How to Stop Wasting Time

by James Williams

I believe the people who can use their time efficiently have a superpower. They have a skill called time management, and they spend it wisely. On the other hand, I know many people, who like me, always procrastinate on work to watch one more episode of their favorite show.

But time is precious. Wasting it can never do us any good but result in missing deadlines and appointments. So, the question is, how to stop wasting time? To answer this crucial query, I’ve come up with a few ways through which you might get some help. Check them out below:

How to Stop Wasting Time
How to Stop Wasting Time

What Happens If We Waste Time

If Newton had wasted his time sulking when the apple fell on his head, God knows when we might have gotten the idea of gravity. It’s all the productivity in the world that brings up the good in it. I know I’m going too deep, but it’s actually the same case for all of us.

Moreover, the more productive we are, the better we prosper towards success. They were right when they said that time is money. Therefore, to keep yourself on track and not waste time, check out some of the ideas given below.

Logout from All Social Apps

The first and foremost thing that keeps us from focusing on work today is our phones. Once you click on that YouTube app to watch one video, somehow, it becomes ten. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook- all these are like black holes that suck us into them.

How To Stop Wasting Time
How To Stop Wasting Time

Yes, the usefulness of these apps touches the sky, but their demerits are no less either. I get it. How to stop watching that cute kitty video, right? That’s why you must log out from all these apps that can bring distraction while working.

If the buzzing from notifications stops, you’ll be less attracted to wasting your time over them.

Develop a Hobby

If you already have a hobby, great! Try to find one if you don’t, because hobbies are a great source of productivity. Not only do they give us joy, but you’re also spending time doing something worthwhile. Wasting time generally comes from boredom. But if you have a hobby, say no more!

How To Stop Wasting Time On Unimportant Things
How To Stop Wasting Time On Unimportant Things

To grow a hobby, explore different activities. It could be learning to play a musical instrument, gardening, drawing, or whatnot! If you end up liking any of these things, keep practicing them. This way, you will be learning a new skill and at the same time be efficient.

Learn a New Sports

Athletics are literally like a 2 in 1 combo. To make your time worthwhile, learn a new sport! It’s a fun way to spend time, and you’ll get be physically fit as well. Besides, sports help us build teamwork, competitiveness, confidence, problem-solving skills, and so much more. It’s genuinely a combo.

Play Outdoor Game
Play Outdoor Game

On the other hand, if you don’t like being outdoors, there’s a lot of indoor games that help us be productive. For example- chess! Boards games like chess not only are a great way to be recreational, but they also teach us to think, strategize, and come to decisions analytically.

Learning a new game is truly the best way to have fun and make the free time useful.

Learn a New Language

Imagine you’re vacationing in France, but it’s hard to move around because there’s no single person who speaks English. You sigh to yourself, thinking how nice it would’ve been if you knew how to speak French (or be in the fictional world of Emily in Paris).

What To Do Stop Wasting Time
What To Do Stop Wasting Time

Well, that’s precisely why a great way not to waste time would be learning a new language. There are countless benefits from this. If you learn widely spoken languages like French, Arabic, or Chinese, you’ll be able to get connected to so many people in the world! Plus-point for you if you’re a traveler.

Besides, knowing more than one language will always boost up your resume!

Time Your Breaks

Moving on from learning new things, another way to prevent yourself from wasting time is to schedule your breaks. Whenever you’re taking a break in between work, try to set a certain duration for it. Make sure not to take too long breaks because it can result in losing the will to work quickly.

But you must take those tiny breaks in between because it helps us boost our morale. We can regain our concentration through them. On the contrary, if you don’t take breaks, you’ll feel tired fast and lose the motivation to keep going.

Run on a Schedule

Another great way of making your time useful is always to have a routine or schedule. You can do this by making a list of all the chores you have to do and making a timetable for them. Moreover, having a plan helps us use our day to do important things. It does not leave a scope to sit around doing nothing.

Run On A Schedule
Run On A Schedule

The more detailed your schedule is, the better. You can also use several apps on your phone to create a timetable. Some even ring an alarm when it is time to complete a task. Hence, you don’t end up wasting your day and do productive stuff all day.

Deal with Priorities First

We usually have several things to do every day- some important, some not. But, if you make a priority list and do the essential things at first, you’ll quickly have a busy yet fruitful day. Moreover, setting priorities helps us realize the urgency of a particular work.

If you keep prioritizing, you’ll constantly be keeping yourself active instead of sitting idle. You’ll use your time efficiently without even realizing it. This method leaves no room for idle time unless there’s absolutely nothing to do. Thus, no chances of getting bored or daydreaming to lose time!

Use Technology for the Better

You can use phones for a good cause; even though before, I advised you not to use them much if you’re trying to be productive. Several apps on the internet are specifically created for users to stop wasting hours on social media. They measure your use for a chosen app and block it when a limit is reached.

Use Technology For The Better
Use Technology For The Better

One such example is an app called ‘Moment.’ It restricts you from using an app when the pre-set time limit is reached. These apps help prevent phone addiction, and we can focus on things we want.

There are also apps like Dewo that don’t block us from using other apps but block the notifications. As a result, we don’t get distracted while working.

Have a Quiet Workspace

Imagine you are busy working but in a room full of people. It’s obvious that you will get distracted. Having an atmosphere full of distractions can never help you focus.

I mean, it happens to me as well. I’ll work in front of my people, and then they just start talking to me. And I can’t HELP but participate in the conversation because it’s so interesting.

How To Stop Wasting Time
How To Stop Wasting Time

Hence, always try to be in a quiet place, away from all distractions if you’re trying to work. It’ll help you concentrate and do things smoothly all the time without any interruptions. Misusing your time to stare at the man who dropped his coffee at the coffee shop never helps.

Go Straight into Action

If you have small errands or chores coming up, do them right away. Procrastinating can be scary. You’ll not only waste your time, but it also brings uncertainty in when you’ll actually do the work. Instead, complete everything as soon as it comes to your mind. It’ll keep you busy and active.

Control Your Mindset

Finally, I think having the willpower that you will not procrastinate or waste time plays a vital role. If we have the correct mindset, we can do it all. Because at the end of the day, it’s the brain that controls the body. We will not be able to bring ourselves to do anything if our brain is not in a mood to relax.

How Control Your Mindset
How Control Your Mindset

That’s why you must have a strong mindset that you don’t want to lose time. Look up the benefits of staying productive and motivate yourself. Stay on the run. It’s only you who can control yourself.


Time wasting or procrastination is something that happens out of instinct. If you were to ask me how to stop wasting time, I’d probably have a hard time giving a specific answer—from the ideas above as well, choosing precisely one as the best is difficult. That’s why I’m choosing two of them, which are-

Running on a schedule and having the right mindset!

Being on a schedule with the strong willpower to maintain it can help you achieve all sorts of goals. The time to waste will not even have a window if you keep yourself on an organized routine.

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