8 Best Pool Pump Reviews And Buying Guide 2023

by James Williams

When you are a homeowner who has a beautiful pool in the backyard, you had done your fair share of research to find the best pool pump is what we believe. But we understand your struggle that it is certainly not an easy task that checks the boxes easily.

Imagine this, you want to throw a pool party for the summer, look cool and be the ultimate party planner. But over the winter, the pool froze, so did your brain because you had sent out all the invitations without checking the pool. When you do, to your utter surprise, it is dirty as hell.

A good pool pump can take over and save the day. We don't deny that you might gain some extra muscles from all that struggling while rubbing to clean the pool.

The Best Pool Pump
The Best Pool Pump

With that thought in mind, we are here with the top 8 pumps available in the market along with a super simple yet important buying guide. Trust us on this when we say that you want to go ahead and give it a read. So, let’s go.

How to Pick the Right Pool Pump?

‘Whatever my heart feels right’ isn’t quite the right attitude when it comes to choosing a pool pump because you have to keep in mind so many technical points and your pools need. In order to find just the perfect one, we are going to mention some criteria that are an absolute must to remember down below.

The Heart, the Motor

The heart of any pumping machine is undoubtedly its motor. This is something that is the core of everything. In order for you to ensure a good purchase, you need to look for the ones that provide you with a powerful motor.

What exactly is to be considered powerful? Any motor that has a horsepower ranging between a 1/3 and 1-1/2 horsepower is considered pretty powerful for a pool pump.

You will not need more than that, and don’t settle for anything less. And if you ask about hydraulic horsepower, then it has to lie somewhere between .77 to 2.5 HHP.

I would like to point out that it marginally depends on the size of the pool that you have. A lesser-powered motor can be just as great for a pool that is small. But a bigger pool requires a powerful motor for it to fill it up in an efficient manner. Ain’t nobody got time for a slow pump.

The Head and Flow Rate

This is another important requirement for when you go out on a hunt for the best pool pump. It is the amount of water per hour that your pool pump is going to pump out of the pool or in.

The more, the merrier. Usually, if you have a decent-sized pool, then you need to get one that has a higher GPH rate. GPH stands for gallons per hour that your pool pump can pump. Some measure this in minutes as well.

And the head is the resistance that your pool pump faces in the plumbing system. It can marginally lower down the GPH rate. The smart solution here is to plan one step ahead. What you can do is measure out your pool and the resistance or ‘head’ of the plumbing system of your pool.

Be mindful of the fact that broken parts and cooped up dirt can affect the resistance rate. Plus, the pipe size, length, rise of the water are also factors to be considered while calculating the head.


Well, even if we have a fortune, sometimes, it is always smart to get the best price possible. So, be extra cautious when it comes to the price. First of all, know your own pool – pool type and pool size. That way, you can figure out what sort of pool pump you have to have.

Otherwise, why get a flashy pump when it doesn't add any benefits to your pool? There is a basic geometric rule to figure out your pool size. And do find out the head as well. That is important.

Now you can search around the market for a pool pump that will cater to your specific needs. Price does matter.


We can say for sure that after a busy day at work, we do not like any noise around the house. And we will assume that you don't too or trust us you don't want to. If you have kids, we don't even have to sell this point to you because you already go through enough tantrums and noise pollution in your house.

Get the pool pump that makes the least noise. The variable-speed ones, as well as the dual-speed ones, can provide you with the amazing experience of low to no noise. That doesn’t mean the single-speed ones are bad; they do serve the purpose, maybe just not as well as the other types do.

List of 8 Best Pool Pump Reviews

Your search for the pool pump of your dream ends here. Coming in your direction is a list of the pool pumps that we picked. Stick around to find ‘the one’ that will keep your pool happy all summer for a lifetime!

1. Hayward W3SP1580 Power Flo Pool Pump Review

Nothing’s better to cool you down on a hot summer day than a pool party with your friends, right? Well, if you don’t want those junks to float inside your pool, you better get the Hayward W3SP1580 right now.

This guy has a 1 horsepower single speed motor. It has a big basket to capture all the nasty debris. The lid is also see-through so that you know when to take out the trash! Your life will be a breeze with such a low maintenance pump!

It is constructed to stay with you for a long time. With a heavy-duty and efficient pump motor, this pump doesn’t know when to quit! Let it be in or above ground pool, it will keep working in all weather conditions. The corrosion-resistant and durable casing will keep the rust away.

It’s silent and won’t overwhelm the splish-splash of a pool party! Add its heat resistance to the mix, and you get a perfect appliance to have in summer.


  • Durable and heavy-duty base material
  • Large basket with a clear cover
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent operation
  • 1 horsepower single speed motor


  • Manual priming
  • No on-off switch

2. Pentair 340097 SuperFlo High Performance Review

If your last pump put a dent in your wallet and still couldn’t survive a year, we know how that feels, trust us! That's why we picked this cost-friendly and durable pool pump that can complement your pool perfectly. Its thick-walled parts actually scream durability!

First off, it boasts a 1.5 Horsepower, which makes it an absolute steal. With its high efficiency, the pump will be less vulnerable to wear and tear. It’s sure to live long and serve you. And if you totally forgot to prime the pump before jumping in the pool, don’t sweat! It’s a self-priming pump!

You’ll love the fact that it’s pretty quiet compared to others. It has a heavy-duty motor and integral volute, which will cut down the noise. The motor runs smoothly, and the perfect fittings and lubrication further aid the cause. Your DJ will hear you perfectly when you’ll yell, ‘Your music stinks!’ from now on.

Besides, it's very easy to install and won’t steal much of your time.  The size is pretty compact as well. For which, it won’t eat up too much of your space.

With an oversized basket to collect the debris, you can bet on the pump for years, and it won't let you down.


  • Efficient operation
  • Less noise
  • Easy installation
  • Large strainer basket


  • Uses more energy

3. Hayward Super Pool Pump, W3SP2600X5 Review

Hayward does make some awesome pumps. And then there is this model which comes with an industrial-grade efficiency and durability. So, you better believe that it can get the job done in no time! There’s no wonder why it sells out like NBA tickets.

Equipped with Hayward’s trademark oversized junk basket, it’s also considered a junk cleaning master! It will clean out the pool in no time. Removing the strainer basket is too damn easy because of its swing-away hand knobs. The drain plug underneath the basket will clean it easily. Talk about low maintenance!

You don't want your pool to be dirty all the time, but it's more upsetting seeing your pump suddenly breaking in the middle of a swim. Our good buddy right here is an affordable yet dependable option for your pool. Its rigid base construction is made to take major blows! It can certainly withstand a heavy debris load.

And if you haven’t picked this up already, it's a Hayward, so it's bound to durable and quiet at the same time! It has a heavy-duty, high-performance motor that allows it to circulate pool water effortlessly and silently.

Now, you might be wondering, 'with all the tech talk going on, can it actually stay cool during operation and not overheat?'

Well, it has a flow ventilator that says it can! The airflow will cool down the machine when it's running continuously. It can deal with on and above ground pools without breaking a sweat. Nothing can move this guy!


  • Durable and silent
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Efficient pumping


  • Gets noisy after a few years
  • Not self-priming

4. Intex Krystal Clear with Sand Filter Pool Pump Review

The Krystal Clear sand filter pump from Intex is something you can never ignore. This one right here took the functionality to its peak. Let’s check out what it has to offer.

When you see a pump using sand as a filtration agent, prepare to see the cleaning as you’ve never seen before! The sand filter pump offers extra adsorption surface, which effectively captures any suspended solids, impurities, or debris, turning dark and dirty pool water fresh and crystal clear.

It’s remarkable how effective it is for above-ground pools. The wall mountings will skim out the solids, leaves, and floating dirt from the surface too!

If you’re feeling that it’s too much trouble operating all these, don’t bother! The 24-hour timer will shut it off when the pool is not being used. You can program the time as you please!

The ¾ Horsepower pump can recirculate water at a 2100 gallons per hour rate, but it can rise to 3000 based on the model.

The unique 6 function control valve lets you recirculate, filter, rinse, backwash, drain, and close the system. A quite handy one, right? This one may not be the best pool pump motor, but it surely is one of the bests.


  • Natural sand filter
  • Durable
  • Powerful pump motor
  • Easy setup


  • Not big enough for a large pool

5. SuperFlo 342001 Variable Speed Pool Pump From Pentair

When you're hosting a pool party for about 50 or more people, the pool water will get dirty quickly. You need a pump that can keep up with the increased load. Here, a single-speed pump can certainly be a drag since you can't make it slower or faster.

That’s where SuperFlo is different. It comes with a 24-hour real-time clock that can be easily calibrated. So, just program the time and speed of the pump, and then let it take over and relax. The pump can run on 150-230 volt. This variable speed adjustment doesn't require rewiring, so it will save you a lot of money too!

If you’re feeling dizzy thinking of the cost, trust us on this one. It might be a little bit on the costlier side, but the energy it will save and the convenience it will offer you will pay you back in full.

The pump will run on 80% less electricity than most other pumps in the shop! We’ll always keep this in the list of the best energy-efficient pool pump.

What about the complacency? Rest assured, this pump possesses a unique TEFC motor that reduces the noise drastically. You’ll sleep soundly at night while this pump takes care of the pool for you. It’s also super easy to install. Just follow the manual, connect the pump, and pump up your summer!


  • Variable speed
  • Real-time clock with easy calibration
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient


  • Costly

6. Harris ProForce Above Ground Pool Pump Review

What if we tell you that you can have a solid and sturdy pump without paying as much? Sounds too good to be true? Then check out this pump on the list from Harris. Even with your medium budget, you can have a pump strong enough to rival with pumps of renowned brands!

That's right! If you're into longevity and durability but don't have the extra money, then this is the pump for you. The motor shaft is made of stainless steel reinforced with thermoplastics. So, you can bet that it will run for years without corroding much. This sucker will last years without compromising its performance.

Speaking of which, the pump offers a 1.5 Horsepower motor. It's more than enough for an average-sized above ground pool. The heavy-duty, high-performance motor ensures longevity, durability, and, finally, smooth operation with little noise.

Unlike the mainstreams in the market, this one is easy to install. It also comes with a 3 ft cord that gives you the independence to place it anywhere near the pool. If that’s not enough to sway you toward this pump, it also has a large strainer basket that’s easy to filter and a clear cover.

It has everything you can ask from a pump, minus the extra cost. That’s why many have suggested this pump to me.


  • A budget pump with excellent durability
  • Corrosion-resistant motor shaft
  • Easy operation at a minimal noise
  • Highly efficient


  • Some has reported a quick overheating problem

7. XtremepowerUS 2HP Inground Pool Pump Review

If you are looking for the best pool pump motor at a fair price, you might as well give this one a try. This pump is what makes price and performance get balanced.

That fixes the problem most of us face when we look for a sturdy pump. You’ll be surprised to hear that this guy pumps water at a whopping 5280 gallons per hour rate! That’s more than even some costly pumps out there.

But wait, there's more. The pump is made from a polymeric material that resists rusts. Many pumps fail due to overheating, but XtremepowerUS 2HP has an airflow ventilation system that cools down the pump when it heats up too much. The seals and gaskets are heat resistant too! This pump was built for rough usage!

And guess what?! It also comes with a large debris basket and a see-through lid that lets you know when to clean up the basket. The basket is also easy to remove and replace! If it fails to retain some debris for some reason, that won’t clog the pump. The wide openings in the impeller will let the debris go.

It’s an all in one package at a great price. Call your friends, grab a pop, and have a pool party. And don’t worry about the pool. XtremepowerUS 2HP has got your back.


  • Powerful pump motor
  • Corrosion-proof base material
  • Large debris basket
  • Quiet operation


  • Some has reported difficulties during installation
  • Poor customer care

8. Little Giant APCP-1700 Pool Cover Submersible Pump

Make way for the little guy that gets the job done. Little Giant is here to make your summer a whole lot of fun! (Pardon my rapping skills!)

This little dude can sure pack a punch. With a 1/3 horsepower, Little Giant APCP-1700 can pump at a rate of 1700 gallons per hour.

A ¾ feet garden hose pipe is added to the package. But upon connecting it, the pump loses 500 GPH rate due to friction. It comes with a float switch that lets it loose whenever the water rises above 2 inches.

It’s a little bit heavy, and it's more like a stick of dynamite when you plug it in. But the heavy weight doesn't cause any difficulties in handling. As it has a built-in handle, which makes it portable, you can carry it around anywhere. The 25-inch power cord makes setting it up easier also!

This little guy will cost less and consume less electricity. So, it’s a nice addition to a family pool. It has a side discharge port that offers good water removal. The pump was built, not to recycle but to remove water from the top of the pool. That’s what the float switch is for – to activate it when the water is above a certain level.

As for maintenance, it has an intake screen that keeps the debris out. Since no solid will get in, there’s less clogging to deal with. All you have to do is to replace the screen when it has seen too much!


  • Comes at a cheaper price
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to handle
  • Automatic operation


  • The company doesn’t let you replace a part individually

Types of Pool Pump

All in all, there are 3 types which are explained right below.

Single Speed

This is the most common type of pool pump. A single-speed pump usually operates at a rate of 3450 revolutions per minute (RPM). Don’t get all dazzled eyes with the attractively slim price point of this type of pump because it makes that term come true, ‘Tomayto, Tomahto.'

Which means the operational costs make up for the initially low price point. So, at the end of the day, you’ll be paying the same.

Dual Speed

This one operates in two types of speeds: a high and a low one. High is up there at 3450, and the low is at 1750 RPM. The good news with this one is it looks expensive and don’t get us wrong; it is expensive. But the operational costs can go down as low as 50%. So, to me, it is a pretty smart investment.

Additionally, at a low speed, it is surprisingly quiet. Who doesn’t love a quiet pump? Unlike the kids, we know you love your peace and quiet. My suggestion? Hire a baby sitter for the day when you enjoy your peace with this type of pump. And then go for a swim with your favorite drink! Cheers!

Variable Speed

Lastly comes a variable speed pool pump. Now, these pumps have a wide RPM range – from 600 to all the way up to 3450.

Variable Speed Pool Pump
Variable Speed Pool Pump

These pumps are by far the most expensive ones, but the operational costs will save the day. You can use it for the spa as well if you want. Plus, it has got other great water features that will make you go wow.

You run it at a low RPM (yes, it's adjustable), then you can circulate the water in your beloved pool. Take it up a notch to run the waterfall. And kick it to the max for those jets to work their magic for the days when you feel extra tired.

Why Do You Need a Pool Pump?

So, you may say, 'Why do I need a pool pump anyway?'. This is where we say, 'You must need one no matter what.' Here's why –

Keeps Your Pool Clean

Let’s face it, you don’t want to empty the pool using a bucket, right? Then you’ll have to scrub it to clean and fill it up again. This is something that will give you a real hard time.

This is exactly why a pool pump is so important. It keeps the circulation system ongoing in your pool so that it can stay clean all year round or at least for the times that you need it. And if you have a heating system, we can safely say you enjoy the pool more often. Thus, you require a pump more than others.

Mixing Up the Useful Chemicals

It also mixes up all the chemicals; otherwise, it will be in one place to cause skin irritation. The chemicals make sure the water is clear as a sky; also, it doesn't let any nasty bacteria to grow for the sake of your own safety.

Crystal Clear Water

A pool pump will make sure that you have crystal clear water in your pool. The filtration system ingrained in the pumps will be leading that agenda for you. This is basically a babysitter for your pool. All you have to do is let it run and feed electricity, occasionally clean, and you are good to go.

Difference Between Above-Ground and In-Ground Pool Pumps

The difference between above ground and in-ground pool pumps are as follows. We've broken down the differences into five major parts.

Self-Priming Ability     

The core difference between these two pumps is that the in-ground ones are self-priming while, on the other hand, the above-ground ones are not. This particular term, ‘self-priming,' points out the ability of a pool pump’s vertical water-lifting ability.


In most cases, we see that the in-ground types are usually above the surface level of a pump. The above-ground ones are just the opposite. Meaning they stay below the surface.

Power Consumption

The above-ground ones have something unique, which we call a 'flooded section.' Here, with the help of Mother Nature's natural pull, aka gravity and atmospheric pressure, it can generate an enormous amount of suction power without the need for a lot of electrical input.

Flow Rate

The next thing that makes them different is the rate of flow. Above-ground ones promise you an optimum flow rate of 30 to 60 GPM, whereas an in-ground one serves you with a whopping 75 to 150 GPM.

Basically, the turnover rate depends on this. But ideally, a smaller pool will require not as much GPH to be efficient and save time.

Filter Size

Filter sizes are apparently one other factor that sets these two apart. Let it be very clear that the filtration system is a vital organ of a pool to keep it clean and tidy, so listen up carefully when we talk about this.

Three initial types of filtration are up in the market to grab, which are DE, sand, and cartridge. In this particular case, its size should be big even if you have a tiny pool because cleanliness and faster cleaning action never hurt anyone. So, a bigger filtration system will offer you a neater and faster operation.

How Does It All Work?

A pool pump may look like a magic trick which you cast to clean the pool and filter the water but let us assure you it is no magic; simply the amazing invention of science. Here’s how it works.

Usually, a pool pump is a machine that consists of two parts – a wet part and a dry part. The wet one can come in contact with the water, and the dry part cannot. In the dry part, you’re just getting the motors. And the wet part is the hydraulic end.

In the wet part, 50 percent of the magic happens. Before the water goes down in the pool, it comes through this wet end. After the filtration system and before hitting the pool, this is where the water flows through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most energy-efficient pool pump?

Mostly, the in-ground types are the ones that save a ton of energy, making them cost way less. In the list above, you can find a perfect match for you, which would also be energy efficient—for example, the Hayward W3SP1580.

What size of a pool pump do I need?

It depends on the size of your own pool. First of all, figure out how much water your pool can hold by simply using some simple geometric equations. Calculate the head or resistance, too, in order to know what is the best match for your pool.

Is a bigger pool pump better?

Not always bigger is better. It mostly is but not always. A bigger one will draw more power, and if you have a small pool, why waste money on that?

How much HP pool pump do I need?

You can go for a one that has ¾ to 1.5 HP. Anything falling within this range is a good purchase. Also, be mindful of your pool size and categories.

How long should a pool pump last?

If you go for a brand that has a good reputation in the market, then the pump should last for a decent amount of time. We mean years. You can choose any one from the above list.

Wrapping Up!

We cannot call out any pump to be the best pool pump because firstly, this isn't a biased review; secondly, each and every pump specializes in different sectors that cater to different needs. So, it is certainly not that case.

But when you talk about pool pumps, Hayward is an obvious name that will pop up. Their innovative pool pumps that save you energy and get the job well done by making the least noise possible are outstanding.

But other ones, for example, Pentair and Little Giants are doing amazing work to serve you with nothing but the best. At the end of the day, it is your call to choose one. So, choose wisely.

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