Types Of Ambient Lighting

by Kimberly Hill

Ambient lighting is the most renowned type of lighting throughout the world. It is very famous because of its soft and gentle lightning. The soft glow of light will brighten your mood if you have gone through a hectic day. Whether you are planning to shift or decorate your current home, ambient lighting will always be mandatory.

As you already know, every room has some dominant lighting. These lights radiate in a way that targets every specific object in your room. On the other hand, ambient lighting is non-dominating, and it focuses more on creating a soothing environment in a room.

You will see this kind of lighting in a movie theatre or even in a candlelight dinner. This lighting is also called a general light when it comes to photography because it creates that natural light in a room or studio, which helps the photographer to take top-notch photos.

To decorate your room, this lighting will not illuminate that much, but it will help to walk or move from one point to the other without bumping into anything.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that with this kind of lighting you won’t be able to see various details of any objects. That’s because these are not that much highlighted like the one you will see in dominant lighting. If you have projects that require you to work closely with objects, you shouldn’t work in ambient light.

Following the article, you will find out different types of ambient lighting, and from that, you will be able to find out which one fits the best to make your home or any other space as beautiful as possible. Read on to find out more.

Types Of Ambient Lighting
Types Of Ambient Lighting

Types Of Ambient Lighting

Everything you need to know about the topic is written right below, check it out so that you can have a better understanding on each of the types.

1. Wall Sconces

These are electric wall lamps and are of two types. If you go to the shop, you will find out direct-wire and plug-in one. You can have the installation onto your wall in any of your chosen areas.

If you have an interest in lightening up the whole room, go for the up-lighting; otherwise, choose the down-lighting without any hesitation to lighten up specific areas.

However, direct-wire sconces have no cords that are exposed, and it is wired permanently to the electrical system of your home. You should need an electrician to get your job done. Some direct-wire sconces work with the already existed wall switch in your room. You can turn it on or off like the way you do for your ceiling fans or other lights.

Accordingly, other sconces come with a switch already attached to it. You can use it independently. In that case, you should buy the one that fits with your budget and requirement.

For lightening up the whole room, choose the one that works with the already existed switches. If you are an avid reader and prefer to read during the night when all the leading lights are turned off except the sconce, go for the independent switched one.  

Besides, plug-in sconces connect to the wall with the help of brackets, and they come with an extension cord. You must plug the cord onto the wall’s outlet. These sconces are very easy to install and are cheaper than the direct-wired ones. If you install this type of lamp, there is a possibility that you might save some time and money.

Also, these sconces work with a switch that is already fixed onto the lamp. In times of your need, simply plug-in the sconce onto the wall outlet and press the switch on or off, and you are good to go.

Like the sconces, you will find a swing-arm wall lamp in the shop. If you don’t have space for a lamp and side table to complete your reading or other important works, a swing-arm wall lamp will be a big help for you. These lamps are also of two types (direct-wire and plug-in).

Wall Sconces
Wall Sconces

2. Lamps

You can use table lamps as a good source of ambient lighting. Not only that, but floor lamps can also be a good choice if you are up for lighting specific areas to create a comfortable environment.

To get the best relaxing feeling, you should put the table lamp in a way that the underneath of the shade is within your eye level. If the shade gets higher, the light intensity might cause eyestrain. So, it is best to keep it low so that the light focuses on the table on any specific objects.

There are varieties of light bulbs in the shop, and you should pick the one that matches with your comfort zone. It is better that you avoid the colored bulbs and, instead, go for the soft white ones so that you and others can enjoy the beauty of the room. If the light is shining very brightly, the (power) wattage is probably too high.

Consult with the electrician regarding this. Some bulbs will give you the power to control the level of brightness at any moment, don’t forget to check it out at your nearby shop.

Lamp Ambient Lighting
Lamp Ambient Lighting

3. Chandeliers

These ambient lightings work best for taller ceilings. This looks stylish and classy and will upgrade the beauty of your overall room for sure. These lighting suits best with large dining rooms or over your bathroom tub.  

Usually, you can enhance the beauty of the room by the use of ambient lighting, but in the case of chandeliers, the beauty of the room is already upgraded due to the presence of this marvelous lighting.

As previously mentioned, this brings class to your room when the lights are switched on, but the surprising fact is that your room will also look beautiful even the time the switch is turned off. Sounds out of the world, right! The reason is due to its presence in the room.

The design and the outlook of the chandelier, along with its lighting is a complete package that you can’t miss. If you have a room or space that looks like it is losing its attractiveness, install a chandelier and see the magic.

Chandeliers Ambient Lighting
Chandeliers Ambient Lighting


4. Pendants

Like the chandelier, pendants are a trendy choice for people who have the desire to design their room in a very stylish way. Like painting the walls and adding the latest technologies, pendants work as a good fit to upgrade the beauty of your place.

Ceiling pendants come with various benefits. You can install it at any height of your choice whether it is to illuminate the whole room or to light up a specific area. It shows that these lighting fixtures are very adaptable and friendly and will not fail in living up to your expectations.

You will have multiple options for pendants because it comes in different style ranges. The prices may vary according to the style, but it is up to your preference. Due to its adaptability, you can easily install it above your dining table without putting any of your table space into jeopardy.

Similarly, this will help you in saving additional spaces so that you can put or install other stuff in the future.

If you are in a position where you need a small number of extra lights, pendants can fulfill it for you. Because of its height and angular adaptability, you can choose the areas where you prefer that additional lights to illuminate.

Besides, these are less expensive to buy and very easy to install. As it is very popular and available around the world, you can get it easily nearby your area.

Pendant Ambient Lighting
Pendant Ambient Lighting

5. Recessed

This lighting is very good in providing a soothing atmosphere in the room, and along with that, your room will look big due to its beautiful installation.

If you have a small room, it will still look less crowded with lightings because the light cans of recessed are fixed onto the ceiling. This means it will be inserted into a hollow area of your ceiling, and you won’t have to see any lighting that usually hangs in the place of installation.

You will find different kinds of colored recessed lights. The lights are safe from catching any specks of dust, and if you have kids, they will also be protected from touching it accidentally.

Recessed Ambient Lighting
Recessed Ambient Lighting

6. Track

This ambient lighting looks like a track consisting of multiple lights connected in a single line installed in the ceiling. Not only it looks different than regular ambient lighting, but it is also very eye-pleasing due to its beautiful illumination.

The good news is that the lights won’t be highly bright; it can be targeted in a specific area. The tracks will make sure all the illuminations are precise.

So, your room will be highly decorated and unique if you install it. You will get compliments from your family and friends if you invite them over at your home.

On the other hand, the tracks are not visible at all because it is made of either plastic or metal; you will only be able to see the track lights. For your ease, these lights come with different shapes and sizes. So, pick the one that fits with your room’s specifications.

Track Ambient Lighting
Track Ambient Lighting


If you use ambient lighting correctly and install it strategically in a specific area, the room environment will be a place that you won’t prefer to leave. The beauty and the relaxing atmosphere will pull you into the room like a magnet every single time.

Whether you have an average or a stressful day, ambient lighting will surely lighten up your mood due to its gentle and soft illumination.

Go for the one that will satisfy your criteria.

Have a good day!

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