Best Way to Fixing Squeaky Door Hinges [DIY Quick Tips]

by James Williams

Do you have squeaky door hinges in your home or workspace? How many times have you tried a quick fix solution? There are many ways to care for door hinges that seem to have a knack for squeaking. These simple fixes will have your door hinges gliding smoothly and quietly, which is most important of all.

Here are a few methods that should only require about 30 minutes of your time, or less. By following these tips you will be sure to provide yourself the peace of mind and silence that you have been seeking.

Squeaky Fixing Image
Squeaky Fixing Image

Door Hinge Repair Kit

It totally depends on which method of hinge repairing that you decide on in order to prepare the proper tools. However, each of the methods and examples that we are providing today will simply require the following items: WD-40, petroleum jelly, needle-nosed pliers, screwdriver and cloth.

Because each home is equipped and built in a fairly different manner, it would be wise to have your tool kit handy. Things such as a hammer and steel wool may also come in handy.

Best lubricant For Squeaky Door Hinges

WD-40 and petroleum jelly are two of the most versatile and price-effective lubricants on the market. If you do not have either of these items at your disposal, you are welcome to try things such as a bar or soap, butter, paraffin wax or some form of cooking oil.

Silicone spray and plumber’s grease are very well known lubricants that are known to tackle issues related to doors. Both of these products are easy to apply and each one is considered a nice way to apply lubricant without creating such big messes.

Whichever form of lubricant you have available to you should be just enough. During the door hinge repairing, you will simply apply the lubricant of choice directly to the door hinges and or the hinge pin.

How To Oil Door Hinges

Before applying the lubricant you should conduct a quick inspection of the situation at hand. To check your door hinges you should open and close while listening closely, this will help you pinpoint which door is requiring repair.

How To Oiling Door Hinge
How To Oiling Door Hinge

The most important factor here is that you are able to locate where the squeak is coming from, which requires a great listening skill so that you are able to pinpoint the exact hinge. This first step will save you time and money.

During this mini-assessment, it would be helpful to pay attention to the doorknobs and any screws that may be loose as well. In order to properly tighten doorknobs or screws, you may also apply lubricant to these areas as well.

Next, you are are ready to go ahead and tighten each loose hinge as well as knobs and screws if this is applicable. Find the appropriate screwdriver and tighten every loose screw in the doorknobs.

In the event that you find that there are screws missing, you can measure the whole and purchase replacements at your nearest hardware store. Repeat this step for every door that you are repairing.

Third, you are ready to lubricate the squeaky hinges. This is where the needle-nosed pliers come in handy. You will now lift out the hinge pin from the door. You should be very careful to remove the pin in a safe manner, as this is one of the components that’s responsible for holding the actual door upright.

So basically, you have to remove the hinge pin and make sure that the door does not slip. Once you have removed the hinge pin, wipe it clean with a cloth and place a couple of drops of lubricant on it. Go ahead and return the hinge pin back to its place and repeat this step for the remaining squeaky hinges.

Maintaining Squeak-free Door Hinges

The lubricant you decide to use on the door hinges should be able to penetrate elements that are coating the hinge pin. The lubricant should also properly coating the interior of the hinge which ensures that it will keep working in an effective manner.

It may also be easier if the lubricant is in a spray bottle of some sort because it will make for easier application. The applicator bottle should have a thin nozzle so that it can coat the hinge pin within close proximity to the hinge area.

This may prevent you from having to actually remove the hinge pin, simplifying the task at hand. If you decided to take the time to put these tips to use, you will be rewarded with much easier gliding door hinges.

After you have finished your door hinge repairs, you can test the freshly serviced door hinges to see if the squeak has stopped. If there is still a squeaking noise, you can open and close the door a few times until you notice that the sound has faded away.

By opening and closing the door, you are manually rotating the door hinges, the lubrication will be evenly distributed, eliminating the lovely squeaking sound.

Benefits of Repairing Your Own Door Hinges

Well, now that you are aware of the tips and tricks to eliminating that creaking or squeaky noise, you should feel a sense of accomplishment. You are able to save money by repairing your own door hinges and more importantly, you have gained a little experience.

Not that you are looking for a career in handy-man services but, gaining a little expertise in any are can serve as a great benefit because you may grow curious about greater projects.

You can now use your newly acquired skill to lend advice to the next person that just so happens to be dealing with squealing door issues.

This project is fairly simple and pretty quick as far as time goes. The greatest thing of all is that you probably already have each of the required tools in your home already. Maybe this great adventure of fixing your door hinges may lead to something greater. Happy fixing!

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