Best Livewell Pump Reviews And Top 6 Picks

Ever thought how hard it is to keep the fish alive when you are out fishing with a typical fishing boat? Whatever you catch ultimately dies by the time you are back to shore. If you don't want to let your catch or baits die, you need a Livewell on your boat. It's going to keep the fish you catch and the baits you store alive and fresh.

Make sure you get yourself the best Livewell pump to keep pumping water and oxygen. It does come with a default pump, but when it somehow stops working, you have to replace it with a similar or better one.

Best Livewell Pump

Wondering how to find a top-class pick? Stay tuned till the end of this piece as we are going to reveal the top 6 for you.



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Jabsco Rule Marine 

Amarine Made Aerator Cartridge

Rule Original Pro-Series

Attwood Corporation Tsunami

Johnson Aerator

Our 6 Best Livewell Pump Reviews 2020

For newbies, it may be a hard nut to crack to find out the perfect pump. This may be the case for professionals, as well, if you need to change the device after a long time. Well, worry not, as we have picked up the top six Livewell pumps and reviewed them in detail for you so that you can find the perfect match.

1. Jabsco Rule Marine Tournament Series Livewell Pump

Our first pick is the Jabsco Rule Motor. Yes, a motor for your pump! The moment the motor stops working, your pump stops too! That's when you need a motor replacement.

Replacing a motor with a better one instead of buying a new pump is a brilliant and cost-saving idea. To get the best results, the Jabsco Rule motor is a perfect choice for you. It's durable, sturdy, and a top-class performer.

With the motor inside, you can bring in the water at an impressive rate of 800 Gallons per hour. Even if your old motor couldn't help you with a great flow-rate, this one won't let you down!

This motor also circulates enough air in the water. It ensures proper oxygen distribution for the fish and baits inside the Livewell.

When you are over-running the pump with higher electricity, there is a possibility that the motor may catch fire and burn itself down eventually. But Jabsco changes the whole game. It has an ignition-protection system inside that shuts the machine off when it detects a massive flow of electricity. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Also, the installation process of the motor is super-easy. All you need to do is just take the old motor out, replace the new one, and change the wiring. Voila!

The motor demands less power from the battery compared to its peer models. So you can save more electricity with this motor in charge.


  • Easy to install and a quick-changing system
  • As the base rotates 360-degree, the inlet can be placed at any angle
  • Pumps water up to 800 GPH
  • Less power consumption
  • Built-in ignition protection


  • It doesn't perform well in saltwater

2. Amarine Made Aerator Cartridge Boat Livewell Pump

Up next, is the Amarine Made Livewell Pump. This fully submersible beast can transport water at a rate of 800 Gallons per hour. And this means you get a continuous flow of enough water to keep the fish fresh and alive.

It comes at a compact size and can fit in small and narrow places without much effort given. Some Livewell may not have enough facilities for different-sized pumps other than the default one. With this one in hand, you don't need to worry about space issues at all!

One of the most amazing features is its highly efficient motor. This motor is rustproof, and it can withstand corrosion pretty effectively. Even if it is drowned in water for life, it's not going to get rusty at all!

The machine needs only 2 amp power to run, saving a lot of electricity usage. Meaning, you end up saving a lot of electricity bills as well.

Also, the motor inside it supports water-cooling and can prevent overheating. It has an ignition control system that comes in handy when there is an inflammation situation building up.

The pump can take care of the matters very efficiently when there is any malfunction due to high electricity flow.  On top of that, the shaft is made from high-quality stainless steel. It's corrosion-resistant and can retain its original form even if it is submerging underwater for a long time.

You can use this device for both saltwater and freshwater. Whether you go fishing in the rivers or seas, it doesn't really matter; Amarine Made is there to support you.

Besides, it also features a brilliant internal anti-airlock fin that works just in favor of your convenience, ensuring the even flow of water.

The plastic housing is made from high-impact durable materials, for which it can withstand all the toughest beatings like a pro. You don't need to bat an eye about the inner contents. They’re going to be safe and sound.


  • Efficient anti-airlock fins for smooth water flow
  • Longlife, rustproof, and corrosion-resistant motor
  • Ignition protected motor saves the pump from disasters
  • Sound and vibrationless operation
  • Fully submersible pump


  • It cannot be used continuously

3. Rule Original Pro-Series Live Well/Aerator pump

It’s always a disaster when your pump stops working. Not repairing it immediately can have severe effects on the lives of the catches and baits inside the Livewell.

Replacing the cartridge, of course, can solve your problem. Changing the cartridge only can save you a lot of time. You don't need to spend extra money on purchasing an entirely new system.

That being said, the Original Pro-Series from Rule is the ideal cartridge for the pump to make it work again.

Rule has been producing top-quality cartridges for years now. These cartridges are the perfect fit for any fishing boat – whether commercial or just for recreational purposes.

This cartridge allows the system to function fully with a 12 Volt DC connection. Moreover, you can pump-in 700 Gallons of water per hour with this cartridge set inside the motor.

In fact, using this cartridge can make the motor work more efficiently, and it can generate enough power.

Using the Rule cartridge means you need less effort for cleaning and maintaining the pump. Given that the cartridge is less complicated to use, you can easily take care of your whole device and increase its life expectancy.

It also ensures that the hose doesn't wear out quickly and prevent it from leaking.
When you are riding a boat, especially modern fishing ones, you are already dealing with a lot of noise. The boat machine is there to bother you with heavy sound generating from the engine.

Using Rule cartridge can really save you from this hassle. It makes the operation almost noiseless. The cartridge is compatible with all the regular equipment. You can easily upgrade or replace your content with these cartridges easily.


  • Silent and vibration-free operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can bring in water with a 700 GPH rate
  • Prevents leakage in the hose and pump


  • The shaft and the brush are not durable enough

4. Attwood Corporation 4640-7 Tsunami Pump Aerator

While most of us think that size matters, engineers at Attwood thought differently. The 4640-7 Tsunami can confuse some of you by its smaller size. But for this little champ, size doesn't matter.

Being a compact-sized product, it has many advantages over other similar pumps in the market. The most important one is that it can fit in any confined place with perfection.

No matter how narrow the place can be inside the Livewell, this beast can be set perfectly in it. Providing ample water and aeration in the water, the 4640-7 will ensure your satisfaction, for sure.

It can work great with a power voltage range of 12 to 13.6 Volts. With this power support, it can pump water from 450 to 500 Gallons per hour.

Even if the size may seem compromising, the material quality is jaw-dropping. It has used premium-quality bearings, top-class alloys, brushes, and high-power magnets.

Its patented shaft seal does a great job of preventing leakage. The mainstream ones get leakage due to the misalignment, causing water to drain out of the Livewell. But the 4640-7 Tsunami doesn't allow such leakage, saving your fish and baits inside.

The wiring is also an impressive one. This tinned wiring prevents wicking and saves itself from water-damage. Even if it gets submerged in water, the wiring is safe from any corrosion and rust.

It's quite easy to clean the pump. You can even clean most of the parts by unlocking the motor cartridge lock.


  • Smooth water and air supply to the Livewell
  • It pumps a great amount of water despite the smaller size
  • Tight seals for preventing leakage
  • Corrosion and dagame resistant wiring
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • It's quite noisy while in use

5. Johnson Aerator/Livewell Pump

For most of the larger boats where multiple Livewells are used, you need a more robust one. Johnson manufactures one of the perfect pumps for such needs.

This one is strong, sturdy, and rough. You can expect it to perform better than any typical ones in this genre. It features a dual-port in it that works brilliantly.

A port is connected to the Livewell, while another is connected to the washdown hose. This lets you save yourself from getting two different ports while working as a dual-performer perfectly.

With this awesome setup, the device can pump in and out around 1250 Gallons of water per hour. That's a level of GPH you can not cease to get surprised about.

It also features a cartridge-motor system that can prevent the burnout inside, keeping everything safe and sound.

Most of the Livewell devices lag behind in aeration inside the water. Some boat-owners tend to go for separate aerator pumps. But with the 48903, you don't need to go for such drag.

It works both as a water an aerator pump. Impressively, it does both the job perfectly as expected, so you're having the best of both worlds.

The 48903 comes with an ABS plastic build-quality that keeps it strong even if it is submerged in water for a long time.


  • High-pressure for healthy water inflow
  • Capacity to aerate two 35 gallon Livewells
  • Compatible with almost all Livewell products
  • Pumps a staggering 1250 GPH water
  • It is secured by durable ABS plastic


  • Not enough energy-efficient

6. Johnson Marine Pump Cartridge

Last but not least, we have the Cartridge from Johnson Marine. This motor comes in handy when you need a perfect motor replacement. If your motor decides to stop functioning or you need an upgrade, Johnson Marine can be an ideal choice for you.

This cartridge can boost up the pumping rate at 750 Gallons per hour. That's enough of water pumping to support the living creatures in the Livewell.

Built with high-quality ABS plastic, the entire body of the motor is rugged and sturdy. It is going to withstand almost any water pressure it encounters inside the pump.

This 12 Volt powered durable cartridge is pretty active in ignition protection. It can mitigate the chance of a burnout inside the pump in case of heavy electricity flow.

Its rust and corrosion protection is very impressive. You can rest assured by submerging the motor entirely underwater. This won't be prone to any wear and tear inside.

Moreover, it comes with a 30-inch marine-grade tinned wiring for all the wires it is attached to. These wires also dwell underwater and don't get affected by it.


  • Pumps up to 500 GPH of water
  • Made from durable, rugged ABS plastic
  • Smart ignition protection inside
  • Completely submersible
  • Runs in 12 Volt electricity power


  • Can't pump a higher volume of water

How to Choose the Right Livewell Pump?

Now that we have reviewed the top quality products, it's your turn to get one. But to choose the best one, you can keep this checklist handy. Without asking what is the best Livewell pump on the internet, you better look out for the following features.

Don't Hanker After Size

Bigger is not always better. Sometimes, bigger pumps can cause air-locks, causing a threat to the fish and baits. Look for a compact-sized one with the anti-airlock system.

Protection Against Leak and Ignition

Whenever there is a leakage in the device, you need to turn it off as soon as possible. How do you do it?

The interior of the hull and the pump should have a valve in between for a quick shutdown in case of a leakage. Moreover, the motor needs to be ignition-protective in order to avoid burns caused by heavy power-flow.

Replaceable Motor Cartridge Is Necessary

Ensure the motor you get is replaceable when it gets expired. If not, you would need to change the entire pump all over again. But in case of a replaceable motor, you just need to get a new motor.

Look at the Build-Quality

A Livewell pump stays submerged underwater for its entire life. So in order to survive, it needs to be crafted with heavy-duty rugged materials. Make sure your pump is manufactured with strong, rust, and corrosion-free materials.

You Need Sufficient Waterflow

The performance can be measured by the water flow rate. And the more the rate of water pumping is, the better its performance. It also depends on the distance it pumps water from. The more the range, the less the rate of water flow. So choose accordingly.

Find Easier Mounting Option

If the pump you choose requires a complicated mounting system, avoid it. All you need is a simple and easy-to-mount device. It will save you time and energy.

Moreover, if you are not able to mount it in a flexible way, you will end up experiencing air-lock in the pump that can threaten the lives of the fish inside.

Choose the Flow Rate Wisely

Generally, a Livewell tank needs water to be replaced every 10 minutes. That means you need to replace the water 6 times in an hour. So if the capacity of the one you have is 100 gallons, then you need a pump with a flow rate of 600 GPH.

Now depending on your capacity, you do the math.

How to Install a Livewell Pump?

Installing this device is easy. If you have just bought it, take it out of the package, and get started.

First of all, you need to keep these things handy.

  • Sealants made from Silicone
  • Liquid electric tape
  • Wire strippers
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill Machine

Now, let's go step by step –

Step 1: Drilling the Hole

You need to place the pump in the boat with the necessary space. Make sure it is getting enough space to be placed. Now drill a hole on the outside of the boat. Make sure you drill beneath the waterline. You can see the waterline when the boat is floating on the water. Drill the hole at a 1-inch diameter with the drill machine.

Step 2: Sliding the Fitting

Place the rubber gasket on the fitting. Now slide the threaded fitting via the drilled hole.

Step 3: Removing the Excess Thread

Remove any excess thread from the set up with a saw or anything sharp.

Step 4: Placing the Strainer Screen

You need to place the strainer screen outside the boat. To do that, you need to push it to the fitting end and place it outside the boat.

Step 5: Connecting the Wire

Now, it's time to connect the wire to the pump. We recommend heavy marine wire. If not found, you can alternatively use Gauge 16, as well. Make sure you wire the pump carefully. Connect the brown cable to the right switch.

Note: Mistake in wiring can seriously damage the motor of the pump and eventually ruin it. You may need to replace it altogether.

Step 6: Employing the Fuse

Now connect the fuse to the switch. Refer to the pump head to find out the best fitting fuse for this task. Make sure you are using the proper size fuse.

Step 7: Finishing the Process

Finally, connect the fuse to the battery. In this case, you need to connect it to the positive side of the battery. As for the negative side of it, you need to join the black wire to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs a Livewell pump?

Anyone who is a professional fisherman or someone who is participating in a fishing competition needs it. As these types of fishing may require the catches to be released later, you need to keep the fish alive.

  • What size of the Livewell pump should I get?

If you have a very narrow area for that, this means you need a compact-sized pump. Otherwise, you can go for bigger ones.

  • Where are Livewell pumps used?

They are used in tanks where the fish a fisher catches, and baits he/she uses are kept.

  • How Livewell pumps work?

A Livewell pump brings in water and air from the water source like the sea or river (where the boat is floating) and keeps the Livewell full of water. It can also drain the water out of it.

  • How many GPH does it need?

It depends on the size of your Livewell. Typically a 100-Gallon Livewell requires 600 GPH of water flow.

  • What is a Livewell aerator?

This device brings in air and oxygen to the water. This keeps the fish and baits alive by supplying the necessary oxygen.

Final Words

It's not always a piece of cake to find a technically well-performing Livewell pump. Given that the market is flooded with low-quality products, it is really difficult to trace out high-quality ones.

Our best Livewell pump reviews should help you out with finding out the best choices you have. If you are yet to make your mind, don't forget to keep the buying guide handy.

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