How to Install Check Valve on Sump Pump?

by James Williams

Almost every basement that has a sump pump needs a check valve. A check valve is a metal fold attached to the discharge pipe of the sump pump.

This check valve remains closed prior to its opening through water pressure. Again, when the water pressure slows down, the valve automatically gets closed and restricts any unwanted flow in the reverse direction.

So, a reverse valve plays a vital role in protecting and maintaining the activity of a sump pump and balancing the inflow and outflow of water. If you're looking for ideas on how to install a check valve on a sump pump, we've got you covered. Our detailed description will guide you to install the valve on your own.

Why Install a Sump Pump Check Valve?

Before you learn how to install a check valve, you should be acquainted with the benefits of installing one. Let's see how a check valve will help your sump pump-

Increasing the Pumping Efficiency

Check valves play a major role in increasing the efficiency of your sump pump. When the pump is activated, water is released through the check valve. Again, when it shuts down, the water tends to come back into the pit. This reverse flow is prevented by a check valve.

It prevents the sump pump from re-pumping the water. This leads to a longer cycle, and the pump works at a better mode of action. Overall, the efficiency increases.

Providing Protection

Without a check valve, there is short cycling noticed in the pump. This leads to a raised temperature inside the sump pump that can result in different kinds of damages to the pump.

Short cycling can also shorten the pump life and reduce its function. So, a check valve basically protects the pump from losing its longevity.

Reducing Energy Costs

Due to increased heat in the pump in the absence of a check valve, high-water level is formed in the pump. It causes your pump to run more frequently and thus results in requiring high energy costs. A check valve prevents this increment in energy costs and saves your pump from running on a longer basis.

Therefore, without a check valve installation, your pump will not be able to work properly. This is why you need to install a check valve for your sump pump to get the best services.

What You Will Need

Every installation requires a few tools to work with. Similarly, this installation of check valves also needs some materials. You will need-

  • Work gloves
  • One pair of PVC adapters
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Utility knife
  • One pair of PVC nuts
  • A pipe cutter/hacksaw
  • Pvc cement
  • Cement applicator

With these simple tools, you're ready to install the valves! Find out our list of best sump pump check valves available on the market.

How to Install Check Valve on Sump Pump

Installing Check Valve On Sump Pump
Installing Check Valve On Sump Pump

Now that you're done assembling the necessary tools, it's time to start the installation process. Here is how you can install the check valve-

Measure the Pump

Start by measuring the diameter of the current drainage pipe with a tape measure. This size is very crucial, since it needs to fit the diameter of both the sump pump and the check valve. If the size of the three does not match, you cannot fit them together uniformly.

Deactivate the Pump

To fit the pump according to the pipe and the valve, consider deactivating the pump and then cut through the pipe for accurate measurement.

You can also take out a small portion of the pipe at the origin of the pump to have a perfect fit. When you're done with the pump and pipe measurement, get a check valve that will have the same diameter.

Before starting with the valve, unplug the pump from the power cord and get rid of any excess water.

Open the Drainage Pipe

Take a clear view of the drainage pipe that resides between the wall and pump as you need to install your valve on this pipe. This will resist any water flow back towards the pump in reverse order.

Measure the length of the valve and the central part of the valve from one end to another. Start by cutting the pipe in order to install the valve on the vertical portion of the drainage pipe.

With the help of a PVC pipe cutter or a hacksaw, you can do this step. Carefully remove a pipe fragment of the same length as the check valve.

If you want to be cautious during this cutting step, try to leave the pipe a little long in the beginning to aid you later. You can always come back and fix it later. After you're done resecting the pipe, file the edges with a utility knife. You can also use couplings or adapters if you want the length to be greater.

Add a piece of pipe, and connect it with adapters one by one to increase the length carefully.

Connect the Valve

Before moving to the final step where you connect the valve, make sure your discharge pipe is cleaned at first. Prior to installation, dry-fit the check valve to the pipe.

Next, connect the adapters to the discharge pipe openings and close the joints. You can close them with the help of PVC cement and PVC applicator. Look for any spaces or gaps and give time for the cement to dry down completely.

Switch on the power of the sump pump, and drain water into the pit until a pressure is formed inside.

You can be assured that your valve is working when you hear the sound of the inner flap opening. This will indicate that the pressure of water has increased inside. You can verify it by turning the switch off and notice the sound of the flap fading away.

In this way, your check valve installation is complete.

With these easy steps, you can install your valve in no time and increase the working capacity of your sump pump. A few simple tools, a quick guide, and some easy steps are all you need to install a check valve on the sump pump effectively.Done? oh lets check the video…


Overall, a check valve does a great job at maintaining the efficiency of a sump pump and helps to protect it for a long time. Therefore, a check valve is one of the essential things you need to consider buying if you have a sump pump in your basement. Installing this valve is also pretty easy under proper guidance.

So, if you want to know how to install a check valve on a sump pump, you can follow our article and learn in a simple way.

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