Wayne Cdu980E Sump Pump Review

by James Williams

Pumps have been making work easier for us for many decades now. In the old days, there was no easy way to transport water at high speeds, and there was surely no way to get your basement dry.

However, pumps have changed all that, and this is a result of careful and diligent engineering. Now, pumps and sumps are used in almost every household, and for good reason too.

Our Wayne CDU980E Sump Pump brings you one such amazing pump. This pump is well known for ticking all the right boxes, and we hope to dissect its features only for you. So stay tuned.

Wayne CDU980E Sump Pump Review

WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch
WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch

Get ready for the ultimate pump straight from the factories of Wayne. The CDU980E Sump Pump is a trademark of excellence, quality, and service. With an amazing build and incomparable flow rate, this product is one for the ages.

First off, let us talk about its rigid and highly durable body and framework. Made of pure stainless steel, it is built for enduring, and so it does.

The stainless steel motor housing is built specially to protect the motor inside and prevent it from taking any harm, in the form of impact, vibration, or abrasions.

This implies that the pump itself is also quite resistant to any form of corrosion and corrosion-related damages. As a result, this prolongs its longevity, makes it outlast, and outperforms all its competitors.

The item has been custom made and fully assembled in the USA. It has been carefully put together by the best engineers using parts from both foreign and local factories.

Cast Iron Bottom

The bottom is made of the highest grade and quality cast iron. This is a material known for its toughness, and it is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

Thus, being made of CI ensures that the product also lasts longer than your conventional pumps seen in the market these days.

Airlock Prevention

It does not allow any airlocks to settle in, and thus it prevents the formation of airlocks. Moreover, this also prevents the formation of debris and accumulation of dirt particles in the sump.

Low Noise

Cleaning is also much easier and also takes less time and effort. While most pumps have a reputation of being loud and noisy, disturbing everyone around, this product is the complete opposite. Low noise operation is the key to its success.

That means it is perfect for most commercial and all residential settings, as it does not create much noise.

High HP

With an HP of 0.75, this product has been tested to have a discharge rate of 5490 Gallons per hour! In case you are wondering, that is pretty fast.

Passes All Tests

Also, it has been in a lot of industrial level tests, one of which was the load cycle test. You will be pleased to know that it has sustained a record 1 million cycles at a stretch.


By meeting all building safety codes and fulfilling all installment codes, you will have no issue operating it within your walls.

Easy to Install

Finally, this product is amazingly fast and easy to install. As a matter of fact, the entire process of setting up, from start to finish, just takes around 15 minutes! Compared to the number of hours in service it provides, 15 minutes seems like a pretty good investment.


Since it is equipped with a long cord and running on electricity, you do not need any designated power supply to power this product. As a matter of fact, any place with a grid supply will do just fine and enable you to run it to full capacity.

Pros and Cons for Wayne Cdu980E Sump Pump

Wayne Cdu980E Sump Pump
Wayne Cdu980E Sump Pump


  • The bottom of the sump is resistant to rusting
  • Does not make noise during operation
  • Can be installed in just 15 minutes
  • Has the best parts from all over the world


  • Cannot be powered by just a battery

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need accessories to install a sump pump?

In most cases, some amount of specific accessories are needed. For instance, a sump basin is needed to drain the water during the initial phase of installation.

You may also need some connecting pipes, tapes to hold the pipes together, glue, and a hacksaw to cut the pipes to the required length.

All these are very common accessories and are found in just about any hardware store you visit.

What exactly is a check valve and why do I need it?

Well, a check, as the name implies, is a special type of valve that regulates the flow of water. A check valve is also a one-way valve. This means that water or liquid can only flow through the pipe in one direction, i.e., one way.

Check valves are installed in pipes leading up to sumps to prevent the backflow of water. Due to pressure differences, the water can flow back in, but a check valve helps prevent that and allows the water to move in or out.

What is priming of a pump?

Priming is a process that removes air from the suction pipe of the pump during the operation phase. This is done by immersing the impeller of the pump fully in water.

Only water is drawn with the pump when the pump is switched, and any air is left discharged. This allows the maximum potential of the pump to be fully utilized.

If air got into the suction pipe, the pump would waste energy trying to draw air up the pipe.

What is cavitation and how does it affect the pump?

Cavitation is the formation and subsequent collapse of water bubbles that form near the impeller. Cavitation is formed by the formation of bubbles, which also arise as a result of pressure difference.

The exact reasons involve a bit of physics, so we will not go into that now. However, it is important to know that cavitation is quite bad for the pump. The collapse of bubbles near the impeller leads to pitting.

Pitting causes/is the formation of small holes or dents in the impeller, which gradually widen and become deeper over time. As you can now imagine, it is quite bad for the pump, and it will eventually result in impeller damage.

Can I keep the pump outdoors in the open?

This is not a very wise move, neither is it recommended. No matter how durable and high quality a pump or sump is, it cannot sustain repeated attacks from the elements.

The reason is that they are not made to endure such impacts and conditions. Water could get into the motor; there could be a short circuit, the outer casing could get damaged; all these are possible factors that could go wrong.

Hence, keeping the pump indoors is the best possible move and choice.


The Wayne CDU980E review has made one thing crystal clear: this is one for the money. With its rugged stainless steel casing, Cast iron base, quality assembly, and nifty engineered features, there is no doubt regarding its quality.

Hence, we believe that it is really ideal for the residential and industrial scenario and thereby pass a favorable verdict. The rest is up to you to decide!

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