7 Best Gate Latch For 2022 And Buyers Guide [Updated]

by James Williams

You may be considering a yard expansion for your home or even adding decorative attributes such as new fencing and gates. One very important factor is you require a best gate latch to complete the job. Gate latches can be both decorative and functional, which is why it can be quite a time-consuming process to find the right one.

There is a gate latch suitable for every entrance type. You can even adjust most latches to accommodate other areas such as sheds, windows, basement doors. Gate latches can be custom ordered as well, depending on the supplier you are working with, you want to make sure that all of your needs are met measurement wise.

We have conducted extensive research to assist you along your journey, this provided information should make your search that much easier.

Best Gete Latch
Best Gete Latch

What is a gate latch? 

A latch is a tool that can be installed to a number of places, the most common being swinging doors and gates. You can find latches of all shapes and sizes but they are all serving the same purpose which is providing closure. It may be wise to conduct your own research because your gate may require a certain latch due to either the structure or placement of the gate.

There are various types of latches that can be purchased; the important thing is that you find the latch that fits the area that you intend on adding the closure to. The purpose of the latch is to close off or provide security to certain areas of the home whether it's indoor or outdoor. 

Our List of 7 Best Gate Latches Review 2022

1. Special SPEECO 2 Way Latch Lock Gate 

This latch gate, presented by SpeedCo is great for older gates because it is built to prevent swinging and sagging of gates. This latch gate can fit 1-5/8 to 2 in round tube gates and it can be opened single-handedly. It comes in the shade of blue and it also has silver, gold, and black accents.

Its made out of steel and it weighs approximately 5 pounds. Customers vouch for the product and its ability to provide sturdiness it also provides a great range for rotation. 

The installment time for this latch gate is fairly short and the process is simple. This is a great investment if you are looking for a product that is durable enough to handle heavy-duty weight capacities.

Special SPEECO S16100100 2 Way Gate Latch Lock
Special SPEECO S16100100 2 Way Gate Latch Lock

This unite is highly affordable yet fashionable. This is perfect for holding up gates that are made of heavier materials. And, this product is great for long term use.


  • This latch is easy enough for smaller children and elderly adults to access and operate.
  • SPEECO designed this latch to be functional and visibly appealing.
  • This gate latch is very easy to install.
  • It is designed for a flat mounting surface.


  • Paying customers have reported that the quality is not durable.
  • Customers have also received the product without the installation instructions.

2. NIDAYE Self-Locking Automatic Gravity Lever Gate Latch 

NIDAYE has produced a self-locking mechanism gate latch that is perfect for pool or garden areas. This specific gate latch comes in a shiny black finish that can complement any fencing surface.

You can use this latch to secure gates that open and close in either direction. The best feature about this product is that it can be installed to cater to left or right-handed users.

The installation is a fairly simple and easy process and there is extra space available to add a padded lock for extra security.

NIDAYE Self-Locking Automatic Gravity Lever Gate Latch
NIDAYE Self-Locking Automatic Gravity Lever Gate Latch

 The latch does automatically latch which is an added bonus. It is composed of steel material and the screws, which are furnished in the exact shade of black, are included as well.


  • The latch strike can be mounted on the gate or the post to meet customer preferences
  • The company does provide self-drilling screws to make the installation process a bit easier.
  • NIDAYE designed a gate latch that meets pool code rules and regulations.
  • The application of this latch provides great flexibility, you can also make adjustments to personalize the latch.


  • Customer has reported that the product was delivered without the screws and this occurrence has happened more than once. The company is good with returns and shipping which happens to be a major bonus. 
  • This gate latch may be slightly larger than usual, however, the latch is very adaptable and can be changed with the use of proper tools.

3. Brass Valley - 4" Black Flip Latch

Iron Valley presents the Brass Valley gate latch which comes in solid cast brass, a shade that can be compared to matte black.

One of the best features about this gate latch is that its rust resistant and the company has been kind enough to include screws and fasteners free of charge. There is also a catch plate included which can be screwed in directly behind the gate latch. This catch plate prevents the bar from moving. 

Brass Valley - 4 Inch Black Flip Latch
Brass Valley - 4 Inch Black Flip Latch

The latch was designed to be twice as thick in size to provide more security to its users. This latch can be used in various places like shutters or cabinets.


  • This product is both cost-effective and flexible in terms of usage.
  • The company provides excellent customer service that is accompanied by fast shipping.
  • Installation is simple and easy with this gate latch. Its sleek design makes it suitable and applicable for placement in a variety of places.


  • The black paint or finish is not seemingly approved for weather conditions because customers have reported that the paint does not last long.
  • This product should be used for smaller gates or devices that are not used very often. The product describes very stable uses, however, customers have decided against it while providing the product with low ratings in this area.

4. Alise Stainless Steel Gate Latch 

This is high quality gate latch made from stainless steel material which is great for extending the lifespan of the product.

The Alise stainless steel latch is designed to ensure that it can be used long term, it prevents rust and builds up. You can install this gate latch in very little time and it provides an ample amount of security.

Alise MS9001 Stainless Steel Gate Latch
Alise MS9001 Stainless Steel Gate Latch

It is very low maintenance which means that caring for the latch is an easy job as well. This is a great product for anyone looking to protect their homes from intruders and unwanted guests.

It has a very sleek design which is slightly fashionable and it can be used in a variety of places. You may use this latch indoors or outdoors, it is suitable for cabinets, doors, gates, and storage areas.


  • This latch is very easy to install.
  • Alise ensured that this latch has a very polished look which is great because it can be installed in different locations.
  • This latch comes with the proper door hardware for assembly, there's no need to locate additional installation tools.
  • This gate latch is both sturdy and solid, great for security.


  • Customers have reported that the company supplied screws were not supportive of the gate latch. This is not a frequent complaint but noticeable enough to be documented.
  • This latch may not be suitable for heavy-duty jobs.

5. National Mfg N165506 Sliding Bolt Door Latch 

National Hardware has produced a nice, simplistic slide bolt gate latch that is easy to operate.

It comes with a handle, which serves as a pull lever, making it easy to open and close the latch. You can use this latch on gates that swing in either direction. 

National Mfg N165506 Sliding Bolt Door Latch
National Mfg N165506 Sliding Bolt Door Latch

It comes in Satin Black and the screws for installation are also included. This latch attachment is both rust protected and water-resistant so it can be used in various weather conditions. You have the benefit of adding a padlock for more security and is able to be latched from either the left or the right side.


  • Although it is a slide bolt latch, customers tend to find versatile uses and placements for the product.
  • This product may be larger than described, a quality that some customers are actually fond of. You can install the product from either direction as well as gate hinges.
  • The company does include the proper screws for assembly and installation.
  • This latch is very solid and great for providing extra security.
  • Easy to install


  • Customers have reported that this specific gate latch is slightly larger than the size stated in the product description.
  • This gate latch is not rust proof and the color tends to fade fairly quickly. 

6. Self-Locking Latch - Post Mount

This self-locking gate latch is provided by NIDAYE. The company designed this latch with steel material to ensure that it is strong enough to endure the constant use of swinging doors.

You can place this latch on doors or gates that swing in either direction.

Self-Locking Gate Latch - Post Mount
Self-Locking Gate Latch - Post Mount

The screws for the installment are included, making the process a smooth one. This latch is also suitable for wood or vinyl surfaces, if you have a pool area this would be a great investment. You can adjust the lever so that it is fully operable from either the left or right-handed side.


  • This latch is flexible for versatile installation.
  • NIDAYE made sure to specially design this gate latch to automatically lock.
  • You can add a padlock to add more security to your gate.
  • This latch does meet pool code which makes it qualified to provide security for your yard, garden or pool area.
  • Easy to install


  • This gate latch is not suitable for long term use.
  • You may need to retighten the latch soon after installment because it does provide a little slack after while and it may appear that the latch will become unattached. 

Buying guide: How to find the right gate latch?

In order to find the best gate latch for your home, there are a few key points that you should be interested in during your search. You should definitely take note of the surface measurements of the are that you will be installing the gate latch.

Once you have the proper measurements you should begin your search for the gate latch you want to use. You should keep in mind the surface type that you will be applying the latch to as well. Some latches are more compliant with different surfaces, you need to be sure that you are investing your money in the proper products.

After you have purchased the proper equipment you can quickly assemble the necessary tools for the installation of the gate latch. You may already have a preferred placement for the gate latch and measurements have already been completed.

Now, simply follow the instructions that are included in the latch packaging. After the gate latch is properly positioned, you can give the latch a test run by closing the gate at attempting to completely close the gate. In the event that the gate is not properly shutting you might make adjustments to the latch until you achieve a successfully operating gate.

How to install a gate latch?

Depending on your situation you may be installing a brand new latch or simply replacing one. Both way, similar adjustments need to be made and the first step is to remove gate or door hinges. If you have to completely remove your gate or door, please provide ways to secure surrounding areas so that the gate or door does not fall and everything within the vicinity is protected.

If you are replacing older gate latches, now would be the time to remove the previous set. Unscrew the existing screws until you are able to fully detach the old gate latches.

You can use the new gate latch to measure and mark up the area so that the new drill holes are in proper alignment. Your tools should already be gathered and ready to finish the job.

This is the perfect time to pre-drill holes in the surface that you are prepping for installation. Now, align the new gate latch with the holes that you previously drilled and secure the gate latch to the actual gate.

Ensure that each screw is completely secured and continue these steps until the entire latch is stable and secure.

While you are securing these latches pay close attention to the level of the gate to maintain a proper balance and prevent sagging. Once the gate latch has properly been installed give the gate a test run to see if it is working properly.

If the gate or swinging door is operating perfectly then your job is complete. If the gate or swinging door is not leveled please continue to swing the door to find the point of interest which needs to be adjusted. 


How many types of latches are there?

Although there is a vast variety of gate latches to choose from, there are three main categories of latches to choose from. There are four types of gates that you can use to properly latch your gate.

Thumb latches are typically used for double-sided gates or swinging gates which can be open and closed from either side. This type of latch is designed to catch on its own and some can be manually locked. Ring and lever latch ring latches are two-sided and can be used on doors that swing either way.

The arm of the latch is usually installed on the opening side of the gate. Bolt latches are a one-way latch system, fairly simplistic in design.

Which side do hinges go on a gate?

There are many factors to consider when you are preparing to attach hinges and latches to your gate. It is totally up to you when it comes to deciding which side of the gate you would like to use. The structure of your home or gated area may play a role in your decision factor due to the positioning of the gate, or door.

You may also consider the gate type that you are installing or attaching the latch too. There are various types of gate latches to choose from, each one may be more suitable for your gate type. The gate latches are double-sided; these are designed so that you can attach them for either left-handed or right-handed use.

Double-sided gate latches can also be very beneficial for providing security to openings that swing in both directions. You can use this type of gate latches on cabinets and smaller openings as well. You may even come across latches that provide extra space for padlocks, another means of security. 

What is gated SR gate latch?

An SR gate latch is a tool designed to automatically lock gates with memory recall technology. This allows the latch to actually latch on to the system by utilizing data.

Gated SR Gate Latch
Gated SR Gate Latch

What is SR flip flop?

An electronic circuit that is used to store data. The system uses two different states to determine the stability of the binary data. Flip-flops are basically the building blocks of computer systems and digital-related items.

SR Flip Flop
SR Flip Flop

What is the difference between SR latch and SR flip-flop? 

There is one major difference between the SR flip-flop and the SR latch and that is the way that each system functions. The flip-flop only changes when there is a noticeable change in variables. The change occurs when the variable has triggered a control signal high to low or low to high.

The SR latch also has two different stages along with a feedback system that is responsible for storing information. And, this system also allows the outputs to change as soon as the inputs do.

Is the latch system better than flip flop?

Each system is designed to store data but the SR latch system is more flexible. You can store the same amount of data with both the latch and flip flop, however, the latch may be the better option.

The SR latch has a very supportive feedback system that provides a more detailed trail of stored information which makes it easier to access. You can probably choose the best system based on your needs also. The latch is certainly simpler in terms of use and it allows you to set and reset at your leisure. 


The best gate latch for your home will provide security as well as a nice finishing touch to your gated area. This guide provided all the ins and out about gate latches. You can find products to assist with the installation on the exact same website.

Most companies are very good at supplying the necessary screws along with the gate latch. You can choose your gate latches based on the appearance and function as well. 

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