6 Best Electric Air Pump Reviews For 2022

by James Williams

Imagine a day when you’re going to a holiday trip with your family and the tires of your car burst out in the middle of nowhere.

Getting all the goosebumps?

Someone might appear out of the blue to hijack you but those tires need fixing. Maybe you’re finally getting your camping night. For a cozy sleep, you need to fill the mattress with air and GOSH! It’s too big. Who’s going to blow that giant thing?

Best Electric Air Pump
Best Electric Air Pump

Well, let it be tires, mattresses or any other thing that needs air, having the best electric air pump can save your day.

‘Why electric?’ you may ask.

Well, the electric ones are much more efficient, time-saving, and energy-saving than the manual ones. The interesting part is, you don’t need to fill anything with your very own breath.

Enough with the banters. If you’re really in need of an electric air pump, it’s time for you to hit the reviews.

6 Best Electric Air Pump Reviews

Having thousands of options can be confusing. If you are hesitant about which brand to go for or which model performs the best, it’s not possible for you to go for the best. So to stretch our helping hand, we have carefully selected the top 6 products for you. Let’s find out!

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1. Electric Air Pump, AGPtEK Portable

Our top pick is the air pump from AGPTEK (that obviously runs by electricity). This is truly a portable genius. Not only it lets you inflate items, but also deflate air, as well. Coupled with its AC and DC adaptability, this is surely the best in the market.

The pump can be used to inflate the air-mattress, beds, sofa, pools, swing rings, outdoor tents, toys, and other inflatable items taking the least time possible. It quickly inflates within minutes and deflates at the same rate. Also, it’s lightweight and compact, weighing just about 14 ounces.

Carry it with you when you are going out and connect it with the DC power source from your car to start inflating right away. The package comes with both a home power adapter and a car power adapter. This makes it usable for both indoor and outdoor purposes in true sense.

It comes with three different nozzles to fit perfectly on a variety of inflatable items. The Small, medium, and large nozzle sizes are just perfect to deliver greater performance on any occasion!

Just attach the right nozzle on it and switch on the start button. It runs on a 50W power and is adaptable with 12V of car power as well as 110-240V home power.

It can deliver air at a rate of 0.5PSI, which takes surprisingly lesser time than other air pumps. Overall, it’s very light, convenient, and multi-purpose to suit your everyday needs.


  • Multi-purpose air pump for both inflation and deflation
  • 1.8m long power cord
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Home and car power adapter for true mobility
  • Multiple sizes of nozzles for universal use


  • Not suitable for high-pressure items like tire, balls, and balloons

2. Intex Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump

Our next pick is the Quick-Fill Air Pump from Intex. Having a smaller size and great adaptability, this air pump is the best choice for day-to-day inflating tasks.

The pump comes with compatibility with both AC and DC connections. You can use it in your home’s AC connection or with your car’s DC power connection. It runs on both power supplies with an equal airflow of 480 L/Minute – no more waiting for a long time for your inflatable mattress to get ready.

In addition to inflating, the Quick-Fill Pump also deflates air from inflatable products. It works the same way for both of these purposes. Taking out air from your inflatable sofa or pool mattress has never been easier.

It can absorb the power from a DC connection at a 12V while connecting to an AC power supply at 110 to 120V. You can use it for any inflating or deflating purposes anywhere inside or outside your house.

Moreover, you can use the pump to inflate almost all the regularly-used products with different valve sizes. For universal support, the Quick-Fill Air Pump comes with three different nozzles with individual sizes. These nozzles do fit into all types of valves, especially for inflatable beds.

This air pump’s quality is approved by the Underwriters Laboratories, and it conforms with the Canadian Standards Association’s guidelines. No wonder this is the best electric air pump for inflatables.


  • Multi-Purpose use for both inflating and deflating
  • Great airflow of 480L per minute
  • Runs on both AC and DC power
  • It comes with multiple nozzles for optimum use
  • UL and CSA approved


  • You need to hold on to the nozzles while in use

3. TEROMAS Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump

Number three on our list comes the true multi-purpose all-rounder air pump – the TEROMAS Air Compressor Pump. It comes with different adapters to inflate home-use products, balls, bicycles, and automobiles. Also, it’s just everything you need in a small handy device.

The Air pump runs on both AC and DC power for greater indoor and outdoor use. It supports 12V car plug and 110 to 120 V of home power supply. The compact and lightweight size allows it to carry on your backpack wherever you move.

Delivering at high pressure up to 150 PSI, the air compressor pump can pump up anything within a short time. This is a great help for those who need emergency pumping support for their cars and bikes while on a ride.

You can preset the air-pressure requirement on the device and go fully hands-free. The device will switch itself off automatically when the required air-pressure is met. This helps the vehicle-owners as the pin-point tire-pressure is absolutely crucial.

The LCD display on it provides all the information you need to see on it. You have options to read the air pressure in PSI, BAR, KG/CM square, etc. It also has an LED light for better vision in dark areas.

Multiple nozzles can serve your purposes for inflating a variety of products. With an array of usage, this premium quality air compressor is a perfect device for every household to have.


  • True multi-purpose use for any inflatable items
  • Runs both on AC and DC power
  • Preset option for air-pressure
  • It comes with a number of nozzle-sizes
  • An LCD display and an LED light


  • The LCD display is hard to read under sunlight

4. VacLife Air Compressor Tire Inflator Pump

The VacLife Air Compressor is another winner in the inflator category. It can be used on any inflatable products, and it fills the air like a pro. As it operates on both AC and DC power, you can forget about keeping it inside all the time.

This device runs with a 120W power delivering up to 150 PSI air pressure. It operates under 12V in DC connection and around 120V in AC.

It comes with 4 different nozzles to fit into nearly any tires and valves to inflate air. In order to inflate car tires, just attach the hose and switch on the button. It’s that easy.

With the 11.5 feet long plug, you get the true freedom to move around. You don’t need to unplug and plug-in the pump frequently to move from the tire to tire. Once plugged-in, you are all set to go.

The Vaclife Air Compressor boasts an air-presetting option that works like magic. All you need to do is just set the air pressure you need and just wait for the device to do its job. Once done, the device will shut down, and you will get the precise air-pressure for your tire.

Take the full advantage of the LCD display on it. From setting the air-pressure to monitoring the delivery, the digital display does what it promises. Plus, the built-in LED light is a great feature to have, especially when you are in the midst of the street at night and need to pump your tires.


  • Quick air-inflating
  • Preset air-pressure option
  • LED light for better vision
  • LCD display for necessary information
  • Supports both AC and DC power supplies


  • It doesn’t come with a storage case

5. Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump

The Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump is a perfect inflation solution for every household. It’s for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be used to inflate almost any day-to-day inflatable products we use.

Its carry-on handle is the very first thing you will notice. And it’s very convenient to carry it around, holding on to the handle on top. Being lightweight and very competitive in size, it fits perfectly on the back of your car.

The Kensun Compressor Pump is run with dual solid metal motors. These dual motors deliver excellent inflation support to inflate any object at a faster pace. From tires to balls and mattresses, it inflates any object within a blink of an eye.

You can use it on both AC and DC medium. For AC power, it will run on 110V, and for DC, it runs on 12V. Just plug it into any of the power-sources and attach the hose to your desired item’s valve. Switch the AC or DC button accordingly.

An analog tire gauge is placed right in the middle of the pump for you to get the accurate reading. The gauge is large enough for easy vision, even in dark places.

To use the inflator in multiple items, it comes with different nozzles. Simply attach the required nozzle at the inflating point of the pump, and you are ready to go.


  • Fast and quick inflation
  • Universal inflation capacity
  • Analog tire gauge for better reading
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • For both home and Car use


  • The air-nozzle length is a bit short

6. Etekcity Electric Air Pump with 3 Nozzles

The Etekcity Air Pump is a perfect inflating device for everyday home use. This is for those who are looking for an easy-to-use air-pump to pump up the air-beds and other home-use inflatable items.

It runs with AC power at 130W and can deliver air pressure at 0.55 PSI, which is definitely a lot higher than any hand-pump out there. Moreover, it inflates very quickly after you switch it on. Plus, it also deflates at the same rate, saving you a lot of space at your home.

The unit comes with three different nozzles to fit multiple inflatable products. Its large nozzle fits to inflate air-bed or mattresses. The medium one can pump storage bags, and the smaller one can inflate toys and other smaller items.

Most of us think that an air pump is loud. Contrary to that belief, the Etekcity Air Pump is the last one to make annoying noises.

With an advanced wheel design and top-quality metal impellers, the air pump successfully reduces noise at a certain level while in use.

Also, the air pump is very lightweight and compact in size. You can put it anywhere you want, carry it in your backpack – whatever you want. Just make sure you are letting it rest for 5 minutes after every use.


  • Easy-to-use AC air pump
  • Compact size and weightless design
  • Comes with 3 nozzles for universal use
  • Works as both inflator and deflator
  • Makes low noises while in use


  • Need to let it cool down after 10 minutes of use

What to Look for Before Purchasing an Electric Air Pump?

Finding the right product may give you a hard time when you don’t know what features you should look for before buying it.

To make sure you can get your hands on the right set of air pump, we’ve prepared a list of features you should look for before buying.  Give this section a read to know more.

Portability Gives You Freedom

The mainstream ones perform quite well but fail to deliver you the freedom to move with it. There may be a few reasons behind it; like lack of ergonomic design, heavyweight, etc.

Keep it in mind that an air pump proves to be the best when you can use it in the middle of nowhere. A sudden air-loss in your car-tire calls for immediate air-pumping support that can only be achieved by a lightweight, portable electric air-pump.

A Dual Power Source Sounds great!

Most of the entry-level electric air-pumps run on AC power only. It’s okay if you are using the pump to pump-up your backyard pool-bed or mattress.

However, for tires and other outdoor products, a DC powered air pump is the best pump to have. An AC powered electric pump will be of no use when you need to pump air in your car tires. With a DC powered pump, all you need to do is connect the pump to the car’s DC output and get the pump going.

Find a Built-In Pressure Gauge

A built-in pressure gauge allows you to check the pressure of the air. Most of the inflatable items that we pump-up with an air pump do withhold a certain level of air pressure.

Pumping beyond that level can cause damage. It’s better to check the pressure while you are inflating with an electric air-pump. Get the one that has a built-in pressure gauge, either digital or analog.

Look for Maximum Nozzles

The more the nozzles, the more variety of products your electric air-pump can inflate. Different air-inflatable products have distinct types of air-pump valves.

If your electric air-pump does have a number of nozzles that can fit in almost all the regular inflatable items we use, there’s nothing compared to it. Find the air pump with at least 4 different nozzles to serve as a universal air-pump.

Fast Inflation Is the Best Inflation

There is no point in owning an air pump that doesn’t pump air at a fast pace. If you need to pump air in your tire on the road, or in your inflatable mattress before you go to sleep, you haven’t got all day.

A slow air pump will be the worst deal possible for you. Thankfully, there are lots of electric air pumps that pump air at a very good speed. Try to find one with a decent pump speed.

A Preset Air pressure Option Can Be Handy

Some latest models have a presetting option for air-pressure input. You can set the air pressure you need to pump your tire or mattress with, and just push the switch on button.

It won’t be necessary to monitor what’s going on, as the pump will automatically shut itself off when the preset amount of air is pumped.

Tire Inflator Portable  Air Pump
Tire Inflator Portable Air Pump

Let’s Talk About The Benefits

Pumping Larger Items

Inflating is a nightmare if you are to do it with a hand air-pump. It’s good to push a pump for a number of times if you are inflating a small inflatable pool. But to pump an entire inflatable bed or your car-tires, an electric air pump is the right tool to use.

Quicker and Effortless Operation

Most of these pumps require no physical effort and in the meantime saves lots of time as well On the other hand. they pump faster than any hand air-pumps. You can pump up your inflatable mattress within minutes.

Deflating Option

Most electric air pump comes with a deflation feature that takes out the air from your inflatable items. This attests to be of great help when you need to find some spaces in your house.

Power Source Flexibility

The DC-powered ones can even run with power from your vehicle’s DC output.

Monitoring Air Pressure

Some models have an air pressure gauge attached to it so that you can actively monitor the air pressure. Plus, a reset button on most air pumps that run by electricity lets you set the amount of air you want to pump.

With all these benefits you get from air pump that run by electiricty, it’s hardly an option. If you are able to spend a few more bucks on your air pump, you should definitely invest in an electric one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an electric air pump work?

It works on the mechanism of air compression. The air compressor turns the electric power into potential energy. This potential energy then comes out of the tank with great force through a hose.

How do you inflate without a pump?

It’s not quite a good idea to inflate a large item like an inflatable bed or mattress without an air pump. However, if the situation demands it, you can try alternatives like using a vacuum cleaner or even a hair drier for this.

How do you run an electric mattress with an air pump?

To inflate a mattress, you need to find the perfect nozzle that matches the mattress’s valve. Attach the desired nozzle with the pump and then press the start button for the mattress to be inflated.

What’s the difference between an electric and a manual air pump?

Apart from the difference in using physical force, a manual pump works as a diaphragm pump. While pressed by a piston, the air inside gets compressed and released. On the other hand, an electric pump converts electric power into potential energy.

How do I set up an air pump?

Setting up an air pump is pretty easy. Attach the nozzle with the hose end. Plug the power cord into the power socket (AC or DC). Set the air pressure if there is an option. Connect the nozzle to the valve of the inflatables. Switch the power button on. That’s it!

Final Words

From inflating tires of your vehicles to pumping up the inflatable swimming pool for your kids, you do need a good quality air pump. Getting your hands on the best electric air pump can be a hectic task, given that you have piles of options to choose from.

We believe our pin-point reviews on the best electricity-run air pumps will save you from unnecessary surfing. Even if you are not quite sure which one you should go for, you can still find our buying guide to be of great help for you to decide.

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