How to Reset Dryer Timer

by James Williams

We are all familiar with dryers, but not all of us know how it functions. This machine helps to make our laundry easier and saves us the hassle of line drying clothes for hours. Gone are the days when you have to wait for a long time to get clean and dry clothes.

Thanks to dryers, you can get fluffy and warm sheets in no time.

Now let me talk about the key player of this machine; its timer. While it may seem easy to choose your desired cycle with selection knobs, there is more to know about the dryer’s timer and its assembly.

But no need to feel intimidated; I will be showing you how to reset dryer timer so that you can get clean sheets effortlessly.

What Is Dryer Timer?

Before diving right into the mechanical complexities, it is crucial for you to know what does the dryer timer assembly contains. The timer of the dryer primarily consists of a small motor and cams.

Additionally, it also comes with a selection knob that you can use to control and change the cycles of the machine to your liking.

What Is Dryer Timer?
What Is Dryer Timer?

You can switch contacts on and off in your dryer by turning the motor shaft’s selection knob. Such contacts can control the dryer’s motor as well. It also contains a series of gears alongside the cams, and such gears help to rotate it efficiently.

How to Set Dryer Timer?

How to Set Dryer Timer?
How to Set Dryer Timer?

The setup process of a dryer timer is simple. I have already mentioned that the timer comes with a selection knob that you can use to change and maintain the cycles of the machine. You can also determine how long the timer will run or how much heat your clothes will receive by using this knob.

How To Reset Dryer Timer
How To Reset Dryer Timer

Some machines come with a knob that has multi-directional functions. You can move the knob both clockwise and counter-clockwise. This 360-degree angle or rotational movement provides superior flexibility.

As soon as you set the knob at your desired settings, you can press start, and your dryer will do the rest of the work.

How to Reset Dryer Timer?

Resetting your dryer’s timer may be necessary at times. For example, if you face issues related to electricity, you already know how that can damage the dryer machine. Instead of changing the entire timer motor and assembly unit, you can use more straightforward methods to fix this issue effortlessly.

When Do You Need to Reset The Timer?

One of the cases where you may need to reset a timer is after a sudden power surge. If you face something like that, do not run to the nearest store to purchase a new timer motor. Rather, opt for the hard reset option, which is a simple method that will fix your dryer in no time.

Why is this reset option necessary? During a power surge, the machine’s motor may be damaged to some extent. Usually, you set a specific timer to your dryer, and it only runs during the time you set it.

Hard Reset

However, if you notice that the dryer continues to run long after it should have stopped, you know that it will require a hard reset.

Your priority in such a case will be to unplug the dryer and disconnect the grounding wire. This process does not apply if your dryer is gas-fueled, where you will have to close the gas supply valve, and that will shut off the gas supply.

Dryer Timer Replacement
Dryer Timer Replacement

Be careful not to touch any wires while you are unplugging the electric lines to avoid any accidents.

After unplugging the machine, you will have to wait approximately one minute before you can plug it back in again. However, that is not the end; as soon as you plug it back in after that one-minute time, you will have to open and close the door of the dryer six times within approximately 12 seconds.

That will fix the dryer’s automatic running issue, and you will be able to use it just like before. Interestingly, this process works wonders with the front loader dryers and high-tech newer designs.

What If the Timer Advances Incorrectly?

On the other hand, if the timer will not advance correctly, then you may have to opt for a different approach. Such an advancing issue is not the same as a power surge. Meaning, the advancement of the timer will not work on its own. But, if you advance it by hand, the dryer will still work.

You can avoid this type of manual hassle by unplugging the dryer before locating the timer assembly. Again, I caution you to cut off the power supply before doing any of these steps to avoid sudden accidents.

Dryer Machine Timer Symptoms
Dryer Machine Timer Symptoms

If you are confused by where the back assembly might be, remove the dryer’s back panel. You will immediately notice the assembly panel. As soon as you access the timer assembly, you will have to disconnect it and test it for continuity.

However, it is essential to note that if the reading of the timer does not match with the manufacturer’s recommended reading level, you may have to replace the assembly unit.

Is Your Dryer Not Turning off Properly?

Another issue you might face is the dryer not turning off when you set the timer. This issue is an indication something has damaged the timer, whether it be the electric line, the machine’s lack of durability, or the timer motor failing.

I have previously mentioned that your dryer comes with contacts that you can switch on and off.

How To Test A Dryer Timer
How To Test A Dryer Timer

Sometimes the contacts may get stuck and also cause the timer to work inefficiently. If this issue happens, unplug the machine and check the contacts to remove them, and your dryer will work properly again. These are all the reasons why you may need to reset the timer to get the machine working again.


Drying up your wet laundry with the dryer’s help seems like an easy task. However, you may face some difficulties running such a machine at times. The good news is that now that I have cleared up how to reset dryer timer, you will not have to deal with timer issues anymore.

Instead of changing the entire core unit, timer, or assembly unit, you can follow the procedures I have mentioned above to get a quick fix.  Say goodbye to wasting money on a new dryer or assembly unit because your old one will perform well if you follow all the processes I talked about in this guide.

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