DIY Tips On Preparing To Install A New Water Pump

by James Williams

Water pumps do not give out too often, but when they do go out replacing them can be a costly project. On the low side of the spectrum, getting a water pump bought and installed at a professional garage can cost $500 and can only go up from there depending on what type of car model you have.

Knowing how to do it yourself can save you hundreds of dollars, but it will not come for cheap. Getting your own water pump ready to install is going to cost you in the form of having to take time to learn the right procedures and time as you will have to check all the surrounding components to see if they also need replacing. 

Installing A New Water Pump
Installing A New Water Pump

How to know if you need a new water pump

If you think you may need a new water pump there are a few things that you need to look for. If you notice that you are leaking coolant or if the coolant that you have is not circulating well (or at all for that matter), or if you have simply driven 50,000-100,000 miles then you will need to replace your water pump.

The sooner you get a new trash pump and get it ready to install, the better as the longer you go without installing a new pump the more damage could happen to every other function. Below are a few tips that you need to know to help get your unit ready for new water pump installation. 

Water Pump Image
Water Pump Image

Remove the old water pump

This may sound obvious, but before doing anything else you need to locate your old water pump (you may have to remove other components such as belts, the power steering pump, the alternator or the radiator fan).

After locating your water pump, then you need to get all of the tools that you need in order to get the job done. Before removing the water pump, make sure and that a drain pan is put down to catch any runoff. 

Get your unit ready to install a new water pump

1.) out with the old

The first thing you need to do is inspect the surface of the engine mounting area for any old gasket material. If you see any old gasket material it is important to scrape it all of with a plastic scraper.

It is important to use a generic plastic scraper or a scraper designed specifically for the gasket in order to avoid the engine mounting surface to get scratched which would, in turn, lead to the new pump getting a leak,

2.) Remove sediment

When you get to the water pump cavity, you will often notice a lot of old sediment and scale building up inside. It is important to remove all of this sediment and scale out of the pump cavity which is located on the engine block. This cleans the area getting it ready for a brand new pump to be installed. 

3.) Get the mounting surface clean

After scraping off the old gasket it is important to then clean the engine mounting surface off. Grab a clean shop rag and choose either a lacquer thinner or acetone, put the material on the rag, then carefully rub the mounting surface until everything is cleaned off. 

4.) Get the bolt threads and mounting holes clean

Within the engine block, there is what is known as bolt threads and mounting holes. For these two components, it is important to remove the old sealant that encases them, then wash them off the right way. Once you have the sealant off you can clean the bolt threads and mounting holes with a tap and die set that can be bought at any auto mechanic or auto parts store. 

5.) Try out the pump on the engine mounting surface

Once your engine mounting surface is completely cleaned off it is important that you then get your new pump and try out how it gits into your engine mounting surface. When you try out the pump to make sure it fits, make sure that it goes straight in place so that the new seal that will go around it will not move around once the pump is fully installed. 

How to make sure that your water pump seal fits the right way

When you get ready to install a new water pump, you will need to remember that you also have to install a new gasket or an O-ring seal depending on the type of application you have to use on your car (you owner’s manual will tell you whether you need a gasket or a seal).

It is important to get your gasket prepared properly so that it gets installed seamlessly. Below are some tips o getting your new gasket ready to be installed.

1.) Apply an adhesive

The first step that you will need to do is get an adhesive that has been recommended either by your car’s manufacturer or that you found in your owner’s manual. With the water pump, you will take the adhesive and apply a very light and even coat around the mating surface of the pump. 

2.) Align the new pump

Once you have the glue applied you will then get your new gasket and place it on the water pump’s surface. It needs to be fully aligned and sitting on there the right way. 

3.) Mount the gasket to the surface

Once the gasket is aligned, you should put a light even coat of adhesive on the surface and then put 2-3 mounting bolts which will prevent the aligned pump from sliding around. Getting your space ready to install a new pump does not have to be difficult, but it will take some time, so it is important to carve out a day or so as to be sure you have the time you need. Take your time and make sure all surface are cleaned, aligned, and bolted down properly and you should not have any issues getting your new water pump installed!

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