7 Best Barn Door Hardware For 2023 [Reviews]

by James Williams

Barn doors are the newest trend for indoors and outdoors alike. Whether you are going for a country-style theme in your home or want a quality door, finding the right hardware to set it up can be difficult.

There are many things that you have to consider before purchasing the barn door hardware that suits you. Below we reviewed the best barn door hardware that is worth checking out if you are currently on the move for one. We also included a buyer’s guide, so you know exactly what to look for in a kit. 

Best Barn Door Hardware
Best Barn Door Hardware

How to Pick the Best Barn Door Hardware

The decision to have a barn door as your interior or exterior door is a personal one. You may want one for the aesthetic, you may have built one yourself, or you decided to purchase one for saving space. Using a sliding barn door isn’t the same as the typical doors you’d normally find in a home.

It requires that you use specific kinds of barn door hardware to install it properly. This guide will break down the type of hardware you will need and help you make the best decision possible before making a purchase.

Types of Hardware Necessary for Installation

There are several main components to installing a barn door. They are hangers, jump blocks, standoffs, track(rail), rollers, space extenders, stops, door hinge, and acorn hex bolts. Each part serves a function and is necessary to maintain safety and functionality.

1. Hangers – Door hangers are needed because they attach the door to rollers. This lets the door hang on the track. There are many styles and types of hangers that are designed to fit with the door of your choice.

2. Jump Blocks – Usually plastic or metal that can be square or round. It’s attached to the top and bottom of the door to stop it from coming off the track.

3. Standoffs – Also called wall spacers are cylinder steel pieces that make sure the track is away from the wall. This stops the hangers from hitting the wall when the door is opening or losing. The size of this piece is determined by how far away the door is from the wall.

4. Track or Rail – This is a long bar that’s placed above the doorway. It supports the weight of the door and lets the rollers move from side to side with ease. Hardware kits will include pre-drilled holes so the weight will always be evenly distributed.

5. Rollers – Rollers are mounted to the track which lets you open and close the door smoothly. Doors typically require at least 2.

6. Stops – Stops are designed to stop the door from opening too far and coming off the track. They can be placed anywhere on the track and are adjustable, but it’s usually placed on the ends.

7. Door Guide – Guides are mounted to your floor. They prevent the door from swinging and keep your door on the track.

8. Acorn Hex Bolts – These are used to mount the hanger to the door.

Additional Components

There are additional pieces that may be necessary based on the type and size of your door. They are acorn hex bolts, lag bolts, and junction plate.

1. Lag Bolts – These bolts are used to mount the track to the wall. These are commonly used when the kit is installed into masonry, brick, and concrete.

2. Junction Plate – This is only used when 2 tracks are needed to be connected. This is commonly used in tracks longer than 8in.

Types of Installation

There are 2 types of door installations: single track installations and bypass installations. The single track style needs between 4 and 3/8in and 6in of clearance above the barn door. However, this can vary based on the type of hanger style you are using. The bypass style generally requires 7 and 5/16in to 12in of clearance above the door because of the special components that need to be installed. The height will depend on the kit you get.

Single Door - This is where one door is mounted on a track. The track is typically twice as long as the width of the door. The doorway will be accessible when the door is in the open position. In order to use this setup, you will have to have a significant amount of space on one side of your opening to accommodate the sliding of the door.

Double Door – Two doors are on a single track. The track will need to be twice as long as the width of both doors. For example, if you have two doors that are 3in wide, you will need to have a 12in track. Typically, when using this setup, the doors are pushed to the sides when opening so it’s important to have ample space on either side to accommodate the doors opening.

Bypass Door – Bypass doors typically have 2 doors on 2 different tracks. The outside track is mounted to wall spaces while the inside track is mounted to the wall with the spacers.

This allows both doors to slide in either direction along their own track so you can keep one in a closed position and another in an open one. When both doors are open, they will resemble a single door. This style is generally only used when clearance is not able to be reached on either side of the doorway to make a double door style.

List of 7 Best Barn Door Hardware Kits 

1.SMARTSTANDARD 6.6 Foot J Shape Barn Door Hardware Kit

The SMARTSTANDARD J Shape kit is ideal for those who want an affordable option but still maintain the quality. It’s easy to install and if you have any hang-ups, customer service and the instruction manual can guide you through the process.

We found this best barn door hardware kit to be the quietest out of the bunch even when it had a heavy barn door installed. The pre-drilled holes are done with 16in centers which are the standard for American measurements. Many kits come in European sizing so this was a plus.

SMARTSTANDARD 6.6 Foot One-Piece Track Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit
SMARTSTANDARD 6.6 Foot One-Piece Track Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

The finish of the components is done with powder-coating that will protect it from elemental damage. The barn door isn’t included in this kit, but it can hold up to a 220lb  barn door with a 36in to a 40in door panel width and a panel thickness of 1 and 3/8in and 1 and 3/4in.

It come everything you'd want in a hardware kit like door stoppers and end caps. The components are made of thick steel and not of aluminum like many other kits so you are getting high-quality without the big price tag.

• Easy installation with the guide and customer service team.
• Quiet while in use.
• It’s made of quality materials and is heavy-duty.
• It’s affordable compared to most brands.
• The grooved wheels move smoothly on the track.

• Lag bolts are a bit short.
• It has a heavy track.

2. U-MAX 6.6 FT J Shape Sliding Barn Wood Track Hardware Set

The U-MAX J Shape is the better choice for those who are looking for the basic kit without all the add-ons. It doesn’t come with a barn door or door panel so keep that in mind when purchasing.

The U-MAX barn door hardware come with 2x hangers, 4x long door screws, 2x end caps, 1x floor guide. The door panel thickness it can handle is 1 and 3/8in and 1 and 3/4in. With the 2 hangers, doors up to 200lbs can be held safely and securely.

U-MAX 6.6 FT Sliding Barn Wood Door Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit
U-MAX 6.6 FT Sliding Barn Wood Door Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit

The clearance needed for the J shape is 4.75in above the barn door. The installation is done quickly and with ease. The kit itself has heavy-duty products and a nice finish that doesn’t wear away easily. It’s also of a high-quality.

• The kit is made of heavy-duty materials.
• The installation process is simple and easy.
• The sliding is smooth.
• The hangers are durable and sturdy.

• The color in the kit doesn’t match the full version of the kit.

3. SMARTSTANDARD 6.6ft I Shape Hanger Sliding Barn Door Kit

The SMARTSTANDARD I Shape is the choice for those that want a high-quality kit but aren’t interested in adding heavy doors to the installation. It is made of heavy-duty iron.

The I Shape sliding barn door hangers of this brand are only compatible with the SMARTSTANDARD brand in the 6.6ft barn door and the 8ft sliding door. They are durable and made of quality steel so they can hold up to 170lbs capacity when it comes to a door.

SMARTSTANDARD 6.6ft I-Shape Hanger Sliding Barn Door
SMARTSTANDARD 6.6ft I-Shape Hanger Sliding Barn Door

It’s easy to install and works with door panels that are 36in in width. The instruction manual is simple enough that even a novice can put the kit together with ease. The thickness of door panels they fit best is 1 and 3/8in and 1 3/4in. It’s very quiet when sliding the door or doors back and forth because of the heavy-duty nylon wheels it has.

Some things to consider adding for safety reason though are putting a screw into the track as the doorstop on the one side relies on this to stay on the track and the rubber ends may need to be replaced with thicker ones or a screw to prevent the roller from lifting off the track.

• Quiet when in use.
• Easy installation.
• Made of heavy-duty steel and is of high-quality.
• Can hold up to 170lbs.

• Can be a bit on the heavy side.

4. INDUSTRIAL 8ft Single Sliding Door Hardware Set

The 8ft sliding barn door hardware kit is an option for those who want a high-quality kit that is also a popular brand among homeowners. It has an 8ft rail that includes 6 pre-drilled holes at 16in on the center.

This is plus because you won't have to redrill holes to fit it for American size screws. The holes start at 8in on the center for each end of the rail. The rail is made of 1/4in steel and is finished with powder coating that protects it from scratches and elemental damage when used outside.

INDUSTRIAL 8ft Single Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set
INDUSTRIAL 8ft Single Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set

The rail hardware has 5 lag bolts with washers and spaces that support weight up to 225lbs. It comes with 2 hangers that are able to work with doors that are 1 and 1/4in or 1 and 3/4in in thickness. It’s not recommended you go thicker but if you do, keep in mind that it may not line up with the bottom of the header and can need more space between the wall and the barn door.

The directions come with installation tips, tutorials on video and have measurements included. The clearance needed for this kit is at least 6in.

• Installation is easy and comes with tips and tutorials for inexperienced people.
• Can hold up to 225lbs.
• The rail is made of steel and is powder-coated.
• The rubber caps provide a quiet door opening.

• When it comes to heavier doors, it can be difficult to slide with ease.

5. EaseLife 12" Barn Door Handle with Pull Set

The EaseLife barn door handle is the best choice for those who want just a handle instead of the full bells and whistles of a full hardware kit at a fraction of the cost from other handles. The country aesthetic this handle will provide is sure to match whichever door you choose.

It is made of high-quality steel and is powder-coated for added protection and durability. It has countersunk holes that will allow the install screw to sit flush. It’s very heavy-duty and the finish keeps things looking beautiful. 

EaseLife 12 Inch Sliding Barn Door Handle
EaseLife 12 Inch Sliding Barn Door Handle

The surface is polished and designed to provide comfort and reduce the risk of injury. The handle groove is 3/16in that makes for easy opening of the door and hand comfort.

You can use this handle on outdoor garages and doors as well. It doesn't have a lock on it so if you intend to use it as front or back door handle to your home, keep in mind that you will need to purchase a lock.

The package includes 2x 12in pull bars, 2x 8 and 5/8in finger pulls, 4x square pads, 2x size L-Wrench screws that fit the door thicknesses of 3/4in to 1 and 3/4in. The installation can be a little tricky to do if you aren’t a handy person so keep in mind that you may have to work with it a little bit.

• Affordable compared to other brands.
• Made of high-quality steel and is powder-coated for protection.
• The handle is designed for comfort and injury prevention.
• It’s very durable.

• Difficult to install if you aren’t a handy person.

6. U-MAX 6 Ft I Shape Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

The U-MAX I-Shape is perfect for those who just want the basics and not the entire full kit version. It’s made of steel that is imported. In addition to it just being the hardware kit, it doesn’t include door panels either.

The hangers are able to be used and are compatible with the barn door hardware that is made by U-MAX. It can support weight up to 200lbs so it’s durable and sturdy for any product you attach. It can work with door panel thicknesses from 1 and 3/8in to 1 and 3/4in.

U-MAX 6 Ft I Shape Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit
U-MAX 6 Ft I Shape Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

It has a black rubber type finish that can be a little difficult to work with when using the screws but that's a minor issue. The instructions were clear and easy enough to put it together without any trouble so those that aren't very experienced with these types of kits can still put it together without issues.

The entire kit includes 2x hangers, 4x long barn door screws, 2x end caps, 1x floor guide. It has a black finish for all of the included parts.

• It’s compatible with other hardware that U-MAX has available.
• Made of steel for durability and sturdiness.
• Can hold weight up to 200lbs.
• Easy installation.
• Affordable option if parts are only needed.

• It doesn’t come with a rubber cap so noise may be an issue.

7. Homlux 6ft Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Door Hardware

The Homlux is the best option for those who have heavier doors and want reliable and durable hangers. It also is able to be used outdoors which is unlike most brands. This is also unique compared to the other hardware kits we reviewed.

The Homlux barn door hardware can hold up to 350lbs making it the heaviest out of all the ones we reviewed on the list. It requires a clearance of at least 5in above your door. It can work with door thicknesses from 1 and 3/8in and 1 and 3/4in. The maximum barn door width panel it’s compatible with is 36in wide.

Homlux 6ft Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware
Homlux 6ft Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The hardware in the kit is made of coated powdered iron and is resistant to water and rust. The floor guide roller will prevent swinging, but a groove will need to be pre-slotted in order for it to work correctly.

The kit includes 2x 3ft rails, 5x rail spaces, 2x rollers, 2x door stoppers, 2x end caps, 1x T-shape guide, and 1x hex key.

• Coated with powder for longer-lasting and resistance to elements.
• Can hold up to 350lbs.
• Has 2 anti-jumper disks to keep the door on the track.
• Able to use it outdoors.

• The installation process and instructions are not clear.

Bypass Door Installation Components

There are certain installation pieces that are exclusive to bypass barn doors. These pieces are bypass brackets, bracket connecting bolts, bracket and track bolts.

1. Bypass Brackets – The “L-shaped” brackets form together to make a “U-Shape”. These brackets mount to the wall and reach over the inside track. The outer track can then be mounted to the inside track so both of the doors will be the same height.

2. Bracket Connecting Bolts - These brackets are necessary for connecting the bypass bracket.

3. Bracket and Track Bolts – These fasten the outer track to the bracket.

About the Barn Door Hardware Cost

The last factor you should consider when deciding to go with best sliding barn door hardware is the cost. Many of the popular brands sell kits for a high cost promising that you are getting the utmost quality. While this is generally true, it’s not always the case. Many brands that offer kits for lower prices can stand up to well-known brands in quality and performance.

Some even include features that many brands forget, like rubber caps to silence the noise that can sometimes be found when sliding a door open or closed. In the end, it will depend on your personal preference when it comes to cost.

The biggest takeaway is to check all the hardware kits you want to purchase thoroughly to make sure they not only have what you are looking for, but the reviews to see if it delivers what it promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to measure for a sliding barn door?

- You take a standard tape measure and start from the left edge of the opening and extend to the right side. If you have moldings in the doorway, measure outside the edge to the other side.

2. Do barn doors need a bottom track?

- Yes, you will need a bottom track in order to keep the door from swinging and hitting your wall.

3. How thick can a barn door be?

- It depends on if you want an indoor or exterior door. Interior doors are typically less thick (1 and 3/8in) than exterior doors that range from 1 and 3/8in to 2 and 1/4in. The thicker it is, the better it will withstand warping when exposed to outside elements. Interior doors don’t need to be as thick.

4. Do barn doors swing at the bottom?

- Yes, they will swing if you do not have a track at the bottom and can cause damage to your wall.

5. Can a barn door be used for a bathroom?

- Yes, you can. Manufacturers make barn doors for all rooms in your home.

6. Does a barn door leave a gap?

- They can leave gaps at the sides between the wall and the door, but you can minimize this by getting a door that is wider than the opening.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem you are just adding a door to your room and there isn’t much work involved, there can be a lot that goes into it. Choosing the style of door you want can make all the difference when it comes to picking the best barn door hardware kit. This will vary based on many factors.

For example, measuring your door frames, the height from your ceiling to the floor, deciding if you have the space to include a sliding door on either side of the door will influence your decision on buying a sliding barn door or not.

You can place a sliding door in any room in your house, including your bathroom. If you are not a handy person, it may be a little difficult for you to put this type of hardware together by yourself.

This doesn’t mean you should write yourself off completely when it comes to purchasing a kit. There are many kits out there that come with tutorials, instruction manuals, and even customer service teams to help you put it together.

Overall, we reviewed some of the top-quality hardware kits for barn doors. The winner of our list is the SMARTSTANDARD 6.6 Foot J Shape Barn Door Hardware Kit. It’s the best option in our opinion because not only is it affordable, but it’s made of high-quality materials and will do as it promises. The features it has are comparable with the more expensive brands but at half of the cost.

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