How to Use Egg Timer

by James Williams

Are you tired of removing eggshells only to notice that the egg has not cooked correctly? If you are not careful enough, instead of lifting your mood with a good ol’ boiled egg as breakfast in the morning, you will end up with a depressing raw one.

Getting the perfect egg may seem like a tricky business. Moreover, why measure with eyes when you can cook them accurately to your liking with the help of a timer? That is why I will be talking about how to use egg timer in this review so that from now on, you can enjoy your mornings with a perfectly cooked egg.

What Is Egg Timer?

Simply put, it is a timing device that will measure the cooking times of eggs. Since you cannot see inside the eggshells, it is crucial to get a timer instead because such a device will provide you accurate timing. There are devices that will check the temperature of the egg to provide an estimated result.

Egg Timer Meaning
Egg Timer Meaning

However, some devices use time instead of temperature to measure whether the boiled egg is hard, medium, or soft. If you enjoy your boiled eggs be cooked a certain way and have a particular texture, it is better to go for an egg timer rather than measuring it with plain eyes.

How to Use Egg Timer?

How to Use Egg Timer?
How to Use Egg Timer?

Choosing an egg timer is only the first part of the work. I can understand how frustrating it may seem at first to understand how an egg timer functions. It was the same when I used it for the first time. Therefore, I urge you to carefully follow these steps to get that delicious and properly cooked egg.

How to Begin

  • At first, fill up a pot of your choice with water and boil it properly. This boiling water will allow the timer to measure the cooking time more appropriately.
  • Then, gently put both the timer and the egg in the boiled water at the same time.
Egg Timer Instructions
Egg Timer Instructions

Another thing to remember, it is always better to use room temperature eggs for this process because if you use refrigerated eggs, that temperature will change the cooking time as soon as you put them inside hot water.

Therefore, the egg timer will not be able to provide accurate results.

Insert the Timer

  • After putting the timer in hot water, you will notice that after some time, the color of the timer will lighten up from the outside towards the inside. Most egg timers come with markings or indicators that will help you know how much the egg has cooked.
  • You can use those markings to determine whether you want a hard, medium, or soft boiled egg. As soon as the light or ring of the timer reaches the mark of your preference, remove the pot from your stove.

Remove the Timer

  • When you take the water pot out of the stove, remove both the timer and the egg immediately. This step is crucial, and you will have to remove the egg from the boiled water properly.
  • Once you take out the egg, put it under cold water to stop the internal cooking. The timer may carry on changing the color due to the higher heat. However, keep it at room temperature, and the color will slowly fade as it reaches a neutral temperature.
  • Now you can go ahead and peel the eggs and enjoy a perfectly cooked, mouth-watering boiled egg!
How To Use Egg Timer?
How To Use Egg Timer?

The process of using an egg timer is relatively straightforward. However, you can also use this device to cook other food materials as well. Here are some additional tips that you can use to cook the eggs correctly.

Temperature & Time Control

  • There are only two things you can control while boiling an egg; temperature and time. These two measurements will allow you to boil the egg to different levels. You may also have to use eggs that are at room temperature instead of refrigerated ones.
  • Generally speaking, a soft-boiled egg may take about 3 minutes to cook. On the other hand, a hard-boiled egg may take approximately 5 minutes. Since timing is crucial, you will have to keep an eye on the timer.
  • If you have fresh eggs that are less than four days old, they may require additional 30 seconds to cook.

What If You Are in a Hurry?

  • Suppose you are in a hurry in the morning and do not have the time to wait for the temperature of the egg to come down to room temperature, you can use the refrigerated one, but it will require an extra minute to cook.
  • However, there is always a risk that chilled eggs may crack if you directly put them in hot and boiled water due to the sudden temperature change. Remember to not boil the water too long before placing the egg and the timer inside the pot. Just simmering water will work perfectly as well.
Egg Timer User Guide
Egg Timer User Guide

Ultimately, it all comes down to the boiling water and the color of the timer. However, if you follow the timer’s steps correctly, as I mentioned above, you will have nothing to worry about in the end.

Advantage of Egg Timer

There will be nothing more helpful than egg timers when it comes to measuring the cooking time of boiled eggs perfectly. However, is that the only thing this timer is good at performing? No, here are some of the advantages of egg timers that will blow your mind.

  • Processing Similar Tasks

Since an egg timer comes with markings on the exterior surface, you can easily determine the cooking time of other food materials.

  • Maintaining Deadlines

While the name suggests that you use it for cooking purposes, I can tell you a few other ways to use the egg timer. If the timer provides results based on time, not temperature, you can use it up for a certain period to remember your work deadlines.


The ultimate reason for using an egg timer is to get perfectly boiled eggs instead of getting a hard rubber that ruins your appetite. This device is becoming essential for every kitchen out there. Since you can use it for cooking not only eggs but also boiling other food materials, it can be a handy tool.

However, knowing how to function a timer like this is not an easy task. That is why I urge you to follow all the steps I have mentioned above about how to use egg timer to get a mouth-watering egg in no time! You can take the guesswork out of the egg cooking now, thanks to this device.

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