7 Best Pocket Door Hardware Kit [2023 Update]

by James Williams

Whether you are building your home from the ground up or just starting to remodel your well-loved home that you live in now, then there are a lot of things you are going to have to consider, most of which are the small details that make a house a home that is both beautiful and functional for you and your family.

One of the biggest considerations that you will have to think about when you are doing your home, is what type of doors you want to be on the interior of our home.

4 Best Pocket Door Hardware Images
4 Best Pocket Door Hardware Images

In more modern homes, you will find that pocket doors opposed to traditional swinging doors are becoming more and more popular.

Best Pocket Door Frame Reviews

Ensuring you the have best pocket door hardware is going to result in having a seamless experience. To help you get on the right track and get a finished product that you love for years to come, consider using any of these hardware pieces below.

The below frame kits is considered the best pocket door hardware that customers have been happy with, but first things first, you need to select the right one for you!

How to Choose the Best Pocket Door System For You

Selecting the right pocket door frame kit system is actually pretty straightforward and easy once you understand what to look for. There are a few factors to think through when it comes to what hardware you need for your door so that you do not run into any installation issues when it is time to install the hardware onto the pocket door. Below are just a few of the factors that play into helping you choose what hardware you need for your pocket doors.

Consider the thickness of the door

It is absolutely vital that you know how thick your doors are before you can order the best pocket door system for you. For example, when you order a lock set and install your flush pulls back to back from one another, you need to know how thick the door is.

This thickness will help ensure that the depth of the two flush pulls is not greater than the thickness of the door making it not capable of fitting in there properly.

Look at the trim molding around the pocket door

The trim molding around the pocket door is sometimes very close to the door itself which makes your pocket door look very clean and sleek. However, this also means that it can be tricky when it comes to installing the pulls and tracks onto the door.

Trim Molding Pocket Door
Trim Molding Pocket Door

Depending on how low the trim molding is, you will need to have a door pull that is either a 3/32" clearance on each side of the door or a 1/8" pull. To make sure you get the right door pull hardware, check the projection of the pull and see what type of molding it can clear without catching on the door.

Note: Need to know more about all door hardware? Check out our detailed hardwate list so you can choose the right one. 

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Take into account the installation process

The last thing you need to think through before getting pocket door hardware is the type of installation that is going to go into it. There are typically two different types of installation processes that go into installing a pocket door, including the hardware installation.

The first pocket door hardware installation technique requires you to get part of the hardware and actually mortise it into the pocket door itself. The other type of installation technique is when you will actually have to cut away part of the pocket door to install the hardware.

With this technique, you will have to put away most of the whole door except for the main portion or body of it, install the hardware, then put reassemble the needed parts.

Either way, you install the door, there is going to be a lot that goes into it which means that in order to install the hardware the right way so the door slides like it is supposed to, you may want to hire a professional to do all of the installation processes for you.

7 Best Pocket Door Hardware Review Picks

1. Johnson 1500 Soft Commercial Pocket Door Hardware

This pocket door hardware is made right here in the United States and comes with a warranty that lasts for a full lifetime meaning that if anything breaks or if there are any defects to the material, or if it gets recalled you will get it fixed for free or a full reimbursement.

Johnson hardware is very easy to install as it comes with everything you need to install the door without having to do any type of drilling or building of a frame on your own. 

Johnson 1500 Soft Commercial Pocket Door Hardware
Johnson 1500 Soft Commercial Pocket Door Hardware

It comes with its own frame, track, door guide, wrench, and door bumpers. The frames on these pocket doors can easily be cut down to the right size so it can fit any door frame that you have without much hassle.

The Johnson pocket door comes with the perfect brake and pull hardware so that it opens without any effort and closes smoothly and softly. It also has floor anchors that allow you to adjust the floor settling without messing up the balance of the header and the tracks so that it can carry the weight of the wheels evenly for the entire time that you use it.


  • Perfect hardware to make for easy installation
  • American made product that comes with a lifetime warranty
  • soft open and close operations
  • Can be used in commercial and residential properties
  • Can be updated to a full steel door that takes the meaning of heavy-duty door to a whole new level


  • Allows for a lot of flex on the walls
  • Tracks tend to need to be replaced over time as weight of the door makes the track warp
  • Many people experience missing pieces in the box and instructions that are vague

2. Ives by Schlage 230B15 Sliding Door Edge Pull

The Ives by Schlag door is well-liked because it comes with so many designs that are the absolute definition of elegance. It is made with such high quality that each pocket door looks like it was made just for your home.

This pocket door hardware comes ready to install with all of the products you need including knobs, levers, tracks, handles or handle sets, deadbolts, door stops, and door hinges. Each Baldwin door is fully capable of being completely customized to your tastes and needs so you get the perfect pocket door for your space.

Ives By Schlage 230B15 Sliding Door Edge Pull
Ives By Schlage 230B15 Sliding Door Edge Pull


  • Baldwin Estate doors are intensely focused on small details and highest quality possible
  • Comes with a warranty so you can get replacements if there are any defects
  • This door comes completely customizable so you get the exact door you want based on the look of your home
  • Comes with a spring loaded edge so it has a soft close option


  • Springs tend to get caught on the mounting area so it does not close and open the right way
  • If you use your warranty to return the item, you still have to pay for shipping
  • Screw heads occasionally break off during installation so you may need to have extra screws ready just in case

3. Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Kwikset pocket door lock is an innovative pocket door lock that completely eliminates the need for you to ever have to cut a new notch in a door for a new lock.

This pocket door hardware comes with a latch that is completely adjustable so that it can fit any standard sized door that you have installed.

The 2 and 3/8 inch latch backset and the 1/2 inch latch throw. It also has a function on it that allows you to turn a piece of the lock and lock it from the inside.


  • Very easy to install on any type of standard-sized pocket doors
  • You can take out latch that comes with the door and install new one in just an house.
  • Allows you to lock your door from the inside for added privacy in your space
  • Fits right into your pocket door very securely and is durable enough to last few years


  • Many people have found that the latch can break within a couple of months of use
  • Fins do not always spring out when you attempt to lock the door so it does not always truly lock
  • Does not have any type of warranty so any time a defect shows up it is on you to get it fixed or replaced

4. PRIME-LINE N 7367 Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull

Deltana is known for its superior service and the quality that it gives its customers thanks to the architectural hardware that it comes with.

The lock is completely available in many different fine finishes to match whatever pocket door you have in your home.

It is made specifically for doors that are between 1 and 3/8ths inches and 1 and 3/4ths inches thick.

PRIME-LINE N 7367 Pocket Door Privacy Lock With Pull
PRIME-LINE N 7367 Pocket Door Privacy Lock With Pull


  • Comes in several different finishes so you can pick based on the doors in your home
  • Comes in different sizes based on the thickness of your door
  • Can easily unlock the door with a flathead screw driver if you lock it on accident
  • Lock does come with a pocket door style pill that engages the latch


  • Some of the finishes are not exactly as they say they are
  • Lock does not fit a door that is 1 3/4 inches thick, actually only goes up to 1 1/2 inches thick
  • Latch is a good quality but comes with poor instructions so installation is not always as easy as advertised

5. SCHLAGE SC991B-619 Sliding DR Hardware Lock

The privacy function on this type of door allows you to lock the door from the inside of a room.

The locks are made with a durable brass material that is completely solid and strong so it will last a lifetime.

On top of the brass, the lock has a satin nickel finish and lock plates that are reversible so the lock can go on either side of the door.

SCHLAGE SC991B-619 Sliding DR Hardware Lock
SCHLAGE SC991B-619 Sliding DR Hardware Lock


  • It comes fully equipped with a strike plate so it works perfectly for a pocket door
  • It comes with a corresponding plate that the lock hooks onto when mounted properly and put into lock position
  • Has a brushed nickel finish that looks beautiful when paired with any pocket door
  • Great replacement option for a door latch that it comes with for a more durable lock option


  • Turning the latch can actually be difficult to do
  • If sliding plate is not mounted correctly, it will not latch the right way
  • Pull catch breaks easily if lock is turned too hard

6. L.E. JOHNSON PRODUCTS 1500PPK3 Pocket Door 

This pocket door hardware is the top of the line commercial-grade hardware that hangs the door from the top and it comes with a nylon wheel that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This hardware is perfect for pocket doors, including pocket doors that are customized just for you.

Johnson hardware comes with a patented design that is made for a 2 x 4 interior walls and a door thickness that is at least 1 inch thick.


The hardware is made out of ANSI certified aluminum which is just about as solid and durable as hardware can be, and the rails on the hanging hardware are made out of Convex. You can feel good about buying this product as it is built right here in the United States by local businesses.


  • Comes in 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, and 96 inches
  • United States made and comes with a limited warranty
  • Can be made to fit a customized pocket door
  • Made with very dolid and durable materials for long-lasting purposes
  • simple, quick installation process


  • Many people experienced missing parts upon delivery
  • Sometimes referred too as sliding door hardware, but only meant for pocket doors
  • Somme consumers experienced the hardware being damaged when it arrived so it did not hang the door properly

7. Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle for Sliding Pocket Door or Cabinet

Sehrgut Flush handles are completely free of any sharp edges as it is sanded for hours by hand until the edge of the handles are smooth and soft or the touch.

Unlock many pocket door handles, this hardware has a deep pocket for gripping which makes pulling and pushing it easier than most other doors. 

Thanks to all of the necessary screws and other accessories being included, installing these handles is an extremely easy task and you have an installation template to follow that makes it even easier.

Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle For Sliding Pocket Door Or Cabinet
Sehrgut Flush Pull Handle For Sliding Pocket Door Or Cabinet

This finger door pull handle is designed to fit most types of pocket doors and can even be used to go on cabinets, furniture, kitchen appliances, and more. Since it is made of solid stainless steel with a bronze finish, it will always remain shiny, solid and will never rust out or break on you.


Comes with a ten-year warranty which states that you can get a full refund without ever having to give a reason as to why you need one

  • Easy installation with all of the necessary instructions and parts that you need to do so
  • Comes with invisible screws so it looks seamless once installed
  • Can be used as a handle on more than just pocket doors: fits on barn doors, cabinets, appliances, bifold doors and more.


  • Only comes in one bronze color
  • Has a ten year warranty but not a lifetime warranty

Pocket door installation Guide

When you have gotten all of your pocket door hardware together and are ready to install your pocket doors, you need to know how to install it. Below is an installation guide to installing your pocket door

Attach the header

After you prepare your space for the pocket door, buy a pocket door frame with tough hardware that is meant to last. Keep in mind that the bigger or heavier the door is, the larger your header will need to be.

Put on the split studs

The door is able to glide through the split stud which is a hollow channel that allows your pocket door to pass through it. After you install your header, attach the split studs to it. Once you install this the drywall that you hang after it, the drywall will hide the split studs.

Put in the brackets

You will then need to attach the brackets to the top of the pocket door so the wheels can slide along the track.

Put on the door

The next step is to attach the door to the wheels that are clipped to the brackets. You then put the door guide on the bottom of the door so it can slide without causing any friction.

Install pulls on the door

The pulls that you put on your door will be inset on either side of the door so you can pull it closed easily. You want to make sure that it is inset into the door so it does not block how the door operates.

Add in the finishing touches

After the door is installed, put up your new drywall, then measure and install the trim to create a seamless, sleek look around your new pocket door. If you need a visual guide to installing your pocket door and all of its hardware, watch the below video for further help.


1. How thick does a wall need to be for a pocket door?

The wall should be thicker than 4 inches unless special reinforced hardware is installed in which case the wall can stay the standard 2 inches.

2. Are pocket doors lockable?

You can get special locks that will allow you to lock the door from the interior side.

3. Do pocket doors have a bottom track?

There is o bottom track. The pocket itself is all that keeps the door in place.

4. Can you add a pocket door to an existing wall?

Yes you can, though you will have to remove the existing drywall to do so.

What it all boils down too

Above is a list filled with the best pocket door kit based on customer experiences. 

Get the best pocket door track system that looks great with your door and suits the size. When you order these hardware options you will love what you get, and how easy your hardware will be to install.

Check out the list and see which one may best suit your pocket door. Leave a comment below and let us know if you had a great experience with any of pocket door hardware options mentioned above.

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