even if you are not, we are giving you a cause to get the best gate opener from CO-Z. Get it? Ba-dum-tss!

Jokes aside, this carefully designed gate opener is suitable for steel gates that are up to 40 feet and weigh around 1400 pounds. The gate opener is made with RF Hopping Code Technology that provides maximum security by not letting strangers into your property.

The security is high-tech, so it will prevent the remote code from being hacked. So, you do not have to worry about intruders anymore. The gears are made out of copper with aluminum base for them to be corrosion-free.

Don’t underestimate the gate opener from CO-Z because it comes with a fully functioned remote control that has four buttons to close and open it. The auto-close option allows the gate to close by itself within 12 to 36 seconds after opening it.

You will be satisfied with how smoothly and quietly it operates. Just like a knife running through butter, the gate slides to open and close itself, keeping the sound bellow 56dB. Another amazing feature of the gate opener is that it comes with the complete functional remote sensors with a range of 100 feet.

This means you do not have to get out of the car to press the code or slide the card for the gates to operate. Even though it might be a bit on the expensive side, the benefit you will get would make it worth your money.


  • Certified by CE guideline
  • You can customize the mount and brackets
  • Tight security system so you can trust it
  • RF hopping code makes it hack-proof
  • The gate opener does not make a sound while operating


  • Installing the sensor might be difficult

4. GATEXPERT Sliding Gate Opener with Remote Controls  Review

The gate opener from GATEXPERT is manufactured to be the ultimate solution for any type of gates, making it a strong contender in the list of best gate openers.

If you are a homeowner with a wide driveway and a heavy duty gate, then this change is something you should go for. The opener covers up for gates that are 26 feet length-wise and weighs around 1350 pounds. So, it’s safe to say that GATEXPERT has not been skipping the gym.

The developers have introduced a screw driving technique for operation, so you do not need to use manual keys to regulate the gate. The product is well driven by an AC motor.

Furthermore, the remote control makes it easier for you to operate the gate opener with simple 4 buttons; open /stop and close /stop. You can even control the speed of the opener through its control box, where you can adjust the automatic closing time setting from 12 seconds to 36 seconds.

One vital component of the opener is its infrared sensors. It will detect any metallic object that interferes during opening or closing the gate.

Upon detection, the control box will then send the signal for the gate to reopen for the object to move, and then it will safely go back to its closing position.

So, you see, you are getting everything under the price. The best part? If the motor is operating for more than 15 minutes or if the temperature rises to 120°C, it will stop itself immediately to prevent any kind of short circuit.

Now you see this gate opener is true to its words for providing maximum security and performance.


  • Auto stopping technology for the rising temperature
  • Automatic and customizable closing options
  • Can easily operate with heavier gates
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy base
  • Sensors provide a great response if it bumps on any objects


  • Installation is not so easy

5. TOPENS DK1000S Automatic Sliding Opener Review

With a sleek looking black casing, this gate opener is not only a looker but also an efficient partner that will amaze you with its performance. You’ll love the consistency of how it works in all weather.

This product is suitable for sliding gates that weigh1600 lbs at max and 40 inches in length. The 350W 1/2 HP DC motor is made by pure-copper wires, providing long operating life.

You can operate this gate opener with any sort of gates made of wood, steel, vinyl, etc. The installation can be DIY-ed. All mounting hardware comes with the box. So, simply follow the instructions and in a couple of hours, BAM! You're done!

Advanced technology is used in the TOPENS gate opener –consisting of 30W Monocrystalline solar panel, which is powered by a 24V battery. This eco-friendly system did not lag behind with the security measurements, either – keeping all the burglars out where they belong.

Featuring a microchip rolling code, this gate opener can auto-close in about 90seconds without making a sound. Also, the built-in pedestrian mode lets you open the gate a couple of feet. So smart, right!

TOPENS comes with a great range of accessories, including the M12 remote control, an amazing TKP3 wireless keypad, TEW3 vehicle sensor, etc. The manual release key is provided for your convenience in case there is a power outage.


  • Can lift up to 1600-pound gates with ease
  • Manual release key for accidental incidents
  • Built-in pedestrian mode for extra convenience
  • ½ HP DC motor is made out of pure copper
  • Varieties of accessories included within the price


  • Batteries are not included

6. TOPENS A5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium

TOPENS A5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium
TOPENS A5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium

The name that always pops up in big letters when it comes to gate openers is the TOPENS A5s. Convenient for all types of gates like vinyl, wood, or even the ornamentals ones, the A5s Gate Operator does the job, just better!

Designed to handle a gate that’s up to a maximum of 16 feet long and 550 pounds, the topens gate opener A5s is suitable for gates that open both ways.

The exclusive Dual Sense Technology provides additional protection and safety, keeping unauthorized people off of your property.

A minimum of 250 cold-cranking amps (CCA) is produced by the 12 Volt battery. The battery has a whopping 1500 backup cycles for a blackout or a low solar energy situation. This product is solar-capable, designed to capture sunlight, and save your money on batteries.

The one-piece system makes a sperate control box unnecessary. While you will need to provide the battery to power it up, the single-button remote, AC transformer, control box, and all the hardware are provided in the box. All-in-all, this is a wholesome package that you won’t be able to say no to.

Installation DVD is provided, so you should be able to install this at your own convenience, in a couple of hours.


  • Exclusive Dual Sense Technology
  • Additional DVD for ease of installation
  • 10 times more powerful and has reserving capacity
  • Compatible with solar panels which are eco-friendly
  • 12-Volt battery with 1500 backup cycles


  • Works slowly, compared to other models

7. TOPENS RK700 Automatic Sliding Gate 

TOPENS RK700 Automatic Sliding Gate
TOPENS RK700 Automatic Sliding Gate

You are here to read the best automatic gate opener reviews, and if I don't tell you about the TOPENS, it would be an utter injustice. You’d be missing out on so much! Yes, you’re welcome.

TOPENS works with gates that weigh less than 1300lb and has a length less than 27ft. The 20ft long chain is provided; however, the length can be adjusted. But if you elongate it, make sure to use the same type of chain.

The four-button remote control circularly commands the main engine in OPEN/STOP/CLOSE/STOP sequence, with the added feature of pedestrian mode. Also, 25 extra remotes can be added­– all of these work within a 100 ft. range.

Equipped with a soft start and slow stop function, the lifespan of a gate opener is extended, also ensuring smooth and quiet operation in the process. The auto-close time can be set in 12,24, or 36-second intervals. For more convenience, this high-tech gate opener uses infrared rays to detect presence.

The motor has thermal protection functions. If the machine keeps working over 15 minutes, it will automatically stop. However, the product uses an AC motor, so you can’t connect it with a solar panel, which is quite a bummer, I know.

But when the powers are out, the manual release key will come to the rescue. What else can I say? The GT1300 Sliding Gate Opener is standard for most gate models. It slides at a perfect pace and won’t create a racket while doing so.


  • ‘Infrared Photocell Function’ feature for security
  • 2 Manual release keys
  • Comes with Mounting hardware for convenience
  • Smooth and efficient, low noise pollution
  • The motor has thermal protection functions


  • Not solar compatible

8.TOPENS A8 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Heavy Duty Single

Automating your gate is a great way to make it more convenient to enter and exit your property, and the TOPENS A8 HDTY SGL Gate Opener is standard for most models. If this doesn’t hold the crown for being the best automatic electric gate opener, the squirrel from Ice Age will give up on getting that corn.

Designed for single swing gates that come with heavy-duty aesthetic, it should hold back up to 850lbs of weight. As long as your gates are less than 18ft long, you are good to go.

With proper mechanical knowledge, this is ideal for DIY, as a detailed installation manual is provided. You don’t have to be Neil DeGrass Tyson to figure this out; you can take the help of the DVD and online platforms.

Not only should a gate opener be easy to install, but it must also be user-friendly. TOPENS A8 is proud to be known as a brand that provides affordable yet professional gate openers. The Dual Sense Technology provides better security for humans, pets, and your property.

This A8 is smart and solar-friendly, so you can add a 5 or 10-wattsolar panel. When unboxing the product, you will get a single-button remote along with an AC transformer.


  • Works for a variety of gate types
  • Smart and solar capable so no more electric bills
  • ­Professional-grade Soft Start / Soft Stop feature
  • Necessary installation hardware is provided


  • Solar panel not provided

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install an automatic gate opener?

If you have a good hand for a pair of tools and some basic tech knowledge, you can probably do it yourself. Watching a YouTube video tutorial might help.

But if you are barely handy around the house, then maybe you need an expert to help you, and that will cost you around 1500 to 3000 bucks.

Getting the job well done rather than something that barely works is always a good investment.

What are the top manufacturers of automatic gate openers?

Ghost control,  Aleko, GATEXPERT, and Topens are some of the giants of this industry. You can definitely trust them almost blindly to get you a gate opener that will serve you for a lifetime.

Is a gate opener worth it?

Being a lazy bum and a little bit boujee myself, I can tell you that it is more than worth it. Who would not want to have their gate opened for themselves, without touching it? Yeah, no one.

Plus, when you have a long driveway, it is an extra hassle to get out of the car every time. It is worth it.

How do you install an automatic gate opener?

To put it simply, I would suggest you don't do it yourself. But if you do, there are some basic steps, but it might vary for different gate openers.

First of all, install the brackets and the solar power system if your gate opener has one. Then install the arms that will be holding it in place. Connecting the whole system to the power source is the next thing you need to do. It’s a bit complicated if I go into too many details, but you would know once you start with it.

What is the best sliding gate opener?

Best’ is a strong word to use. There are different aspects that one thing can allegedly be ‘best’ at. However, since I kept the gate opener from Ghost Controls in my number one priority, you can try it, maybe?

Wrapping Up!

All the talks about the best automatic gate opener point out to those unitswhich are already mentioned in the above listing. But if we are to really compare, the Aleko comes off as a strong contender to others in some ways.

Still with amazing qualities like RF-Hopping code which CO-Z has or the Infrared Photocell Function provided by the Topens are more than praiseworthy.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your preferences and likings, so it is your call, but I hope this comparatively small listing that covers up every aspect comes handy to your journey of finding your match.

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