Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener Review

by James Williams

Having a renewable power source for your home is a smart way of living. Not only do you get to save on preposterous electricity bills but also give something back to the environment.

While solar-powered generators and cars are all the rage right now, it turns out you can get automatic gate openers that run on solar power alone!

As far as solar energy for a solid home security system goes, this automatic gate opener by Ghost Controls has really set the bar high with its infallible features and ease of use!

Today we're going to know all there is to know about Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener, a super affordable solar-powered automatic gate opener for your precious home and property!

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Overview of Ghost Controls TSS1XP Automatic Gate Opener

Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener
Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener

At first glance, TSS1XP is barely noticeable with a tiny 10-watt solar panel and all the gears that come along with it. Truth be told, it's exactly what we preferred because a whopping solar panel is not the first thing your guests would like to see as they pull into your driveway.

Moving on, its remote was just as excellent as the microcrystalline solar panel. It has a thousand-feet range and works accurately every time! You also get sturdy tube brackets for supporting 900-pound or lighter gates up to 20 feet wide.

GC GHOST CONTROLS TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates Up to 20 Feet (ft.)
GC GHOST CONTROLS TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates Up to 20 Feet (ft.)

Since the system runs on battery power, you may use either an AC adapter or solar energy to charge the 12V battery.

The main attraction of the TSS1XP is the innovative Ghost Code, which allows you to authorize vehicles that frequently enter and exit your gate.

Additionally, its patent-pending SafeForce Technology determines the level of force TSS1XP exerts on the moving gate to prevent bumps and accidents!

10W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

This unit uses a 12-volt lead-acid automotive battery. When it comes to recharging this battery, you have two options- an AC transformer or solar power.

An automatic gate opener that runs alternatively on AC power and solar energy is a cool thing indeed. Besides, the solar panel on the TSS1XP gate opener by Ghost Controls is a highly reliable one. If you're living in a sunny state like California, you might just not need an AC transformer at all!

High-quality Hardware

As you unbox the kit, you are going to find the system controller, control box, gate brackets, and other necessary mounting tools.

Also, as engineered by the best minds from Ghost Controls, these fittings are sure to pass the test of time. But in order to make these work, your swing gate must be strictly supported by sturdy mounting hinges.

Long Range Remote Control

Your days of getting out of the car to push open a hefty door a few times a day are officially over. This gate opener kit comes with a remote control that features a crazy 1000-feet reception range. It takes only one press of a button to open or close the gate, and you can do so by sitting a thousand feet away!

Compatibility with Swing Gates

You can control how long you want the gate to stay open. There is a party mode that allows the gate to remain open up to an hour. Its wireless keypad is a nice touch, so are the gate modes that allow you to set the gate travel.

The kit supports up to 20-feet long tubular swing gates that weigh no more than 900 pounds. It basically covers all types of swing gates made for a standard-sized residence. Make sure that the gate posts are concreted into the ground, and the gate itself is in level with good ground clearance.

Secured Activation

Overall, you can pretty much customize everything according to your needs and comfort. The TSS1XP is compatible with Ghost Control accessories such as a push-button, vehicle sensors, and even authorized third-party input devices.

We also noticed how Ghost Controls designed the Control Box in a way that allows you to put a lock on it. Meanwhile, GhostCode works around the clock to protect the internal system from breach.

The hardware also weighs in to ensure a tight, secured fit with your gate. It doesn't matter if the gate opens into or outside the property. As long as it's a single swing tube gate, this gate opener kit has got your back!

SafeForce Technology & Other Safety Measures

What we loved about TSS1XP is that it incorporates the maximum safety controls for both your property and vehicle. For example, its cutting-edge sensors will stop the gate under two seconds if it encounters any obstruction in the path.

You can manually adjust its sensitivity with the Force Setting button on the gate controller board.

SafeForce is a smart power-limiting technology that eliminates the need for Photo Eyes. Thanks to this patent-awaiting feature, TSS1XP is now eligible to meet the Gate Operator Safety Standard UL325 for entrapment protection.

Ghost Controls incorporated only the best parts in this highly durable gate opener kit. The fact that we could authorize which cars can enter and exit our driveways from a thousand feet away was truly remarkable.


The instruction manual of the TSS1XP runs 58 pages long for all the right reasons. You can find step-by-step graphic and written installation procedures for both pull-to-open and push-to-open gate types.

Speaking of installation, you are going to need a drill with ½" and 9/16" drill bits, a standard wrench and socket set, a Phillips head screwdriver, level and a measuring tape.

Lastly, there is a detailed guide on DIY troubleshooting in case the Ghost Controls gate opener is not working up to the mark.

Pros and Cons For Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener


  • Supports swing gates up to 20 feet
  • Conforms to Gate Operator Safety Standard UL325
  • Both the 10W solar panel and AC transformer can charge the battery
  • Ideal for both push-to-open and pull-to-open gates
  • The remote has an outstanding 1000-feet range
  • You can customize the auto close period, entrapment protection sensitivity, gate travel, and so on


  • The AC transformer and the solar panel cannot work simultaneously
  • Not suitable for wooden or wheel gates

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the auto-close time on TSS1XP?

There is a factory set auto-close time, but it does not come activated. You can activate it manually from the control box. TSS1XP allows you to set the auto-close time to anything greater than 5 seconds.

You need to long-press the Auto Close button to set the time to your desired duration. Moreover, you can drag it up to an hour on Party Mode when you're expecting guests.

Deactivating this feature will take an additional press, and you can confirm deactivation when the green LED shifts back to normal.

Are solar panel automatic gate openers worth it?

Automatic gate openers that recharge from solar energy are extremely cost-effective. They are just as safe as electric gate openers. You can rely on the system when the power is out because the battery will provide power as long as the charge lasts.

Besides, no automatic gate opener will exclusively run on solar energy. It leaves you the option to switch back to AC transformers for recharging the battery.

How reliable is the Ghost Controls automatic gate opener?

We liked the Ghost Controls automatic gate opener TSS1XP for its safety measures, sensitivity, and sturdiness. For a compact product, it can swing single tube gates as heavy as 900 pounds. GhostCode and SafeForce Technology make the system more dependable for safe entry and exit.

You get to authorize which vehicles can automatically prompt the gate to open. Once faced with an obstruction, the swing arm would immediately stop the gate in 2 seconds and swing it in the opposite direction to prevent damage.


This automatic gate opener not only takes the extra load off your arms but also keeps your property safe and sound. While checking out the Ghost Controls TSS1XP, we were impressed time and time again by its readiness for action and foolproof security system.

You can recharge its battery via an AC transformer or use the included solar panel as a substitute. Either way, TSS1XP is a must-have gate opener to take your home security to the next level.

We weren't surprised when it passed all the Gate Operator Safety Standards. But the way its SafeForce technology handled entrapment protection without Photo Eyes was truly something else. Get the TSS1XP now, and thank us later!

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