Best Silicone Roof Coating Reviews

by Lucas Lee

Vehicles or homes are big investments. After years of exposure, eventually, most exterior parts especially the roof gets worn and even worse damaged. For that reason, everything must be done to keep it at its peak condition and performance. The most common option for avoiding regular purchase and installation of new roofs is to consider renewing and repairing the existing one. But thinking about this idea, it does not seem the most worthwhile one at some point. What about taking a preventive measure and apply the best roof coating?

Perhaps this is the perfect partner from the beginning of things. The reason is that this package comes with benefits for everyone having a personal home or RV. Using coatings helps you to achieve functionality at once and over the years. Indeed, it is a perfect solution to UV resistance and damage from the outside environment that is weathertight. Moreover, if an excellent quality of the coating is applied it certainly increases the life of the materials. The problem often begins when shopping for a roof coating around. With the many available options in the market, it becomes overwhelming to find the right one. Well the existence of competition has resulted in a wide array of material and technical brand names. Thankfully, new-age materials come with key differences, especially in actions. But can you clearly see the distinction immediately?

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Top 5 Best Silicone Roof Coating Reviews

Top 5 Best Silicone Roof Coating Reviews
Top 5 Best Silicone Roof Coating Reviews

1. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber in a Can Review

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber In A Can, 1-gal, White
Flex Seal Liquid Rubber In A Can, 1-gal, White

Anyone looking to get the best roof coating results should consider buying the Flex Seal. This liquid roof works excellently and really sticks in any temperature. It has perfect weatherproofing features thus recommended for use even with the weather changes. Even more, it protects your roof from snow, rain, and wind while also ultimately extending its life.

It comes in a one-gallon container thus known to be the most economical option. With this, you will apply it to a bigger area. Besides, the product is reliable because its application and use are easy. The process is best done using a brush, roller, by pouring or dipping. However, you must ensure maximum adhesion and efficiency.

This product can be applied where a rubberized coating is needed. It swells and contracts as per the movements of your roof. Because of its flexibility, it fits well in tears, seams, AC and venting systems. That means it covers quickly and smoothly to seal all the water, moisture, and air. Such versatility cuts the need for separately buying different uses.

Be sure that Flex Seal is safely made, and it is non-toxic to plants and animals.


  • Prevents mold and algae growth
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use


  • Needs a long time to stick in low humidity
  • Cracks may open immediately
  • Not good for sealing leaks

2. Heng's Rubber Roof Coating Review

Heng's Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon
Heng's Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon

This RV roof coating produced by Heng's has exceptional quality and incredible results. Specially designed, it brings a protective covering that has an outstanding weatherproofing barrier. This feature makes it work well on different base substrates.

The product is prepared from 100 percent polymer that has an acrylic latex feature. This enables it to provide an elastomeric quality on the roof. Moreover, the coating can easily be applied and used to seal areas like seams or tears. It also seals off most of the unwanted vents and air conditioning channels.

The components it contains makes it a UV resistant polymer. The composition, therefore, maintains the safety of your RV's exterior. That means there will be no decortication seen on the roof. Even better, this coat expands and contracts as the roof does. It is flexible to suit any temperature changes without cracking.

The fact that this coating is made without toxic or heavy contaminating elements, it is certainly reliable. It comes with a crack resistance guarantee. This means you can satisfactorily put a tolerant roof coating for the whole year at a practical price.


  • Durable and highly adhesive.
  • Withstands impact and crack.
  • Flexible application methods.
  • Covers a bigger area.


  • Sometimes container is delivered with damages.
  • Not suitable for roofs that need many coating layers.
  • Flakes off over time.

3. Dicor RP-CRC-1 Rubber Roof Acrylic Coating Review

Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon
Dicor RPCRC1 White EPDM Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon

This formulation, RP-CRC-1, from Dicor is uniquely designed for RV roofing protection. Without forgetting the house owners, this liquid is specially designed with enough flexibility. So, it will suit the rubberized surface and serve you for an extended time.

The formulation contains fiberglass reins with a quality that is 100 percent acrylic. Thus, it provides a flexible coating that protects your roof for some time. This layer can expand and contract easily. This cuts on any cracking sounds from the roof whenever temperature changes rapidly.

The white appearance makes it bright and best for use on the roof. The coating works well on asphalt stones by ensuring lessened heat transmission to the inside. So, the interior will always stay cool, unlike the outside part.

The coating is fully cured using a superior formulation. This prevents the growth of mold and algae that can damage the quality of the product. Choosing this equal easy application on the surface. Thus, it is a reliable option if you not only want to cover the roof but also to save money and time.


  • High-quality formulation.
  • Superior flexibility.
  • Resists mildew growth.
  • Easy application and cleaning.


  • Thin layers are prone to flaking.
  • Overpriced.
  • Thick films are attained after two coating layers.

4. Kool Seal 16 Elastomeric Roof Coating Review

No products found.

Kool Seal is known for providing excellent roof coating products and KST063600-16 is no exception. This product promises and offers an impeccable covering for any rubberized roofs. Undoubtedly, it protects the surface for many years and prevents potential damages from natural occurrences. For instance, wind, sun or water will not affect its quality after use.

Formulated from 100percent acrylic resin, this coating provides a compact layer of protection. While rubberized roofing is prone to change depending on the temperatures, it is flexible enough. It is convenient for use with a range of weather changes that cause rapid expansion and contraction.

This coating is highly durable in any climate. Of course, it can resist different moisture levels. What is more, its reflectivity property brings low temperatures inside. This boosts sound absorption and leaves you with an energy-saving setting in the RV or house.

It is very reliable as it can be applied over roofs made from metal, concrete, polystyrene, urethane foams, tiles, and even bricks. For that reason, you get the best by choosing this coating.


  • Compliant to different environments.
  • Very flexible.
  • Enhanced interior
  • Greater adhesion.


  • Lays well under dry weather.
  • Warm temperatures make it dry off
  • Peels off if the weather is too harsh.

No products found.

5. GacoRoof White Silicone Roof Coating Review

GacoRoof GR1600-1 White Silicone Roof Coating - Gallon
GacoRoof GR1600-1 White Silicone Roof Coating - Gallon

If you have a roofing material that finds it hard to withstand the natural elements, then GR1600-1 coating is a sure bet that is definitely reliable. Of course, the manufacturer, Gaco Western, designed this silicone formulation purposely. It comes handy by providing greater durability for most type of roofing materials. It has excellent adhesion to metal, urethane foams, tiles, concrete, and even bricks.

The design makes it to as well deliver better flexibility during the time of service. It works well even under harsh weather conditions without fading away. If you use this product on the exterior part of your vehicle be sure to take long before the need to repair.

This coating offers a smoother surface where it is used. This helps to prevent any potential mold growth or staining which often forces car owners to plan for recoating. In fact, with this product you will enjoy the service of the new layer that lasts over years. Indeed, between 3 - 5 years of existence unlike what other brands offer.

It resists permanent standing water without a sign of peeling or breaking.


  • The formulation has enhanced serviceability.
  • Higher flexibility and adhesion.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Easy application with simple tools.


  • Not fit for sealing leakages.
  • Costly maintenance.
  • A high coating amount is necessary for one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions On Silicone Roof Coating

Q: Is roof coating any good?

Ans: The common environmental conditions including UV rays, wind, impact and sun often cause havoc. Yes, a roof coating is an excellent idea to protect against damages that form on roofs. Plus, the formulation sticks to the surface to give it some extra strength. That enables it to be protected for a longer time of use.

Q: How long do roof coatings last?

Ans: One of the most winning qualities of roof coating materials is the fact that it can age over time. Usually, like other products, they tend to degrade and even fade. This calls for starting repairs immediately small cracks are spotted. This further prevents larger and costly repairs that are avoidable.

Ans: As it is, experts recommend that the entire vehicle must be resealed after five years. However, for purposes of warranty, it is worth checking the manufacturer's instructions for how long the coating can last. With proper maintenance of the vehicle it can go up to 15 years.

Q: Is silicone roof coating worth it?

Ans: This type of roof coating material is an expensive option, but it comes with many benefits. With it, you do not need a second coating and primer on your vehicle. This also provides great resistance to ruin from weather elements like snow, wind, and rain. It gives a peace of mind without worries of damages.

Q: How much does roof coating cost?

Ans: The question about what the price of roof coating is critical. The cost varies as it depends on factors including the material that is getting coated, who is applying it among others. The process might involve removing some layers, just cleaning, adding new material.

Q: Can you paint over roof coating?

Ans: Without doubt roof coatings also tend to look slightly tired over time. Or sometimes you could need to paint a color that matches the pattern. Choosing the right paint in such an instance would be vital. Why? Because some of the roof coats are not easy surfaces to coat. Some, however, are classified as paintable due to texture.

Q: How much roof coating do I need?

Ans: As it is there are different types of roof coatings. That means the number of roof coatings needed depends on the type of sealant used. There are some forms that need a couple of coats on top of the primer. Others need thinner layers of the coat to reap all the intended benefits.


If you have a recreational car, always ensure that its roof is protected against what can cause damage or shorten its life. The most ideal repair products that will be necessary is to consider using the best roof coating. Performing roof maintenance is usually a daunting and beneficial task. From vehicles to residential purpose and commercial houses, almost all structures can considerably find value from the high-quality coating.

Keeping in mind that the market has many products, the above listed 5 choices will ideally ensure you get that protection. Of course, all provide quality during use and excellent performance in the relevant field. However, it is worth noting that each of the best roof coatings has its cons. If you care so much about service ability, then all of that will be quite minor. Pick following your desired features, factors, and results.

Choosing the right product, therefore, not only guarantees a cost-effective roofing system but also makes your home or car last for long. Remember as you return the original looks of the roof you are generally preventing further damages and costs. Begin your search and shopping as you compare with what is on the list. So, this product is certainly a must-have thing in your regular maintenance arsenal.

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