5 Ways to Optimize Your Compressed Air

by James Williams

Compressed air is a widely used energy transfer method in industries even though it is not very efficient. However, that is nothing to be put off about since there are various ways to optimize your compressed air system, which we will be covering in today's article.

Before we get started, we would like to mention that besides the ones we are about to mention, there are more ways you can adopt to improve your compressed air system so that it becomes more efficient. But the ones we have talked about here are the most effective ways out there.

So, let's get started.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Compressed Air

 5 Ways to Optimize Your Compressed Air
5 Ways to Optimize Your Compressed Air

Here are the methods you can try out to optimize your compressed air.

Observe Your System

Before you start taking any of the necessary steps, you will have to observe your compressed air system to get a wider idea of what needs to be done to make the whole system more efficient.

To do this, you will have to keep an eye out for various factors such as power, pressure, flow, and dew point over a certain time interval. After getting your hands on these pieces of information, you will be able to compare them to what the stated value is and see if your system has been facing any efficiency problems or not.

One such instance will be if your compressed air system's graded power input value is much lower than what you have measured.

In times like this, by making suitable adjustments, you will be able to save up on a lot of energy and will also be giving the system monitors a chance to identify new issues regarding the system.

Receive Training to Raise Awareness

Working with machinery requires a lot of knowledge, and not being aware of what is going on will cost you heavily. If you think that owning a compressed air system and spending an infinite amount of cash on problems regarding your system goes hand in hand, you might want to reconsider.

One of the methods to optimize your compressed air system is by being aware of what it is doing. Not only will doing so help you get to its aid in time, but it will also save you from the unnecessary future expenditure.

Replace the Machinery

Newly-made air compressors are much more efficient than the ones that were made a few years ago. When dealing with machinery, upgrading your inventory should always be at the top of your list since manufacturers are always adding something new to every new model that comes out.

Even getting this year's latest model of air compressor in exchange for the one that you might have been using for over half a decade will still go a long way in saving you some bucks as well as some time.

If you are unsure whether getting a new air compressor will cut back on the operating cost or not, consider visiting the website of any air compressor company and checking out their Compressed Air and Gas Institute datasheets for more information on which compressor will be the most efficient.

Lower the Pressure of the Compressed Air

Before you move on to lowering the pressure of your air compressor, see if the high amount of pressure is necessary or not. Air compressors often have a high pressure initially due to the fact that that is what the product rating states.

However, if you do not conduct any work that requires such high pressures, feel free to lower it. The standard measurement for power increment with respect to the pressure is that at about 100 psi and with a constant flow, the power requirement increases by one percent for every two psi increments.

In other words, power expended by the system is directly proportional to the pressure it releases.

Carry Out a Leakage Detection Operation

Research has shown that around 30% and sometimes even up to 80 % of the demand for compressed air occurs due to leakage in the system. This number can be reduced drastically to about 10% of the mean compressed airflow by carrying out leakage detection operations on a regular basis.

It can be done by incorporating an ultrasonic leak detection program in your regular maintenance procedure.


This was all for our article today. We hope you found the tips that we shared with you helpful and that you were able to get an idea of the multiple ways to optimize your compressed air system . Thank you for reading till the end!

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