Best Water Transfer Pump Reviews in 2020

A Water Transfer Pump

Flooding is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Imagine you are out for vacation and when you return, surprise! Your basement is filled inches high with water!

Or what about the pool you’ve been telling yourself you need to drain for months? It still has the water in it because draining pools can be costly and tend to be a headache.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient pump to drain or remove water from any source? With a water transfer pump, your worry is over. Water pumps can clear out pesky water from any source. Let’s take a look at the best water transfer pumps for your home.



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SumpMarine UTP 115-Volt 330 GPH

EXTRAUP 115Volt 330 GPH

Goplus Water Transfer Pump

WAYNE PC4 1/2HP Cast Iron

Trupow 1/10HP 330GPH 115-Volt

What is a Water Transfer Pump?

Water transfer pumps are amazing tools for any homeowner or contractor. Transfer pumps are used to move water or other liquid out of an area. They can move the liquid to another place or simply drain it. Liquid is difficult to move but a transfer pump makes this process easy.

Transfer pumps use pressure to suction the water from the area. This water is then transferred to the drain hose. The drain hose can be positioned to another area to transfer the liquid. Transfer pumps are truly the best way to move any liquid.

List of Best Water Transfer Pump Reviews

1.SumpMarine UTP 115-Volt 330 GPH Portable Transfer Pump

This transfer pump is a heavy duty, portable pump. The pump is amazing for transferring liquids. This pump has great features and gets the job done.

It is extremely reliable at an affordable price. The SumpMarine water transfer pump uses 115 volts to run. It can be connected to any standard outlet. This pump has a 330 gallon per hour transfer capacity.

SumpMarine is a high-quality pump made of sturdy material. It has metal hose connectors. These hose connectors break less easily than the plastic counterparts. The pump is very convenient and easy to use. Since it is lightweight, it is portable and can be used in any home situation. The installation process has very little steps. All you have to do is connect the two hoses and fill the pump with water. 

The pump is great because itincudes 2 hoses and an impeller replacement kit. This pump is intended for home use. This includes flooded basements and clogged sinks. It is great for draining anything within the home. The SumpMarine can also be used for gardening or lawn watering. Overall, this is a great pump for household use.


  • Heavy duty material and metal attachments
  • Powerful 330GPH capacity
  • Easy installation and use
  • 115Volt power
  • Affordable


  • Intended mostly for household use

2. EXTRAUP 115Volt 330 GPH Portable Water Pump

EXTRAUP 115Volt 330GPH portable pump is a great pump for household use. This pump is low suction. The low suction capacity is intended for household and emergency use.

With a power of 330 gallons per hour, this pump gets the job done quickly. It can drain any liquid to 1/8”. A 6’ hose and impeller replacement kit are also included with this pump.

This pump is great for household use and emergency. You can drain any flooded room with this pump. Utility rooms and basements often flood. This results in a pricey visit from a professional. Not anymore with this pump. You can put your worries to rest with the EXTRAUP.

Operating on 115 volts, this pump can be used with any standard outlet. It is great for draining water heaters, flooded or broken washing machines, or water beds. It can also be used to fill things around your home. If water is needed, the EXTRAUP can deliver it.

This pump also features simple and fast installation. The hoses need to be attached, then the pump needs to be filled with water. Turn it on and you’re ready to transfer liquids.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with standard 115V outlet
  • Versatile for any household use
  • Affordable and high-quality


  • Low suction for household use only

3. Goplus Water Transfer Pump

The Goplus water transfer pump has amazing features. This is a sturdy, durable pump made of heavy-duty metals. The motor is made from sturdy copper wire. These high-quality materials make this pump capable of heavy use.

With stainless steel pump connecters and copper hose connecters, the Goplus pump can be used again and again without wearing out. The overall construction provides a long-lasting product.

Water transfer capacity is an important feature. The Goplus pump has a water transfer capacity of 330 gallons per hour. The maximum lift is an impressive 39 feet. Goplus provides a 6’ hose and suction attachment with the pump. One convenient feature of this pump is the clear suction hose. This feature makes monitoring particles that pass through the pump simple.

Goplus is a household use pump. It has enough ability to be used for just about any household purpose or emergency. You will be prepared for any flooded basement or bathroom with this pump on hand. This pump is also great for draining aquariums, clogged sinks or washing machines, and much more. The ultra-lightweight design makes this pump convenient and portable. You can easily take this pump anywhere and store it away after each use.


  • High-quality materials make the pump durable
  • Built for heavy use and long lifespan
  • Transfer capacity of 330 gallons per hour
  • Multi-functional and portable design


  • Loud motor
  • Low suction power

4. WAYNE PC4 1/2HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Pump

The Wayne multi-purpose pump is created with every household use in mind. This pump is extremely durable made of all cast iron. With ½ horsepower, the Wayne transfer pump delivers power.

The high power on this pump can lift up to 80’ and expel water with a pressure of 50 PSI. Along with having high quality material, this pump is assembled in the USA. The addition of brass hose connectors takes away the risk of cracked plastic adapters.

This pump is easy to install and use. The high power and simple design make this pump a great choice for your project. Multi-functional and powerful, this pump has many uses. Just to name a few, this pump can drain flooded basements, tanks or boats. The uses of this pump extend beyond household use because of its high power.

It is convenient and portable. This pump only weighs 14 pounds. With the high-power discharge capacity, this pump can be used as a pressure washer. At its highest capacity, this pump can pump 1450 gallons per hour. It is powered by 115-volt electricity. The Wayne water transfer pump has a high range of suction lift and transfer capacity. This makes the pumps uses endless.


  •  Assembled in the USA with high quality material
  • Highest lift and transfer capacity on the list
  • Easy to install and use
  • Has an impressive variety of uses


  • More expensive than other pumps

5. Trupow 1/10HP 330GPH 115-Volt Transfer Pump

The Trupow water transfer pump is a high-quality mini pump. This pump has 1/10 horsepower and uses 115-volt electricity. It is made with sturdy material and metal hose connectors.

Trupow has created a durable pump that is lightweight and portable as well. It includes an impeller replacement kit and a 6’ hose.

The pump has a maximum transfer capacity of 330 gallons per hour. The maximum lift height is 39’. This pump is reliable and will remove water down to 1/8” deep. This pump is low suction and works great for household use. Clogged sinks, waterbeds, and washing machines can be drained in no time at all. Weighing only 6 pounds, the Trupow pump can be taken anywhere.

The Trupow pump is ideal for water distribution. This makes it a great pump for garden and lawn upkeep. You will not need to worry about lawn care again with this pump. It is also great for emergency drainage. A flooded bathroom or laundry room can be drained quickly with no extra cost to you.


  • Ideal for lawn care
  • Has a 330 gallon per hour capacity
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Easy and convenient use


  • Cannot stand up to long term use

6. WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump

The Wayne PC2 water transfer pump is one of the highest quality pumps you will find. The heavy-duty bronze plated pump is built to last.

This high-powered pump has a transfer capacity of up to 410 gallons per hour with a 120-volt power. This pump operates very quietly.

This pump is lightweight and portable. It features a convenient carrying handle for simple transportation. This pump is very reliable. It will remove water from anywhere. This pump includes a 6’ hose, water suction attachment, and replacement parts.

This transfer pump can be used for any household purpose. It can also be used for outdoor projects such as hot tubs, pools, water tanks, and small lakes. The Wayne pump can get any project drained as quickly and effectively as possible. This is a small pump with an extremely powerful capacity. It has the capabilities needed for most any water removal.


  • Most powerful household water pump
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Capacity of up to 410 gallons per hour
  • Can perform a large variety of jobs
  • Operates quietly


  • Expensive

Tips on Choosing the Right Water Transfer Pump

Choosing the right water transfer pump doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use a variety of tools to choose the transfer pump that best suits your needs.

After carefully considering your needs and a few other factors, you will be able to choose the perfect pump confidently.

The Best Water Transfer Pump

Determine the Uses of the Pump

The main use of a transfer pump is to move liquid from one location to another. This is not the only use. In fact, this is only one of many uses for a pump. Water transfer pumps are often used for lawn and garden applications, dewatering many things around your home, or even emergency use. Fortunately, there are a variety of pumps for every use imaginable.

For garden use, a standard pump can be a good option. These pumps are easily portable and can be hooked up to most household hoses. A high capacity discharge should be considered for watering and pressure washing.

Dewatering can be done by most standard pumps. This is easily achieved because it does not require much transfer capacity. If the pump will be used outside and inside, a portable and lightweight model will be best.

Lightweight pumps are the most versatile for outdoor and indoor use. If you do not require more power than the average pump user, these are the best choice. They are inexpensive and easy to use.


The use of the pump determines the type of pump needed and the power needed. If you are looking to remove or transfer a large amount of water, you might look for a more powerful model. The power of a transfer pump is measured two ways.

This is measured with transfer capacity and suction lift. The transfer capacity is the rate at which the water is expelled. Most standard pumps are about 330 – 400 gallons per hour. The suction lift is measured in feet. Usually a pump has a lift of 40’.

There are many pumps with less or more power. So, pay close attention to your needs and choose a pump with enough power to suit them.


Transfer pumps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, power levels and more. With the variety of pumps comes a variety of prices. Evaluate your budget and your needs to help you choose the right transfer pump. Transfer pumps can be purchased at affordable prices, but they can also be very expensive. Remember, the most expensive does not equal the best pump.

The best water transfer pump is a pump that will suit your needs while delivering the best quality performance. A small, standard pump can cost as little as $50. Heavy-duty transfer pumps can be priced up to $400.


Durable materials are an important quality when choosing a transfer pump. When purchasing a water pump, look for sturdy materials. These include cast iron, bronze, steel and other metals. Durable and sturdy materials will keep your water pump around for as long as possible.

If you are using a water pump for small indoors purposes, it does not always need to have the most durable materials. For most uses, it is always recommended to choose the highest quality material. This will preserve your pump for years.

How to Use a Water Transfer Pump

Using a transfer pump is simple. It requires no experience and no professional installation. Follow these simple steps to set up and use your pump.

1.Check your pump

Open your pump and check the parts and the pump itself. Be sure that there is nothing broken or damaged. This is important to ensure safety when using.

2. Use Safety Equipment

For your safety, be sure to where safety equipment. Safety equipment when using a water pump includes gloves and safety goggles. This will keep any water or debris from your eyes.

3. Setup and Prime Your Water Pump

A water transfer pump must always be filled with water before running for the first time. This is called priming. Start by opening any pressure valves on the pump. You can then connect a discharge hose to the discharge opening on the pump. Fill the pump’s housing unit with water and turn on the power. Allow the pump to run for a few minutes, then turn off the power.

4. Attach the Suction Hose

Attach the suction hose to the suction port on the pump. Position the end of the hose in the water that will be transferred. Be sure the hose is fully submersed.

5. Start the Pump

Turn the power source back on. The pump can be run as long as needed at this point.

6. Finish the Process

When the job is done, turn off the power. Detach the suction and discharge hoses, emptying as much water out as possible. Pour as much water from the pump unit as possible.

Repeat steps 1-6 every time you use your  pump.


1.What is a transfer pump used for?

Transfer pumps have many uses. Mainly they are used from transferring liquids from one place to another. They can also be used for water lawns and gardens or pressure washing outdoor surfaces. Transfer pumps can drain water tanks, washing machines, flooded basements, hot tubs, and pools.

2. What are the different types of water pumps?

The different types of water pumps include sump pumps, sewage pumps, and transfer pumps. Sump pumps are used for removing water from around the foundation of a house. Sewage pumps pump substances from a sewage basin to a sewer line. Transfer pumps are the most versatile, these pumps move any liquid from one place to another.

3. How do transfer pumps work?

Transfer pumps can remove liquid or move it to another place. This is done with pressure. The pump uses pressure to create a vacuum powerful enough to suction water from varying depths. This pressure is then released to discharge the liquid at full force.

4. What is a fuel transfer pump?

It is often unsafe to use a water transfer pump to transfer fuel and other chemicals. Fuel transfer pumps are designed specifically to transfer fuel from one location to another. They usually transfer fuel from a tank to a vehicle.


There are many wonderful products to choose when looking for a transfer pump. The best water transfer pump is the WAYNE PC4 1/2HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Pump. This pump outshines the others in power, while maintaining a convenient and lightweight design.

The Wayne PC4 has an amazing capacity of 1450 gallons per hour. That is 1000 more than any of the other pumps. Durable cast iron makes this pump the most durable as well. This pump has an amazing capacity at an affordable price.

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