How to Survive Corona Pandemic

by Kimberly Hill

With the world at its worst ever. The COVID-19 continues ravaging lands and spreading like wildfire. Coronavirus Disease 2019 is an infectious disease that is caused by the SARS family of virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2). Covid-19 started making waves in the city of Wuhan, China where it was first identified. And since then, it has become a global pandemic. Causing mayhem everywhere it goes. The spread and number of deaths keeps increase on a daily basis.

We will first discuss the virus itself before moving onto the main discus of the article. The virus is of natural and animal origin(probably bats). Human contact was first noted in Wuhan, China. In November of 2019. And became officially transmittable from one human to another early this year as stated by WHO.

What are the likely causes of the Virus?

What are the likely causes of the Virus?
What are the likely causes of the Virus?

The virus us spread primarily from one human to another human. Via various methods such as sneezing, coughing (usually respiratory droplets). When we talk of lifespan the virus, it depends on the surface it lands on. One some surface, it can last for hours while others for days. Current research is being done to find out other mode of transmission example like faeces and farts.

Organs Affected in the Disease

The organs usually affected by the virus called Covid-19 is the lungs. They also attack the gastrointestinal organs of suspected individuals. As some researches have shown that Corona is found in the faeces of humans.

What are the Symptoms of Covid-19 in an affected individual?

Well, the following are the common symptoms usually found and associated with the virus. They include the following;

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Running nose
  • Sore throat

Other less common symptoms include

  • Sputum production
  • Muscle weakness

As the world watches on and fights against the virus. We still appreciate that the virus is aggressive. This is because most of the cases seen are usually showing mild symptoms. Though, we have instances where this has progressed into severe symptoms. In cases of very severe symptoms. we are likely to have multiple organ failure and death occurs at the end. Though, the mortality rate of the virus is set low, as it's aggressive more in the elderly and individuals with chronic illness.

Complications of the virus on a global scale

World as we know it, is at a pause. Every sector except the essential service sector have been on halt. There is a pending economic recession ahead on a global scale. Sporting leagues and events have been put on hold or postponed. Religious gatherings have been ordered to be closed down and avoided at all cost. The world is on a lockdown temporarily till the pandemic subdues.

Preventive Measures for containing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Do the famous five to prevent the spread of this pandemic. These methods are preached on by various world and national health organization. They include;

1. HANDS - Wash them as regular as possible. Wash them for at least 20seconds

2 ELBOW - When coughing, do not cough in your palms. Rather cough into your elbow to avoid the spread.

3 FACE - Avoid touching your face at all. This is to avoid getting infected by the disease.

4 SPACE - Keep at least 2m distance from any individual.

5 HOME - Stay at home and Stay Safe

So how do you go about getting the latest gist on the virus. Well, we have complied a list of various sources you can check out. They include the following;

Best Sources to Get the Current Situation of the Pandemic

1. Government and other Official Government websites

Where else better than your country government or other known official government website. To get the latest information about the pandemic in your country. Though the government and its officials might not provide the accurate information. They do so, probably to reduce the panic around and keep everyone calm. But they remain the number one place to visit. When interested in getting real information about the spread of the disease. They collate data and process them into information for the citizens to follow. They have facilities that run the test, treat the patients and register the number deaths. They are at the fore front of information, when it comes to Covid-19 pandemic.

Though, the federal government usually pass the information through other official sites. Usually the Center for Disease Control for a country is in charge of this part. They work hand in hand with public health sector and the staffs. They also provide testing kits and do test themselves for any suspected case. With a good CDC, the containment of the spread will increase significantly. I will highly recommend you visit the pages of the CDC. Like in other countries, the CDC posts their information on social media. For the citizens to know what's going on in their area. You can follow the official government pages. Either on social media platform or visit their site for more information.

Furthermore, we have the state and local health sector. They play very important role in helping the CDC. They track suspected cases, by probably doing an home to home check. And contact tracing of infected individuals. This way, they help slow down the rate of spread of the virus. So you can check up on your state or local heath department site. This way, you know how critical the spread is in your area.

2. World Health Organization - Link

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

Well, then we have the biggest health organization. Where we can get all the necessary and live information about the current spread of the disease. They are one of the most reliable site to follow online. They have a special section for users online. A section that deals with misconception and myths. All about the virus called Corona Virus. Myths like Covid-19 not surviving in hot climate, or drinking alcohol or hot water kills the virus.

3. Case trackers

Researchers from top universities like John Hopkins University. They have taken upon themselves to provide useful information about the virus. They have created things like maps and dashboards to follow the course and spread of the virus. These maps and dashboards displays the live events of the Covid-19. As it happens in different countries and regions. They usually get their information from relevant CDC and WHO. And other reliable sources like the local media reports. So they have detailed information about the virus from country to country. Information like number of cases, number of recoveries made and number of deaths that has occurred. Though, these values doesn't show the real numbers as we have lots of people carrying the virus. They are asymptomatic and infect others. Another drawback is the limited testing kits available. For the CDC and cover healthcare providers have at hand. This limits their mode of operation, which affects the number displayed for the total number of cases.

4. News websites and Outlets

We have lots of sites that provide useful information. And live updates on the Covid-19 pandemic. We also have lots of news organization doing the same as well. News organization like the New York Times, NBC New York, The Atlantic, and NPR. They have provided detailed information on the Covid-19 pandemic. So you can easily visit their site or watch them on your TV screen.

5. Social media

Where else to get an instant update on the Covid-19 pandemic than on our very own social media platform. Lots of health experts and medical scientists have dropped their penny on the situation. Covering relevant insights on how to curb the spread, ways it spreads and history on the spread. Some even provide up to date data on the outbreak. This is easy for anyone to use, it is just at your fingertip. Simple open your phone device and visit any of the Social media platform.

We have listed above the various places you can get the latest and best information. All about the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Best COVID-19 Dashboards and Maps

Now we are going to list the various maps and dashboards you can follow. They constantly update their site, providing the route and spread of the pandemic. They include the following;

1. John Hopkins University's Center for System Science and Engineering. - Link

JohnHopkins University's Center for System Science and Engineering.
JohnHopkins University's Center for System Science and Engineering.

Well, Click on the link below, as they make use of dashboards directly from their website organization. Make sure you check the website well enough, to avoid visiting a replica site. Never download anything that looks strange, even when asked to download. All these, is to avoid being hacked by malicious softwares devised by hackers. A lot of the maps and dashboards we will talk about comes from this map. But they offer their own map, that is precise accurate and well detailed.

The John Hopkins University's Corona Virus dashboard usually displays a lot of useful information. Information like, the number of cases, location where the cases are found and as well as the total number of death and recoveries found in each location. On the dashboard, you can zoom in on any location of your choice. Scroll through different regions in an area. To view any information like number of cases by country, by region, by city or by state simply cluck on a the red dot. This map comes in PC and Mobile version, so that you can monitor the coronavirus map on your mobile phone anywhere and at anytime.

Why was this map created ?. According to sources in the university, the dashboard was designed to provide researchers, general public and public health practitioners. It is well designed and easy to access. It is user friendly and it is an adequate tool used to track the outbreak of the corona virus as its ravages on.

2. HealthMap - Link


Are you looking for a fun looking map, that is cartoon like in nature?. Then this map or dashboard is the one for you. It is one of the most attractive looking dashboard or map on the net. It even has one feature that makes it different from others, it has dark mode. They get all their data from different and original sources, which makes it one of the best and sought after maps. It animated the ways the virus spread all the way from the very first reported cases in Wuhan.

Well, if you are not fan one the dark mode feature, you love everything brightly colored. Then, you should look at the WHO dashboard. Their own dashboards and maps, is cheerful and colorful in nature.

While using HealthMap covid-19 dashboard, you are bound to enjoy a slick and user friendly design. With some cool looking animations, which you the user can set if you wish. These animation displays the spread of the virus across the globe in an animated format. All cases starting from the very first reported case.

3. NextStrain - Link


Well, this map and dashboard is quite different from others listed above. It is technical, and contains little information about the rampaging speed of the disease. But the map/dashboard is pretty much informative to any user who wishes to use it. It gives a detailed analysis of the virus, and the routes at which the virus travels from one nation to another. It's a fascinating map/dashboard that has a slick design and a user friendly interface.

As we have said, it's technical but still easy to understand. It provides some explicit detailed information and provides the routes of the virus in animated format. That is, the way it spreads from one area to another area, region to region, and country to country.

In Conclusion

We have given a massive tip on going about survive corona. They should help you out during this corona pandemic. Thanks for reading.

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