Pool Pump vs. Pond Pump- Which One Is Better?

by James Williams

About to buy a pump but don't know whether to buy a pool or pond pump? The question isn't about which one is better, rather which one fits your needs most.

Well, to answer your question, we are here. In this pool pump vs. pond pump guide, we will show you the comparison between these two so that you can decide which one you should use.

But before comparing them, let's know a bit about these two pumps.

Pond Pump

This machine is considered as the spine of any garden pond or water feature. It ensures the motion of the water. Except for this, the water of a pond would become static. Usually, there are two kinds: external and submersible.

Pond Pump
Pond Pump

The submersible pump is stated inside the pond pump. And the external pump is situated on the external side of the garden pond.

Pool Pump

This thing ensures the circulation system or swimming pool. The pump consists of three components:

  1. Motor
  2. Impeller
  3. Hair and lint trap

With skimmer and main drain, the machine pulls water from the pool, shoves it across the filter, and returns the water to the pull by the main returns.

The Best Pool Pump
The Best Pool Pump

Pond Pump Or Pool Pump: Which One To Choose?

By the end of the comparison guide, you will have comprehensive knowledge of which one you should buy. So, read ahead and find out.

Operating Expenses

Every time a pump is activated and deactivated, it consumes a lot of electricity because it is mechanically operated in a way so that it can shift water from inlet to outlet.

Many pond pumps are engineered to pass a large quantity of water at lower pressure comparing to pool pumps. They use much less energy to attain your required flow.

Using a well-designed pond pump can cut the electricity bill to one-third of what it will be if you use a variable speed pool pump. It may save hundreds of dollars per year.

Usage Frequency

Generally, pool pumps are designed to run 24/7. Because a pond needs to stay aerated properly, so the pump needs to run every minute of the day and every day of the year.

In the case of a pond, it is very necessary to ensure that because without a proper and regular flow of the water, the fish of the pond may suffer without oxygen, and maintaining the growth of algae might get hard.

There's a high chance that if a pool pump is running uninterruptedly throughout the year, it may wear out. Also, the longevity of the machine may get reduced as they are designed to run less than an hour at a time.

Operating Pressure

In the case of a filter connected to the pump, it is recommended to check the maximum operating pressure of it. The maximum operating pressure of most pressure filters is 5.0m off the head.

Pool pumps can operate nearly 30m of the head. A filter connected to such a pump will be destroyed.


Pond pumps function much more quietly than the pool pump. As pond pumps are generally merged into the water, the sound is mostly concealed. So in comparison to pool pumps, pond pumps give you much serenity.

Price Range

Normally, the price range of the product depends on the type of product. It depends on the brand also.

In general, pool pumps are costlier than pond pumps.


You will get a warranty of two to five years in most of the pond pumps, whereas the pool pumps have a warranty of one or barely two years.

But the warranty of the products solely depends on the brand you select. Irrespective of the type of pump, make sure you take the warranty card from the product owner.


We have already mentioned how the pond pump requires less electricity and saves your money at the end of the month. Because of this trait of a pond pump, less carbon is reduced.

Using a pond pump instead of a pool pump will not only be benefitted to you but also the environment too.

Buy Your Pump!

Before buying anything, it is always recommended that you know every detail of the product. This helps you to gain a better understanding of the product. Also, you get to decide what you need.

The aforementioned pool pump vs. pond pump guide has all the necessary information to decide whether you should use a pond pump or pool pump. So go ahead and choose your pump wisely.

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