Best Timing for Meditation

by Kimberly Hill

The best way to revitalize your inner strength and uplift your energy is through meditation. We all know more or less about how essential meditation can be in our lives. However, we struggle to find enough time to do it. Could there also be a difference in results if you meditated at different times? Surprisingly, yes!

However, before diving into that, it is also essential you know the best times also depend on your lifestyle and habits. I have researched intensively and found the best timing for meditation.  If you need to find enough time for relaxing and meditating, this guide will be perfect for you.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is not about changing yourself to a new person; it is a process through which you enhance your awareness and achieve a healthy perspective. More importantly, many people have a misconception that meditation means turning off their emotions.

Best Timing For Meditation
Best Timing For Meditation

It is precisely the opposite; through this process, you understand yourself better and get a positive sense of meaning.

The process of mediation is a valuable skill. Finding a time in the day to have your own space and calming those nerves will improve your lifestyle.  The first time you try to meditate, you will feel intimidated. But if you push yourself to continue it, you will soon notice the benefits.

Best Timing for Meditation

Best Timing for Meditation
Best Timing for Meditation

I understand that you cannot always meditate at one specific time if you have a hectic lifestyle. However, if we speak about the best time for meditating, then it turns out the perfect time for meditating is known as “Ambrosial hours,” which start around 90 minutes before sunrise and end 48 minutes before dawn.

Why is this particular time important? Long-time practitioners say that the sun stays at a 60-degree angle with the earth during this time. Your mind remains still and calm during this time, allowing you to go much deeper in contemplation.

Meditation Time For Beginners
Meditation Time For Beginners

If you cannot manage to wake up too early, any time in the morning will be fine as well.

However, do not feel worried if you cannot manage time in the morning for meditation. The modern-day interpretation of meditation states that it is perfectly okay to meditate based on your natural circadian rhythm. What does that mean?

The natural circadian rhythm means your natural sleep cycle. For some people, it means waking up early in the morning, and for others, it means waking up late. Setting aside the morning part, here are some other times that might be convenient for you to meditate peacefully.

Meditation after Work

If your job feels physically demanding or mentally challenging, you might benefit if you meditate right after you get home from work. Destressing is one way of relieving tension from your body and mind.

Meditate Before Or After Exercise
Meditate Before Or After Exercise

Sometimes, keeping a balance between your tedious work life and personal life can be challenging.

Making enough time for yourself to meditate after work will help you maintain that balance properly. Since as a workaholic, the morning time will be the busiest for you, you can meditate after work easily.

Meditation When You Are Stressed

Let’s leave the morning time out of the question for the time being. Sometimes, the best time to meditate is when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Instead of tuning out during such situations, why not tune in? Listen to your inner callings by meditating, and I can guarantee you that it will calm you down immediately.

The best part of meditation is you can do it anywhere. Whether you are feeling stressed at work or home, the place will not be an issue as long as you take some time to breathe in your surroundings.

Best Time For Yoga And Meditation
Best Time For Yoga And Meditation

It is essential to know that we have the capability to observe rather than react. Sometimes, taking a few moments to stop everything else and observe can help in the long run.

Importance of Meditation

A fast way to reduce stress is meditation. But is that all it is suitable for? Here are some of the meditation-related benefits that will improve your lifestyle.

Control Anxiety/Stress/Depression

There are studies that show you can reduce anxiety levels if you meditate every day on a continuous basis. Since meditation can physiologically affect the brain, your stress and anxiety level will decrease significantly.

Benefits Of Meditation
Benefits Of Meditation

Furthermore, you can train and teach your mind to remain calm and peaceful even under stressful conditions. This practice is helpful if your work environment tends to become hectic quickly.

Immediate Benefit

If you are looking for a sense of calmness or you want to achieve peace of mind, then the only thing that will provide immediate results is meditation.

Somehow, if you feel worried that meditation will make your mind busy, then I suggest you shorten the sessions at the beginning and building your way up from there.

Meditation Will Help You Sleep

There is no single person who does not dread a sleepless night. If you suffer from sleep deprivation and find yourself staring at the ceiling mindlessly, give meditation a shot. As meditation provides a relaxation response, it will help you sleep.

Sometimes it might help too well because some people feel so calm that they fall asleep right away!

Sharpen Your Memory

Aside from enhancing your emotional well-being, meditation can also help you sharpen your memory. If you practice mindfulness meditation, you will be able to block out outer disturbance and focus better at work and studies.

Benefits Of Meditation
Benefits Of Meditation

A clear mind due to meditation will allow you to remember your surroundings more sharply.

Enhance Self-awareness

I have already mentioned how you can reduce distress if you meditate. But did you know that meditation allows you to enhance your thought process? You can achieve a greater understanding of not only yourself but also those around you.

Such knowledge allows you to know your habits and will enable you to control them more constructively.

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Improving your mental health is just as essential as your physical health. We often tend to overlook this part, but you can enhance your emotions and have total control over yourself if you meditate regularly. I understand it is not easy to figure out the perfect time for meditation.

However, if you are struggling to find time to meditate due to your hectic schedule, it does not matter whether you do it during a specific hour of the day. As long as you follow my guide of the best timing for meditation, you will be good to go!

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