6 Best Pedestal Sump Pump in 2023 [Updated]

by James Williams

Waterproofing the walls, cleaning out the gutters, or even sloping down the property ground is useless when the problem lies underfoot.

A wet basement not only drops your property value but also punches a hole in your quality of living. Times like this call for a quality pedestal sump pump.

No other technology is as advanced as a sump pump's when it comes to draining flood water efficiently from your basement. And since you can easily bag the best pedestal sump pump for around 150 bucks, it's worth a shot indeed!

So, before you dig another French drain, take a few minutes to read our top six pedestal sump pump reviews right below!

Advantages of Pedestal Sump Pump

In the world of tricky submersibles, a pedestal pump is a breath of fresh air for flooded basement solutions. There are many reasons why pedestal pumps have been selling out like crazy in recent years.

It's because they have the upper hand on many occasions compared to submersible pumps- a controversy we also covered in a later section.

For now, let's see what makes pedestal sump pumps so very suitable for residential and commercial usage alike!

Easy to Install

Pedestal sump pumps deliver a matchless performance when it comes to releasing floodwater out of your basement. But these sump pumps don't sit in water all day, nor are they installed underground where the thoughts of maintenance make you cry.

Let's not forget about all the dusting and digging it requires to get to the point. Lucky for you, pedestal sump pumps sit right in the basement.

So, not only is it easy to set up but also pretty convenient to care for over the years.

Low Maintenance Pump

The inner work of a pedestal sump pump is a simple one. Overall, the construction is lightweight, accessible, and easy to fix. What's more, these wonderful gadgets don't throw your budget out of proportion.

Nearly all pedestal sump pumps feature intake screens, filters, and removable hardware to dispose of debris and solid particles. These pumps also generate less heat so that the pump remains functional as a whole.

Durable Motor Performance

Be it an air conditioner or a full-fledged pedestal pump; motors are bound to malfunction at one point or another. Well, that's what they want you to believe!

The motor inside a pedestal sump pump has no chance of coming in contact with water. So, unless it's a cheap Chinese knockoff, there's no way a pedestal sump pump will blow your fuse!

WaterAce WA50CPED, Zoeller Old Faithful 84-0001, and the Superior Pump 92551 have the most reliable motors.

6 Best Pedestal Sump Pump Reviews

The Best Pedestal Sump Pump
The Best Pedestal Sump Pump

Installing a quality sump pump in the crawler space is a one-time job. It takes a little while to set it up, but once installed, a good sump pump can last you no fewer than two decades! Here you'll find the coolest ones that agree with every home and budget!

1. Superior Pump 92333 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal - Link

Superior Pump 92333 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump
Superior Pump 92333 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump

Featuring an automatic float switch, a robust stainless-steel double-blade impeller, and a brilliant thermoplastic construction, Superior Pump is definitely superior to your average sump pump.

Its thermoplastic float ball and guide are exquisite in their action- keeping water away from your precious home all year round.

To begin with, this is a ⅓ HP pedestal pump with 100% pure copper windings. Its standalone motor housing is quick to dissipate heat from the product so that the motor performs flawlessly.

Additionally, the split capacitor is equipped with not one but two gears to move water effectively. It moves three thousand gallons of water per hour when the water level is up to the optimum point. Besides, it pumps 2280 gallons and 900 gallons per hour from 10-feet and 20-feet heights, respectively.

For such an outstanding motor, you would expect it to burst the weight scale or feel like hiding away a top-secret jumbo machine in your basement. Although, in reality, this CSA-certified and UL listed pump is astonishingly lightweight and small. This is one advantage pedestal pumps have over submersibles.

With its unbeatable specs and agility, this Superior Pump can be the number one solution to the poor irrigation problem in your property. In fact, once it is safely installed, which is an easy process by the way, your property value is sure to increase!


  • Efficiently moves water from 20-feet deep underground
  • The intake screen is removable for easy cleaning
  • Twin-gear split capacitor ensures uninterrupted pumping for long hours
  • The firmly sealed motor plate prevents leakage
  • The 1-¼-inch discharge pipe moves a greater volume of water compared to other pumps


  • The float guide might come bent

2. Zoeller 84-0001 Old Faithful 84 Pedestal Pump - Link

Zoeller 84-0001 Old Faithful 84 Pedestal Pump, 1/2 HP, 115V
Zoeller 84-0001 Old Faithful 84 Pedestal Pump, 1/2 HP, 115V

Hailing from Zoeller's Old Faithful series, this premium sump pump is the one that lasts for decades. In fact, if the basement of your new house is as dry as a bone, chances are there's already an Old Faithful sitting at the crawlspace doing its job!

This pedestal pump takes some serious measures to prevent stones and other debris from clogging the internal machinery. For example, the top part of this sump's housing works as a strainer to block solids and fine lint. The pump itself is compact with a tiny 9.5"×9.5"×32.5" construction.

You can easily fit the pump inside an 18"×22" container and simply forget about it. This zappy Zoeller uses non-corrosive materials that give a good fight against wear and tear over the years. Its split phase motor has starting torque; therefore, it removes water pretty fast.

Its flow rate is 59 gallons per minute, and the pump is set at a 9" cycle from the factory. You can dial it up to 12" if that's what the situation demands.

The Zoeller 84-0001 pump is suitable for residential dewatering and light to moderate commercial usage. It transfers excess water away from your basement- keeping the structure solid and free of mold. A dry basement is no less than an amenity for houses in flood-prone areas.

Lucky for you, the Old Faithful will keep all your flooding problems at bay and support you during the thaw as well!


  • Protected from thermal overload and motor failures
  • Comes with a 1-½-inch FPT discharge for swiftly moving water
  • A low-maintenance device with a long-term service life
  • The pump blocks out lint, solid to semi-solid granules for high efficiency
  • A non-corrodible and compact build


  • The motor is prone to water damage if not mounted atop the pit cover

3. ECO-FLO Products EPP33 Pedestal Sump Pump - Link

ECO-FLO Products EPP33 Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch, 1/3 HP, 3600 GPH
ECO-FLO Products EPP33 Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch, 1/3 HP, 3600 GPH

In the world of Superior Pumps and Zoellers, this outstanding sump-pump by ECO-FLO is the new favourite to homeowners- old and new! This pedestal pump features a heavy-duty 115V capacitor motor instead of the split phase-type.

Any homeowner who is well-versed in pump types and actions will know the advantage capacitor motors have over their split-phase counterparts. While split-phase motors provide a good amount of torque, it's no match for a premium capacitor-start motor.

Especially when it's made by the promising ECO-FLO, you can expect the best dewatering service right at home! This pedestal pump requires low maintenance and works splendidly during snow and rainfall.

The performance chart of this exceptional sump pump shows that the product lifts 2700 gallons per hour from 5-feet underground and up to 1560 gallons per hour from 15feet. However, it cannot lift water that is beneath 17.5 feet. This is an excellent range for most American properties located in the cities and suburbs.

And lastly, if you're facing troubles with installation or anything else, you can readily find the in-depth user manual and step-by-step troubleshooting guide for an easy fix!


  • Maximum 3000 GPH flow rate at 0 ft
  • A vertical, top-mounted float switch
  • High-quality thermoplastic base and column construction
  • The capacitor-start motor has a higher starting torque than split-phase
  • CSA-approved


  • The metal screws in the thermoplastic bottom cover might rust

4. Flotec Pedestal Sump Pump- FPPM3600D - Link

Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump
Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

A damp, flooded basement is going to be a thing of the past once you have this Flotec sump pump for your house. It flaunts a heavy-duty cast iron construction and an adjustable float switch while pumping in literal silence!

This is the first cast iron pedestal sump pump on our list. Truth be told, we were pretty excited about the Flotec one because it uses a different material altogether. Cast iron is a popular yet costly pump material with plenty of advantages under its belt.

For starters, its heat-dissipating power topples that of the thermoplastic pedestal pumps. It frees the excessive heat buildup inside the motor, which improves its performance in the long run. We're not saying that thermoplastic is bad. In fact, they are cheaper and extremely good options for residential flooding issues.

We are only saying that cast iron pumps are simply better. The Flotec pump is exceptional in salty environments as well. If your summer house is by the ocean, you're in luck. This powerhouse of a pump effectively moves both saltwater and freshwater without a problem!

On top of that, we liked how reliable this pump is during the monsoon. This is the only natural time when water surges in like crazy, and damages the foundation along the way. Additionally, you can install this Flotec pedestal pump in sump basins as small as 12 inches in diameter.

Finally, its flow rate is satisfyingly higher than most sump pumps within the price range. It moves nearly 3500 gallons of water per hour- 500 GPH more than your average pedestal pump at the 0 feet level.


  • Maximum 3480 GPH flow rate
  • Fits inside a 12-inch sump basin with ease
  • Available in both cast iron and thermoplastic construction
  • Comes with a 1-¼-inch water discharge
  • A robust and quiet ⅓ HP motor


  • Water could flow back to the pit from the discharge pipe

5. Superior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump - Link

Superior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump
Superior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump

Featuring a five-blade, stainless steel impeller for maximum power and a 0.5 horsepower motor, this is another cool product by Superior Pump. Compared to Superior Pump 92333, this 92551 model is better in terms of motor capacity, impeller strength, and of course, the building materials!

To begin with, the base of the 92551 is made of cast iron. Statistically speaking, castiron pumps proved to be a lot more long-lasting in flood-prone locations. It's largely due to the fact that these pumps have effective thermal overload protection.

Since excessive heat can render any motor useless, a cast iron base helps a lot in transferring the heat away from the pump and into the water. The Superior Pump 92551 is such a pedestal pump that works round the clock to keep your humble residence free of water troubles.

While most sump pumps will max out at 18 feet, this outstanding one is still able to lift a whopping 720 GPH at 20 feet!

Its automatic float switch instantly starts the pumping process once the water level rises above underground. You don't have to check anything manually. If your gutters needed repairs, you can sit that out this season because Superior pump is here to tackle it all!

The impeller has five blades, angled at an optimum position for a flawless flow of floodwater.

And lastly, its drive shaft, pump column, impeller, float ball, and guide are made of premium-grade stainless steel to provide decades of top-notch service.


  • Premium stainless steel components and cast iron base plate
  • 0.5 HP motor with extremely high flow rates up to 3600 GPH
  • Moves 720 GPH from 20 feet
  • Automated on/off float switch
  • 5-blade impeller for easy pumping


  • Noisy operation

6. WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump - Link

WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump, Black
WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump, Black

Why dig a French drain or grade the ground when you can have this brilliant pedestal sump pump by WaterAce? Its unbelievable 5000 GPH flow rate, ½ HP capacitor motor, and zinc-plated column can give an Old Faithful or the classic Superior Pumps a run for their money!

The WaterAce pump seemed pretty convincing to us because, first of all, its capacitor motor is an exceptional one. It isn't noisy at all. You can only hear a soft hum from a distance.

Also, the pump is quick in action. Thanks to its automatic, adjustable float switch and the motor's natural capability of producing crazy high torque levels.

We used to have a hard time picking between a capacitor motor and a split-phase motor. To our surprise, this not-so-popular brand made the decision quite easy for us! You can experience the brilliance of capacitor motors with this WaterAce pedestal pump. And we assure you, you would be far from dissatisfied!

Additionally, this WaterAce pump can move ⅜" solids. Its zinc-plated column construction is unlike anything we've ever seen before. This CSA-certified pedestal pump is built so meticulously that it is practically immune to failures.

Lastly, its max flow rate topples that of many Superior Pump models in similar pricing!


  • A maximum flow rate of 5000 gallons per hour
  • A powerful ½ HP capacitor motor
  • Cast iron base and a zinc-plated column for extra durability
  • Includes an overload protection
  • You can use an electric switch instead of the float


  • The motor doesn't come with any vent hole

How to Pick the Perfect Pedestal Sump Pump

If your home is in proximity to a water body, chances are there is more water underneath the foundation than you would have preferred. It is likely going to dampen your basement the first chance it gets.

And the coming monsoon is a good time for all sorts of sludgy mess to emerge altogether, in their fullest glory. Consider getting a high-quality sump pump to battle floods, thaws, or the wrath of Poseidon himself. This is how you can pick the best one!

Motor Strength

When it comes to choosing a quality pedestal sump pump, you have to consider the motor type and its capacity. To determine what type of motor you need, you have to weigh the average water level in monsoon, recent flood timetables, calamities, snowfall, and thaw periods.

All of which you can intuitively decide if you're living there for long enough. However, if you want to put an offer on a new house, remember to pull all the pieces of information beforehand.

There are generally two types of motors available in a sump pump model. A split-phase motor features a moderate starter torque and relatively low current. It has a compact size, and it doesn't need a capacitor to run the impeller.

On the other hand, a capacitor start motor offers the highest starting torque a pedestal sump pump can provide. The ECO-FLO EPP33 has a 115V capacitor start motor with satisfactory flow rates at different heights.

Flow Rate

According to the horsepower table in terms of height and GPP, a ⅓ HP motor is enough for lifting 50 gallons of water to 20 feet in a minute. But if you need more clearance and agility in action, a ½ HP motor does the trick.

And if that's something you prefer, consider getting the Flotec FPPM3600D. It moves a maximum of 84 gallons of water per minute, which amounts to 5000 gallons of floodwater in an hour! Needless to say, it's nearly double the amount a pedestal sump pump for residential use can offer.

Sump Pump Maintenance

High-quality sump pumps will never bother you with frequent maintenance. Other than removing its discharge hose and testing it from time to time during winter months, there shouldn't be any maintenance hassle whatsoever.

You may also need to clean out the debris collected inside the pump's pit. However, if sizable stones enter the motor housing through the gaps between impeller blades, it's best if you have the pump checked by a professional plumber.

In many top-tier sump pumps, there is a strainer-like mechanism that filters out semi-solids, solids, and debris for efficient motor performance.

While submersible pumps can suck solids along with the flood stream, most pedestal pumps are unable to extract those.

There are removable intake screens in pedestal sump pumps for hassle-free cleaning from time to time.

Heat Protection

Whether it is a cast iron pedestal pump or a thermoplastic pedestal pump, the product is bound to run a bit hot during continuous use in the monsoon.

But cast iron ones are more efficient in dissipating heat across the area instead of bottling it inside the motor housing. With a powerful 0.5 HP motor, the CSA-certified Superior Pump 92551 is as good as a cast iron pedestal pump can get!

If you are interested in its thermoplastic alternative with a slightly subdued motor, give Superior Pump 92333 ⅓ HP pedestal sump pump a shot. This one lifts 3000 GPH while the more powerful 92551 stays ahead with 600 gallons per hour extra flow!

Both of the Superior Pump models sport a single-piece motor construction.


Gloves, goggles, cement, a hole saw, drill machine, jackhammer, shovel, and a pair of boots are what you need before putting your pedestal sump pump to work.

Since you are going to do it yourself, it's safe to look into the building codes and regulations in your area. Pedestal pumps are usually made to sit at the lowest part of your house- the basement!

Crawler spaces are also the second common location where homeowners have sump pumps installed. Make sure that the pump is in proximity to a wall outlet and a discharge pipeline at the same time.

Head on to the DIY network to find the easiest sump pump installation guidelines and essential photos of each step of the whole set-up for free!

Pedestal Sump Pump Vs. Submersible

Here we are at the crossroads, and now it's time to decide whether to settle on a pedestal pump or a submersible pump. While the decision is entirely up to you, there are a few things you must know before committing to a sump pump.

For your convenience, we are going to list down the areas where these two pumps differ from each other the most!

Easy to Maintain

While pedestal pumps are dedicated sump pumps for residential use, we cannot say the same for a submersible pump. The latter is a sophisticated device with a versatile range of use.

They are most suitable for construction sites where a huge volume of water must be extracted from underground in a short time. However, you need to install the submersible pump under 5 feet or 1.5 meters at least. And that is, my friend, a crazy amount of work for fixing a mold-ridden basement.

Fear not; a pedestal pump will have you do nothing extreme of that sort. In fact, you only need a pair of gloves, goggles, a jackhammer, and a drill to dig up a small hole all by yourself.

Setting up a pedestal sump pump is as easy as installing an inflatable mattress- with a bit of drilling making guest appearances here and there.

Fits Your Budget!

If you consider the product life, there is a negligible price difference that matters little in the long run. You might think that going overboard will get you a pump that never fails and never stutters. But the truth is, no pump is beyond the necessity of maintenance.

Especially during wintertime, it's a yearly regimen of homeowners to service the sump pump in the basement.

Considering the average service cost in different parts of the country and the pump type, you are likely required to spend less on a pedestal sump pump than a submersible.

By this time, you already know why. Submersible pumps are everything but a one-time investment. If and when they get clogged, calling the plumber is supposedly the only way to fix it unless you are the plumber himself.

Long Live the Pump!

Motor, maintenance, and misery are three words that practically mean the same thing for homeowners. Wherever there is a motor, there are at least a ton of different problems.

Pedestal pumps and submersible pumps are two great options for a wet basement fix. While the first one runs less hot, the second operates as quiet as a mouse.

Submersible pumps require no sort of priming because they are already submerged in underground water like a budget submarine. They also do not need a lot of power to pump the floodwater away from your home and worksite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pedestal sump pumps better?

Considering their high flow rates, low maintenance, easy installation, and water-moving capacity, pedestal sump pumps are as good as submersibles, if not better!

Pedestal sump pumps are tailored for light commercial to residential use. Their simple construction makes it possible to fit the pump in tight crawler spaces. You also don't have to dig a five feet hole to get the pump working.

How long does a pedestal sump pump last?

The longevity of a pedestal pump depends greatly on its motor type, impeller, column, and driveshaft construction, as well as the quality of its copper windings.

If you really want your sump pump to last for a few decades (yes, it's possible!), consider getting a UL-listed and CSA-certified pump. Pedestal sump pumps with cast iron base plate have proved to be exceptional in quality.

Which is better between a pedestal and submersible sump pump?

Between a pedestal and a submersible pump, we prefer a pedestal pump for regular households.

These pumps do not demand a hectic maintenance schedule all year round. Moreover, pedestal sump pumps are priced at an easily accessible range.

And the fact that nearly no maintenance is required to take the same pedestal sump pump into each new decade, their below 200-buck price range is unbelievable indeed.

What is the difference between a sump pump and a utility pump?

You can use a utility pump for pressure washing your roof, empty water beds, big aquariums beside draining floodwater off the basements.

Utility pumps are powerful, portable, and have a garden hose inlet for a wide range of applications. However, the mobility options of a sump pump are tragically limited to its GPH rates at different heights.

Sump pumps have an automatic float switch that activates the motor when the water rises to a certain level. Utility pumps have a manual on/off option with easier controls.

Do you need a plumber to install a pedestal sump pump?

You do not need a plumber to install a pedestal pump. Hiring a plumber to set up a pedestal sump pump is unnecessary because you likely have all the required tools in your garage.

We are talking about a jackhammer, a shovel, some cement and gravel, a drill machine, and regular safety apparel. However, if you do not have a power outlet in your basement, it's best to leave it to the expert hands of a plumber.

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Superior Pump 92333 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump - eBay Link

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Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump - eBay Link

WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump, Black - eBay Link

ECO-FLO Products EPP50 Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch, 1/2 HP, 5,000 GPH - eBay Link

Red Lion 14942051 SC33PED 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump, Cast Iron - eBay Link

Star 3CEH 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch, Low Profile - eBay Link


Each of the six pumps that we reviewed today is extensively tried and tested products for dedicated residential and commercial use.

Although, there's hardly a pump that beats Superior Pump 92551 to its game. It features a stalwart 0.5 horsepower motor that moves 3600 gallons of water per hour. Additionally, this best pedestal sump pump lifts groundwater from an incredible height of 20 feet!

We couldn't conclude our list without giving a shoutout to ECO-FLO EPP33, and WaterAce WA50CPED- two brilliant pedestal sump pumps that took the bellyache out of basement dewatering!

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