6 Best Submersible Well Pump Reviews with Buying Guide

the best submersible well pump

“Oh, at last, we are doing something about the severe water problem. Make sure you don't buy a total letdown like last time.”

“You relax. I will track down the best submersible well pump our whole neighborhood has ever seen.”

“Alright, just make sure there’s no rust or corrosion like before. I can’t stand them.”

So, there you are, making a promise meant to be kept no matter what. And we are here assisting you in that quest for the most outstanding product. We've researched all we could and come up with these fantastic items. Check them out and fulfill the real promise.

List of 6 Best Submersible Well Pump Reviews 2021

It was incredibly challenging to find the perfect options. However, we did it in the end. From outstanding GPM to excellent build – these models won't fail to mesmerize you.

1. Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7A Deep Well Submersible Pump

Have you ever heard of a 1hp device to boast 33GPM? Well, if not in the past, you are about to. And wait until I tell you that the head will be right 207 ft. These are outrageously impressive specifications if you aren't familiar with these pumps.

You will also be stunned by the water temperature it provides.  Whether you are residing in a cold or warm area, it will be significantly optimal. I am also fascinated by the steel motor the model comes with. If you are worried about corrosions, then be so no more with such a material.

Now, what about the ball bearings? Well, they come with perfect sealing so that you get what you want from them. Moreover, the motor comes with a capacitor start.

So, if you fancy an ultra-powerful start, you aren’t asking for much. You should also check out the thermal protection that will ensure proper heating.

What's also crazy is that you won't need an extra control box as the package includes it. What's more, there are diffusers, thermoplastic impellers, and an intake screen in place. Now, only if one user didn't find the customer support to be awful.

Another buyer was let down with two back-to-back purchases of this same unit. Rust developed too fast on the unit. Also, one other user had to endure a burnt internal start capacitor. Nevertheless, with unmatched specs, this is the best submersible pump for well.


  • 1hp device boasting 33GPM flow rate
  • The head will be a good 207 ft
  • Steel motor to resist corrosion
  • Ball bearings come with perfect sealing


  • One user had to endure a burnt internal start capacitor

2. SCHRAIBERPUMP 4" Deep Well Submersible Pump Review

Here’s another best rated submersible well pump you must check out. If you are looking for a high GPM, then you are in the right place. Also, the unit will offer extreme pressure, thanks to the axial load design.

You will also be pleased with stainless steel as the material for this model. It makes the pump awesomely durable.

Let me also talk about the submersible wire splice kit you are planning to buy separately. You won’t have to go through the trouble because it’s included in the package! What’s also fantastic is that you won’t need an extra control box of any sort with this super smart pump.

The item isn’t nearly done with impressing you, for; you are yet to admire the 95-degree maximum work temperature, thanks to the thermally protected motor. So, away goes the worry of overheating.

You should also love the 2-wire + ground design it comes with. If you are looking for energy efficiency, you will have it. Moreover, it has a patented impeller design to blow you away with incredible flow and head.

However, the pump got too warm for a user. And the wiring seemed small and inadequate to another one. Also, it fell short in some places for another customer.


  • Extreme pressure, thanks to the axial load design
  • Stainless steel makes it awesomely durable
  • Submersible wire splice kit included in the package
  • Won’t need a control box


  • Got too warm for a user

3. Hallmark Industries MA0343X-4 Deep Well Submersible Pump

Looking for a USA-made best quality submersible well pump? Well, check out this incredible unit with ½ HP power from Hallmark Industries. You will be amazed at the control box that comes with it. With this feature in place, you are saved the hassle of buying an extra one.

Moreover, you will find thermal protection technology in the pump to be efficient. I am also pleased with the stainless steel construction. It will make the pump pass the test of time. You might also like the check valve included in it.

However, it would be nice if you could get an additional one. I am also optimistic about the capacitor start. It should offer you a powerful one.

Another worth mentioning feature is the two wires + ground wire design. For users’ convenience, this is precisely what the pump should come with. I also want to talk about the NPT discharge and electric cord. They serve their respective purposes neatly.

Now, as for drawbacks, one user noticed corrosion after only a week of use. But that shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you.


  • Integrated control box saves you the hassle of buying an extra one
  • Efficient thermal protection technology
  • Stainless steel construction to pass the test of time
  • Check valve included


  • One user noticed corrosion after only a week of use

4. Red Lion 14942402 Submersible Deep Well Pump Review

The next product on the list comes with multiple beneficial features to improve your well-pumping experience. For instance, you will be astonished by the extraordinary thermoplastic discharge. Moreover, the motor bracket is something to love.

Now, what about the build of the shell? Well, you will be glad that it is made of stainless steel so that you get no chance to be unhappy about the durability. Also, check out the suction screen integrated into the device. And as if it’s not impressive enough, it comes with a sump pump check valve.

Now, the check valve is too precious a feature when you want secure system pressure. Additionally, it will prevent any back-flow, thus allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free well pumping task.

I am also happy with the 12 GPM and 22 GPM options. Such high GPMs are remarkable, considering the price.

Now, the device lasted for less than three months for a user. And he didn’t have any luck in finding a good warranty. For another user, it broke only after ten months of use. And for another one, it lasted only six months. Also, one user was stunned to find the item manufactured six years ago.


  • Awesome thermoplastic discharge
  • The motor bracket is something to adore
  • Suction screen integrated into the device
  • The check valve is too precious for secure system pressure


  • Lasted for less than three months for a user

5. Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7 Deep Well Submersible Pump

These pumps we are reviewing are excellent in terms of GPM. And here's another example of that. At max 33 GPM, it will do the job with extreme speed. Another great thing about it is the corrosion resistance it shows. Yes, stainless steel is brilliant in this aspect.

You will find that the thermal protection works superbly in this unit. Therefore, there will be no more overheating business. I am also counting on the motor. It comes with top-notch engineering. You will also be impressed with the sealed ball bearings that will offer you fantastic performance.

Moreover, there are thermoplastic impellers in place, along with diffusers and an intake screen. What's also worth mentioning is the 297 ft. max head. It will get along with open water tanks just fine. And the capacitor start will offer you an incredibly strong start.

I also want to talk about the use of an external control box. It's such a pain to use one, right? Well, good news for you, you won't need that to start with. The package got it covered.

Additionally, the water temperature will be as you want. And you will find the waterproof tape kit along with the splice kit in the package.

However, one customer thought that the plastic check valve was a shame. And the wires were thin for him. Another user found rust after a while. Also, the pump started to get hot in the case of another customer after only about 20 days of use.


  • At max 33 GPM, will do the job with extreme speed
  • Thermal protection; no more overheating business
  • Thermoplastic impellers in place along with diffusers and intake screen
  • Incredible 297 ft. max head


  • One customer thought that the plastic check valve was a shame

6. Little Giant WE20G05P4-21 Submersible Pump Review

The last product on the list comes with an overwhelming GPM. At 20 gallons per minute, it won’t leave you bored of long waiting.

And the best thing about this model is that it deals with septic systems ever so nicely. Speaking of which, we came across a user who thought that his septic system would never work again until he found this fine well pump. Moreover, the unit will impress you with its stainless steel construction.

What's also important to mention is the 100 ft. head. Yes, you've heard me right. At 20 GPM, you cannot get a better option than this. Moreover, you will find the wiring nicely adequate. Also, this pre-wired pump will easily reach the control panel.

Another cool thing about it is the high pressure it offers. You can operate as many as four sprinklers with this pump. Now, as for drawbacks, it’s interesting that no one had any complaints. And quite a few customer reviews we did check out. So, that’s highly assuring.


  • Impressive 20 GPM flow rate
  • Deals with septic systems ever so nicely
  • Incredible 100 ft. head
  • The pre-wired pump will easily reach the control panel


  • No significant drawbacks noticed

How to Choose the Perfect Submersible Well Pump

There are lots of things that go into making a pump great. If you want your purchase to be awesomely smart, you need to go through our buying guide with patience as your provision.

Yes, it’s the water system we are talking about. One wrong decision - and the days of comfortable water system management is history. You don’t want that. So, read on.

The Type of Water: Clean or Dirty

This is the most crucial factor to consider. There’s no way that a unit designed to deal with dirty water can be of any good in clean water pumping.

Now, how can you get a good model for clean water? Well, it shouldn’t be a biggie since the products out there are mostly designed for clean water pumping. This type of pump will be a precious possession when you want to make the best use of pure rainwater.

Also, such a pump would make good friends with you if you are into gardening. I mean, clean water pumps are made for gardening. That’s agreed upon by so many gardening lovers.

And as for dirty water pumps, well, these are the lifesavers when you are faced with a flooding situation. You would be amazed at how tough they are in terms of dealing with debris. Even if there are large dirt particles, these pumps won't have any issue in letting them get drained.

But if you buy a pump for clean water and then you use it for a sewage system, you are asking for too much. Not only that, there’s a fat chance that the pump will get clogged up or, even worse, broken.

So, the choice of pump type will play the most significant role in making the purchase great. Also, make sure to check the maximum grain size a pump allows so that you don’t end up with a jammed pumping system.

Low Water Level: Float Switch Will Save the Day

Yes, we are talking about a relatively rare feature now. But since we know its value, we couldn’t help but to mention it. See, when the water level is too low, a running pump is the last thing you want. It will damage the machine severely if it runs while there's not a sufficient amount of water to pump.

And here, the float switch steps in to do the magic. It automatically turns the pump off. Then when the water level rises again, it allows the machine to resume doing the job.

Now, this might not be a must-to-have feature when you are dealing with mountain wells or a well in dry areas. The wells do not stay empty for long before a large amount of water again finds its way. Otherwise, you want a float switch in your pump.

High Discharge Head (But Not Always Necessary)

You might be a bit confused at this point. No, I am not talking silly; let me explain the non-necessity of a high discharge head first. If you are just pumping water from one container to another while they are on the same level, then why on earth should you buy a unit with a high head?

You need to realize the trouble you would get into if your scenario is as mentioned. So, what do you do in such a case? You buy a device with a very low discharge head, that's the only way to go. Otherwise, you would be dealing with uncontrolled water flow looking to attack you!

However, most of the time, you would need to pump water from a lower level to a higher one with a significant distance between them. And that's when a high discharge head will be the feature to look for. Such units will allow you to pump water from the basement to the ground floor without any hassle.    

Advantages of a Submersible Well Pump

Using submersibles has been the trend lately. And there must be substantial grounds for such popularity that the type has earned over the years. Below, we want to talk about the amazing facts that will make you a submersible unit fan for the rest of your life!

Nothing Beats the Design

Have you ever heard of a submersible model coming apart?  No, you haven’t. Now, have you ever guessed why? Well, you shouldn’t imagine longer if you learn about the construction method such a unit goes through.

First, the device comes with a ridiculously large amount of metal that makes you raise your eyebrow. Then the manufacturers do crazy stuff with all the soldering they can get their hands on. And if they called it a day and stopped there, still the pump would’ve been extremely secure in terms of functionality.

But no, they had to carry on using quite a few methods of welding just to prove the point that "a submersible pump never fails"! Now, you will be even more impressed when I tell you that still the pump has to endure more construction detailing.

Yes, I am yet to mention the sturdy seals, watertight gaskets, and many other things that ensure an efficient pumping system. Thus, behold the pump, holding out gallons after gallons of water for years without any problem.

Moreover, such a design is necessary so that there is no electrical malfunction. If the interior weren’t so strongly built, any damage on the exterior would’ve caused devastating problems.

Intense Energy Efficiency

You don’t need me telling you how significant a burden the electricity bill is at the end of the month. Now, since the pump does some heavy tasks, it must consume a lot of energy, right? No, it doesn’t. At least, it doesn’t work for a submersible unit.

Surprisingly enough, a submersible option will use a limited amount of power and reduce the electricity cost delightfully. This is because of the narrow flow range these pumps come with. They do a specific job without wasting any energy whatsoever.

Direct Pressure Pumping Method; a Wonder

If you are dealing with a severe water pumping requirement, you will find the submersible unit the perfect solution. While it uses less power, it pumps the water at an incredible speed.

Thanks to the direct pressure method it utilizes, it will do the job way faster than any other type of pump.

Submersible vs Jet Pump

The jet pump is quite a competitor for our discussed unit over here. Plenty of users out there prefer the former one still now. Does that mean that the jet units are more convenient and so on? Well, we will get our answer very shortly after we talk about the differences they share.

Do You Need Help to Install or Not?

First, we want to talk about jet pumps. You can get away with installing them on your own only if they aren't the two-line models. Otherwise, a professional helping hand will see the job done neatly. Not to mention the need for solid planning for choosing the right location.

Also, this type of pump requires additional sheds to protect it from external intrusions. Now, keep in mind that if the positioning of the device goes wrong, it won’t be most efficient in pumping the water flow.

On the other hand, a submersible unit always needs experts to install it. Since the pump goes into the well, it will be difficult for an amateur to select the position right.

Then again, the process is faster than that of a jet pump. And the fact that it saves space is a wonderful benefit. For, there's no need for protective sheds.

Energy Efficiency; the Submersible One Scores a Point

Yes, it’s like common knowledge that the submersible units use energy more smartly. But how does it do so? Well, all credit goes to the pushing method they come with. While the jet comes with a suctioning process, the submersible pushes the water to the desired destination.

And you know how much power you need when you are working against gravity. And that's what the jet unit does, hence the more consumption of power. Also, the submersible ones deliver the water better than any other unit. It has a lot to do with flow orientation and atmospheric pressure.

Flow Rate, Pressure, Noise-Free Operation – Submersibles Bring It Home

Yes, you would be pleased with how discreetly the pump operates, whereas the jet is quite loud. And when it comes to flow rate, the jet can't go anywhere near the other one.

You will find the pressure to be more awesome with the submersibles too. In a nutshell, for better performance, you buy submersibles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will a Submersible Well Pump Last?

The pump will last a considerable period when you take proper care of it. So, if we have to estimate duration, we would say anything around 15 years. However, if the water is too dirty with all sorts of debris, then you can understand that the pump will last shorter than that.

What Size of a Well Pump Do I Need?

It will depend on the size of your home and the number of water fixtures. Roughly, if the house has four bedrooms, you want a pump with 8-12 GPM. And with the increase of every water fixture, you should increase the GPM by one.

How Deep Should a Submersible Pump Be in a Well?

You need to set the pump 10-20 feet higher than the bottom of the well. The reason behind this is the avoidance of the potential risk of bacterial invasion, and so on. If you set the pump right at the bottom of the well, the surface water might find a way to the pump, causing problems.

Does a Submersible Pump Need a Pressure Tank?

Yes, it needs one. For, without a pressure tank, there's a chance of quick wearing out of the pump. The pump will turn on quickly and turn off, too, thus burning the motor in the process.

To avoid such disasters, you want to have a pressure tank to keep the pump in good condition.

Can a Submersible Pump Run Continuously?

It can, only when the water level is suitable. But, if the water level goes too low, then you need a float switch installed in the pump to turn it off automatically. Otherwise, when the pump runs dry, there’s a chance of the device’s getting damaged.

What Depth is Considered a Deep Well?

Usually, we see the deep wells 100 feet deep with the water table at 50 feet depth. But, sometimes, we know the casing as deep as the well itself. Those are the wells you drill into the sand. 

Final Words

Since we’ve talked about all the necessary details in the reviews, it should be easy to make a buying decision now. However, if you are still confused about choosing the best submersible well pump on this list, I recommend the Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7A Deep Well Submersible Pump.
For, this unit will offer you high GPM, fantastic head, great build, and convenience.

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