Vacuum Grease Substitute

by James Williams

Cleaning- the integral part of any productive work. Even when you leave something unused for long, cleaning is must to make it usable. Whether it’s the carpet in your living room or the production floor of an industry. Ancient people used a wide range of instruments (most of them were handmade) for cleaning, which weren’t satisfactory enough. But the introduction of vacuum cleaner has revamped the whole idea. Simple in use, unquestionable effectiveness and easy to maintain.

As a consequence, reliance on it augmenting day by day, regardless of family or industrial use. To keep it operational few materials are being used as lubricants. Widely known as vacuum grease, which has some shortcomings. In order to get rid of those deficiencies, this article focuses on which could be the perfect substitute of vacuum grease.

Grease Vacuum Pump
Grease Vacuum Pump

Potential Alternatives To Vacuum Grease

Potential Alternatives To Vacuum Grease
Potential Alternatives To Vacuum Grease

Any lubricating agent that complies with aforementioned characteristics can be a substitute of vacuum grease. Apart from this, silicone grease used for lubricating tap spindles might be competent enough, which is available in hardware stores. But it has to be pure. Besides, an amalgamation of Teflon grease with Teflon tape can be an over–the-counter alternative. Yellow tape recommended as it is impenetrable to gas, which perfectly resembles the idea of vacuum systems.

In addition, there are some categorically excellent organic solvent. For example, mild hydrocarbons (such as pentane, hexane, 40-60 petrol) are equally efficacious.

How Vacuum Cleaner Works ?

Before moving any further, a glimpse of how vacuum cleaner work, will ease the understanding forward. It’s all about generating a negative pressure or suction that swallows every fragment of offal. In order to engender this, an electric motor is used, which revolves a fan. Flow of air into it, originated from negative pressure makes way for the waste towards the collector bag or chamber.

High Vacuum Grease
High Vacuum Grease

An exhaust port used to ensure the functionality, which releases the air on the other side. A fine filter, in most cases High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter refines the air prior to release.

Application Of Vacuum Grease

While being used for various reasons, lubrication is thought to be the preeminent application. Mostly apposite in low pressure situations as it has low volatility. Apart from this, also used in the vacuum system as a sealant. Caulk way for any leakage and ensures the compactness of the device. Which results in improved performance.

Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease
Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease

In addition, it frequently used for preventing corrosion. As a consequence, enhance longevity of the machine and keep it unimpaired.

Characteristics of Perfect Vacuum Grease

  • Uniformity: It has to be uniform. As during the friction or movement if any area remain uncovered or less lubricated, will create abrasion.
  • Consistency: The resistance against deformation when any force is applied called consistency. Most significant features for any lubricating agent. Consistency refers to be viscose enough and not to be much fluid. Which contingent on base oil of the grease as well as thickener types and amount used.
  • Temperature range: Movement of parts often generates temperature, which is variable. And depends on in which environment, it’s being used. Therefore, the grease must have to be usable in a range of temperature.
  • Sealing capability: Sealing capability is important to restrain any kind of exposure to deleterious gases, acid and chemical which is reactive.
  • Low volatility:  To arrest the rate of loss, low volatility vacuum grease is must. The evaporation rate of grease with superior volatility is high. And will make it complex to keep the pressure lower than its vapor pressure.

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