6 Best Door Lever For 2023 [Reviews And Top Pick]

by James Williams

Choosing the best door lever for your home can sound foreign to those who aren't quite home improvement savvy.

Don't worry, we have you covered here! This article will answer all of your questions and concerns ranging from which product to choose, to how to install the door lever when you've chosen.

This list will give a detailed and quick overview of some awesome door levers around and answer some common questions and concerns. 

The Best Door Lever On The Market
The Best Door Lever On The Market

Giving you the best options and instructions all right here can take the guess-work out of choosing a great door lever for your home.

How to Choose the Best Door Lever for Your Home

Even given the choices, it can still seem overwhelming to know how to choose the most appropriate door lever for your home. There are a few simple steps you can take to help simplify the process and be sure you are getting an amazing door lever.

Different Type Of Door Lever
Different Type Of Door Lever

What to Look for When Purchasing a Door Lever

1. Functionality

When trying to find the best door lever for your home, first consider the functionality that it needs to have. Do you need a locking door lever? How about a reversible door lever? Or do you need a set of two non-functioning levers to compliment a beautiful closet with french doors? These are all important things to consider. Exterior use vs. interior use should also be factored in.

Door levers used for exterior doors always need to be durable enough to be used outside. They will be exposed to weather and temperature changes. Exterior door levers also need to be much more secure. Although the lever does not need to be locking, it should always be paired with a bolt or lock.

Interior door levers do not need to be as durable, but you may want them to be for long use. A door lever used inside should have a more elegant design to compliment the inside of a home.

One more thing to consider is that some door levers do not include a back. Non-functional door levers are single sided and cannot turn. They are intended to be used for closet doors that are going to be pulled open and are mostly for decoration. That isn’t to say that these door levers can’t be gorgeous additions to any home and are still durable enough to last years.

2. Style

Style is an extremely important factor in deciding on details for your home. When choosing a style of door lever to compliment your home, you should consider the overall look of your home.

If your home is modern style, choose a square lever with a black or satin nickel finish. If your home is traditional, opt for a curved style handle and a gold finish. These are just a few recommendations to help you pick out a great door lever for your home. Try looking at some other door hardware in your house and opt for a matching color or finish!

3. Price

Everyone has a budget and that budget is a big part in choosing the right door lever for your home. If the home is only in need of a few door levers, this may not be much of a concern. Keep in mind, that when replacing all the door handles in your home that costs can quickly add up. 

Our List of 6 Best Door Lever Choices

1. Kwikset Halifax Door Handle Lever - The Modern and Versatile Lever

This door handle is stunning in appearance and has some of the best functionality of the list.

The Kwikset Halifax  Lever has a beautiful and modern satin nickel finish. The lever can be installed to the right or left, which makes it a versatile choice. It also opens up and down.

Not only one of the most versatile levers, the Kwikset lever is also extremely easy to install. This product also features alignment posts to aid in the simple installation process. The only tool required to install the Kwikset Halifax Door Lever is a screwdriver! Super easy and looks gorgeous in your home.

Although this lever is highly functional and versatile, it can only be installed on interior doors. The lever makes a beautiful addition to any interior room needing privacy such as a bathroom or bedroom. Great for privacy, this lever locks with a push button on the inside, and is unlocked just by pushing down the lever.

Available in five beautiful finishes, this lever is one of the most stylish options for
a modern home. The Kwikset lever is also under lifetime warranty for finish, meaning you can be sure the strong finish will never wear off. However, this lever has been reported to sag over time.


  • Extremely sturdy and high quality satin nickel finish
  • Beautiful finishes in 5 color choices
  • Modern design - stylish for any home
  • Easy installation with just a screwdriver
  • Locking
  • Inexpensive


  • Indoor handle use only
  • Doesn't last for long-term use

2. Berlin Modisch Dummy Lever Door Handle

Another gorgeous choice for a great door lever for your home, the Berlin Modisch dummy lever . This handle also features a gorgeous satin nickel finish and a modern yet decorative appearance. This handle has an elegant and sleek shape.

The Berlin Modisch dummy lever  is a great choice for closet doors. It is single-sided and does not turn, making it ideal for a closet or laundry room unit. This door handle cannot be opened or used from the other side, since it is single sided.

This lever is standard size so it will fit any door. It is non-functional and can be used for french-style doors. You can open the door by pulling the handle, but it does not push up or down like other levers on the list.

Designed for a variety of doors, this lever will look gorgeous in modern or more traditional style homes and doors. This product also includes a door bumper wall plate that can be installed with adhesive to keep the wall where the closet door opens free of holes and scuffs.

Finished with brushed nickel and a clear powder coat finish, these handles will stand the test of time.


  • Looks great - beautiful finish
  • Well made satin nickel finish- high quality and durable
  • Design compliments any style of home
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install with only a screwdriver


  • Single sided
  • Non-lockingPull to open, doesn't push up or down

3. Schlage Latitude Privacy Door Lock Lever

Next up is the Schlage Latitude Privacy Lock Lever. This door lever is beautiful with a matte black finish and super modern design.

Recommended for use in modern and urban homes, the finish looks beautiful with any home. Featuring a push lock button, this lever can be locked and unlocked from the inside. The locking feature makes this perfect for any room requiring privacy.

What makes this door handle lever a bit more unique and versatile, is that a pin is included and there’s a small hole on the outside for unlocking if needed. The handle is a 90 degree swinging handle, so it will have to be pushed all the way down as opposed to a 45 degree swinging handle.

This lock is reversible. Just like the Kwikset, it can be installed in left or right swinging doors. The Schlage Latitude privacy door lock lever is only recommended for use on interior doors and can be used with a 1 ⅜ inch to 1 ¾ inch door.

Constructed of metal, this door knob wins in durability, security and strength. This is a great and high quality door lever for the price. All in all, a great choice.


  • Sleek and beautiful appearance
  • High quality, sturdy metal
  • Locking and unlocking
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • 90 degree swing
  • Uncomfortable to open

4. Kwikset Satin Nickel Halifax Door Lever

Much like the first option, this is a door lever brought to you by the known and trusted brand Kwikset. The satin nickel halifax door lever is very similar to the first product listed, however it is not locking.

This is a great passage door lever and should be used for interior purposes. This door lever is great on hallways or closets.

This door lever has a satin nickel finish, which is great because it is highly durable and beautiful in any house. The lever can also be selected in a few different colors. This lever goes beautifully in a modern home. The Kwikset door lever is versatile and can be reversed to fit either direction for each door.

The Kwikset satin nickel halifax door lever is a great option because it is a 45 degree swinging lever. This allows the handle to move up and down, as well as not requiring the handle to be pushed down as far to open.

Another great feature of this door lever is the easy installation. The lever features alignment posts to ensure a flawless fit. It also features strengthened springs to ensure that the lever does not sag over time.


  • Beautiful and durable finish
  • Easy installation
  • Reinforcement springs prevent sagging
  • Great for halls and closets


  • Non-locking

5. AmazonBasics Straight Door Lever with Lock

AmazonBasics door lever is one of the best privacy levers and for the most affordable price on the list. This door handle is absolutely gorgeous and comes in four stunning color options to compliment any home. This lever is a bit more traditional but could also fit well in a modern home.

AmazonBasics has brought a fully reversible lever that can be installed on right or left swinging doors. It fits all doors 1 ⅜” to 1 ¾” in thickness and can be adjusted to fit any 2 ⅜” to 2 ¾” backset.

 This door lever handle is lockable and comes with a key for unlocking. The locking feature is great to add privacy to any bathroom, bedroom, or home office to keep sensitive material safe. This lock is different from the push button locks. It is a great choice for a buyer who wants a more traditional “lock.” The lock utilizes a twist tab and includes a key. It also has a safe and easy installation that only requires a screwdriver.

Unfortunately, this lock is easily opened with a coin or a similarly flat item. This makes it a less favorite on the list, but if you aren’t overly worried about it staying locked then it could be a great addition to your home.


  • Most affordable
  • Great for any interior design
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Locking for elevated privacy


  • Lock can be easily "picked"

6. Schlage F10 Hall & Closet Cylindrical Lock

The Schlage door handle lever is another great choice. Starting with the appearance, this door handle has a beautiful finish.

It has a curved handle, which is nice because it works well in modern or traditionally styled homes. This lever has a durable finish and can be purchased in a few different color options as well to fit your home.

Schlage offers this lever in two options to suit your needs. You are given the option of a passage lever or privacy lever. The passage lever is always unlocked and is great for hallway or closet. The passage lever is simple, elegant, and still very secure even without locking. The privacy lever has a lock and key, which is ideal for private areas such as bath or bedroom.

Regardless of which style lever you choose, the installation process is simple. The installation is simple and hassle-free. The only tool you will need to install this door handle is a screwdriver. Another great feature about this lever is its versatility. This lever can be used on any interior door because it is reversible.

This lever is intended for interior use, but could be incorporated in exterior doors that do not need to be secured.


  • Well made and durable
  • High quality finish with color choices
  • Reversible for more flexibility
  • Choice between locking and non-locking


  • Lock can be unstable
  • Expensive

How to Install a Door Lever

So you’ve chosen the door lever for your home, now what? This is the fun part! This simple step-by-step guide will clearly walk you through each step of installing a door lever on any door.

1. Removing the Old Door Lever

Start by removing the old door lever before installing the new one. This can be done by unscrewing the screws in the cover that sits against the door around the base of the handle. For a base that does not have screws, the cover can be pried off with a flathead screwdriver.

After loosening the door lever from the door, you should be able to pull the old handle or knob apart and remove it from the door.

Removing The Old Door Lever
Removing The Old Door Lever

2. Set the handle in the door

Most door levers come with two levers, one for each side of the door. Starting with the back lever, align it carefully with the inside locking mechanism of the door. This mechanism has a square peg in the center. Line up the square peg carefully with the square hole in the handle.

The handle will not be secured to the door yet, so hold it gently or have someone hold it for you while you work on the front.

3. Attach the back

After setting the back lever to the door, the front is very similar. Line up the square hole in the center of the handle with the square peg on the other side of the door. Once this side is lined up with the back correctly, attach with the included screws to secure it with a tight fit.

Attach The Door Lever Back
Attach The Door Lever Back

And that’s all there is to it! Attaching a door lever is a simple process that can be done in only a few minutes. It usually requires just a screwdriver.


1. What is a passage lever door handle?

A passage lever door handle is a lever with no locking function.

2. How does a door lever work?

A door lever works by turning the cylinder that controls the latch bolt inside the door when the handle is turned. This opens the door by opening the latch bolt.

3. How do I remove a door lever?

Door levers can be removed by unscrewing the door hardware securing the handle and then pulling out the handles.

4. How do I remove a locked door knob?

Remove the screws and the door knob from the door. Then, remove the faceplate from the door. You should then be able to pull out the entire latch bolt with a bit of work.

5. How do you remove a Schlage door lever?

The process for a Schlage door lever is generally the same as removing any door lever. Here is a great link from Schlage.

And the winner is…

Schlage F10 Cylindrical Lock! This is the best door lever from the options given here and elsewhere. Schlage is known for their quality and durability when it comes to door  hardware. Schlage is a brand you can trust! This door lever is the best of the list because it has many features like a gorgeous finish, it is fully functional, and it is very secure.

The Schlage F10 is an affordable option for the quality and security you can expect from Schlage. The lever has a locking or non-locking option which is great for choosing coordinating all the door levers in your home.

While the Schlage may be our favorite, take a look at all the options and consider what would be best for your home and budget.

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