Best handheld paint sprayers

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Handheld spray guns can add great value to any tool collection. All the models have things we like and things we don't like. Read our detailed customer review for the above paint spraying devices. We compare spray patterns, PSI, tip nozzles price, and more rates to help you make a well-informed purchase of sprayer from the best models we tested. For more information, visit our reviews of the above handheld sprayers and read our guide to the best sprayers in the world, back onto what the story started from.

They provide a perfect solution for furniture and wall decoration alike, making them an easy choice in any project that requires spraying.

Editor's Recommendation: Top Handheld Paint Sprayers

This paintbrush-style electric gun is recommended for a wide variety of paint materials, including spraying Latex. It's fantastic, even if you're new to this kind of tool!

This style of brushless electrical sprayer has long been the go-to choice for first-time users, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. Though models vary across different brands, they usually include features like adjustable nozzle size so that it works on multiple types or thicknesses/thinnesses (of) paints; Type 5 tip which allows easy application with less risk resulting from dripping; Ergonomic design making it comfortable over prolonged periods during painting jobs without straining muscles or causing wrist fatigue; Pause button allowing smoothest transition between surface coats by minimizing drips.

To help you make a choice, as this can be a learning curve if you are new to paint spraying and the equipment, our buying guide will teach you about airless sprayers, HVLP, and handhelds.

Best handheld paint sprayers

Best Handheld Paint Sprayers
Best Handheld Paint Sprayers
Wagner Spraytech Flexio 590 Handheld
Wagner Spraytech Flexio 590 Handheld

The Flexio 590 handheld sprayer satisfies even the most critical DIYers. Where the 570 is more of a beginner's machine, it has advanced features that make it perfect for any job around your house or workplace.

The Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP handheld satisfies even the most critical DIYer. The sprayer has more advanced features than its predecessor, but it still remains beginner-friendly enough for those who are new to this type of tool.

The sleek and lightweight design of the handle combined with its soft texture makes it more comfortable to grip than competitors, which can cause fatigue quickly.

This sprayer is only compatible with the spray nozzles. Two are supplied, one which is suited to painting decks and interior walls along with a Detail Finish nozzle for furniture or smaller surfaces. There's no hose to worry about in this model, making it much easier when switching between them.

When using the sprayer nozzle, you can get your work done ten times faster than if you were to use a brush or roller. It will also allow for high volume spraying up to 8 gallons per hour (approx 0.13 gal of paint coverage/minute).

Once you start using the Flexio 590 paint sprayer, it becomes clear why this spray gun is a top choice for professionals. Not only does its X-boost turbine provide incredible power, but with ten different speed settings and low-pressure control to avoid overspray, there's no end to things that can be painted with ease - from cabinets to furniture.

The paint sprayer is popular, reliable, and versatile. The performance of this machine is incredible, no matter the task, indoor or outdoor.

Best Budget Option: REXBETI Ultimate 750 - Link

Best Budget Option: REXBETI Ultimate 750
Best Budget Option: REXBETI Ultimate 750

REXBETI's electric paint sprayer gun is a trusty budget buy that has already collected over one thousand positive reviews due to its great value for money.

Even though it is compact in size, its 500 watts of power lets you finish the paint job within a short time. No matter which tips from the three included ones that you use, this product helps save your time and energy during work as well as enhances accuracy while painting.

Unlike with other spray guns, this one features an air pressure control knob meaning the flow rate is adjustable, so you can slow down the speed for more detailed work or increase it to cover larger surfaces. This unit comes with a 6.6 feet long power cord that should have enough length no matter how big or small your project might be but of course; you could use an extension cord if needed as well!.

The spray patterns can be adjusted quickly and easily, allowing for a versatile cleaning strategy.

A few of the benefits is that it has three different sprays: circular, horizontal, and vertical; this is changed simply by rotating the knob, so you don't have to stop when trying to clean something in another area or if your needs change while you are still spraying.

This tool might not seem like much, but its simple design makes it very user friendly, which will make people want to use it more often than they would with most other tools on the market right now because even though there isn't anything special about it besides how easy it was designed, it just works great!

Larger projects like painting furniture or cabinets are recommended for this spray gun, which provides a smoother finish and reduces paint particles. It also lets you work much faster than if using a regular paintbrush.

Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer - Link

Graco TrueCoat 360
Graco TrueCoat 360

The Graco model is a handheld tool that features the unlimited running time of a corded unit. As long as you have an extension cord, it can run for hours and be brought anywhere - whether on top of ladders to spray ceilings or outdoors to spray fences and house exteriors. It's also designed so that people can spray upside down because there are no air leaks in the system when connected properly. The storage area inside this handle allows one to always keep two tips while working - which comes in handy at all times!

  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Two speeds
  • The paint cup doesn't hold much

Wagner Spraytech 0529011 FLEXiO 570 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer - Link

Best handheld paint sprayers
Best handheld paint sprayers

If you're looking for a handheld sprayer but don't have the budget for high-end options, this Wagner model should provide productivity at a fraction of the price.

This corded power supply allows it to weigh much less than similar battery-powered models-just 3 pounds-reducing hand and shoulder fatigue during operation. We've used this on several projects involving exposed beams or wood paneling where we needed even coverage as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. You'll probably need to thin your paint first, though, so keep that in mind before getting started!

  • Flow adjustment on trigger
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Not durable enough for everyday use

Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer - Link

Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

This airless Graco model combines high quality with ease of use, making it a great choice for entry-level users who are ready to get serious about paint spraying. At just 17 pounds and 12.5 inches wide, its compact size is also easy for storage and transport, while the sprayer has a maximum flow rate of.27, allowing you to have an easier cleanup process thanks to a special attachment that connects directly. Into any standard garden hose!

  • Can spray straight from 1- or 5-gallon buckets
  • .27 flow rate
  • 75-foot hose

Graco Magnum Prox19 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer - Link

Graco Magnum Prox19 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer
Graco Magnum Prox19 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Professional construction workers will enjoy the ease of mobility and a large handle on this air compressor, allowing them to maneuver it around a job site. The oversized wheelbase allows for easy movement as well; its ability to support up to 150 feet of the hose makes even more sense when you consider how much space these tools take up during use.

The adjustable pressure controls on this pump make it easy to adjust the flow rate, allowing you to precisely dial in your machine for any job. The stainless steel body makes it durable enough so that you can spray at a speed of.38 gallons per minute.

  • Connects to the garden hose for easy cleanup
  • Quick startup
  • Relatively expensive

Advantages of an HVLP

In spite of its slower flow rate, an HVLP is not suitable for a large-scale job like the total room or outdoor projects. They're simply not fast enough to reach a very wide area of land and space. Not suited to large projects:


Use a protective respirator when spraying the air. Cover or remove anything around your homes, such as windows and molding. Use cover plants and do not spray on rainy days. Cover plant and avoid painting outside, preventing paint on windy days. Do not spray on someone, animal, or window. Please read and comply with the manufacturer's manual in safety installation operation.

Buyer's Guide

When looking at the best paint spray equipment, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Technically there are two common hand spray devices.

How we choose

The Graco model combines the mobility of a handheld tool with the unlimited life of a cord-operated unit. Its patented spray mechanism can spray upside down with an airtight connector system. The integrated storage area inside the handle is an additional nice feature that allows you to always leave two tips around while working. All our recommendations have come from Graco Titan or Wagner, brands that are proven reliable and offer strong value. We also took care to keep in mind the overall price when making our choice. The options range from the basic options below $100 to expensive higher-end models that start around $1000.


What you get in a handheld airless device

There's only one really good company making the best handheld sprays: airless, HVLP, and everything. The average maximum pressure for them is approximately 2/3 the larger. This allows the use of airless sprayers that do not cause oversprays as big boys. The recommended handheld wiper provided on this site comes with one of the modern R-A-C ("reverse-A-clean") tips. For larger decks and bigger areas within house buildings, you can use the larger airless: homeowner models here; and my recommended commercial models here.

Which is the best sprayer?

Graco has been playing since 1926. Wagner Spraytech came to sprayer manufacturing much later. For over 20 years, they have specialized in designing consumer products, spray tools, and accessories. Their easy-to-use products nevertheless continue to be as reliable and versatile as Graco's. The gracco sprayer has offered durability for several years and offers a professional finish. They're durable and versatile enough to keep your painting demands well-working sprayers for years to come. Some of the best handheld sprayer reviews feature two well-respected companies. Wagner sprayer fight isn't a question of brand.

Tell me the best hand sprayer?

Some applications are not suitable for using handheld pest controllers. Extensive projects like lengthy border fencing or external resprays are too large for these compact units. For these mega-projects, you would certainly recommend either a turbine or a hydraulic power tool instead. Check the best sprayers to do auto restoration work. If you want to use an electric hand sprayer to paint, you can use a hand sprayer to paint your furniture or vehicle.

Why should I buy a hand-painted sprayer?

Use handheld electric sprayers to paint painted paint. It's cheaper to use an overhead sprayer.

How do I clean a paint sprayer?

Why do I always have a problem cleaning your house at home? Your problems are solved! Depending on the type of paint, the paint will be removed by a water application or other cleaning solvent. Do you know what kind of detergent you should use in a paintbrush? We'll teach you how to clean sprayers with paint eliminators.

How does it work?

The HVLP is governed by an electric motor. The motor expels direct air through the spray nozzle, which creates suction in the cup that moves fluid toward the air stream. This is similar to how compressor air sprayings work but with an overall more minimal PSI and lower air pressure. Another advantage of this technology is that they generally lose less paint (although it lowers the paint per minute you could spray). The flow rate is slower so that it is easier to make precise assignments and to reduce's overspill' to a minimum. This action has been taken with the intention of helping simplify tasks.

Is a handheld paint sprayer good for painting walls?

Handheld sprayers are not currently considered the fastest way to paint walls, but they continue to perform extremely well. If it's not an important business operation and you are taking your time with it, an air pump paint sprayer saves you a bunch of time and will get you a better finish. If you are a professional contractor, you would probably not want to use a handheld for a larger project, however. You can try a number of other professional spraying equipment available in the market.

How much paint should I dilute before spraying?

This problem relies on the paint type and surfaces that are to be painted. For thick paints, dilution may not be necessary for thick paints such as the Latex. With thick materials like wood and iron, there's no need to deconstruct the paint. On the other hand, the dilution should always be the right part for shorter fabrics. When we're mixing a thick paint, it can get clogged using certain tools.

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Graco Magnum X5 features all the impressive and exciting features that make your job worthwhile. REXBETI REX006 is the best portable sprayer at a reasonable cost and can help you enjoy your hobby while being very soft and in your pocket. The best handheld spray nozzles are listed below to ensure you get the best products for projects. We helped you find a lot of sprayers in your area just to satisfy your needs and easier work tasks. From aspiring artists to professionals who are looking for a new hobby or learning a new hobby, spray painters are always good choices for your project.

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