How to Make a Timer

by James Williams

Are you tired of missing your favorite show or the beginning of important news? It can be really difficult to remember the time of multiple events at once. Sometimes you may even end up missing the show!

I always missed my favorite Youtuber’s live streaming, which ultimately got me to research more about timers.

No need to feel intimidated because, it turns out, creating a timer is so much easier than you think. Hence, I will show you how to make a timer in this guide so that you never have to miss your favorite drama, movie, or show again.

What Is a Timer?

Before diving into how you can create your timer, let me talk a little bit about what a timer actually is. Simply speaking, a timer or a countdown timer is a device that counts down to an event. These days, you will notice numerous websites using a countdown timer to promote their events or products.

How To Make A Timer
How To Make A Timer

This device allows you to mark the days, hours, minutes, and seconds before a particular event. Furthermore, there are mainly two types of timers.

  • Mechanical ones that you will find in most places and even use in your kitchen.
  • Electrical ones are present in most electronic devices like your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop.

How to Make a Timer?

Whatever the reason you may use a timer, it will always show a countdown of your set time. You may want to pick out a designing platform that has a broad array of available designs from which you can choose.

How To Make A Countdown Timer
How To Make A Countdown Timer

Platforms for timers will allow you to build and customize your timer much more efficiently. One platform is Canva; it will provide more than enough designs/templates that you will be able to use. Here, I will be telling you how to use Canva effortlessly.

How to Make a Timer
How to Make a Timer
  • At first, you will have to go to the Canva webpage and create an account if you do not already have one. Once you have your account, go ahead and enter the website.
  • Next, you will have to identify what type of timer you need for your work. If you are interested in making videos and you require a countdown timer as an alert for your viewers, click on the search box of Canva and type out ‘Video”.
  • You will notice that there are different size recommendations. You can pick out any size depending on the video you wish to make. There is also a recommended section that you can use to choose the video options directly if you are not familiar with the search option.
  • If the recommended options are not to your taste, then you can always check out the “Create a design” option to provide your custom size.
  • After choosing any of these options, you will notice a blank canvas that you can use to create the timer. Please do not get confused by all the options on the sidebar because it is much easier than it looks.
  • The fun part about choosing your timer is that you can create it to whatever length you want. Go ahead and select the “Video” option from the sidebar.

Once you have chosen this option, write down the countdown timer in the sidebar’s search box. That will show you numerous premade templates with different designs.

  • Choose whatever style you like and stretch it to the size you prefer. If you do not like the design you chose, then you can delete it as well. If you want to select a specific time with the design, mention that time in the search box.

For example, for creating a timer that will begin the count down from 10 minutes, type “ten minutes” in the search box.

  • Furthermore, you found a design you like, but the time is not matching? There are no worries, and there is a small scissor icon on the top that you can select to trim the length of the time. That is all you have to do. Go ahead and download the file, and your timer will be ready for use.

Suffices to say, this online platform is not the only one that will allow you to create a timer. Fortunately, many websites already have premade code you can use to get your desired timer directly. You can even use some freeware versions to input the basic information directly, and bam! You got your countdown timer.

Countdown Timer To Date
Countdown Timer To Date

Additionally, you can install the timer on your desktop or toolbar. If you wish to share the countdown with other people through a video or online websites, the procedure I mentioned will allow that as well.

My final point is, play around with the steps that I have mentioned. You can even add graphics, music, animation to spice the countdown up. That is one trick you can use to grab the viewer’s attention.

Advantages of Timer

Previously, I have only mentioned a few uses of the countdown timer. Here, I will speak more elaborately about the advantages of timers you can achieve.

  • Are you looking to take a small break between each exercise step? Let the countdown timer do the work for you. It can help keep track of the break time to maintain the perfect gap between each step of your exercise.
  • Birthday parties, New Year’s Eve, special events, or celebrations all require some sort of a countdown timer. You can build up the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd with the help of an adequate timer.
Benefits Of Timer
Benefits Of Timer
  • Additionally, you can keep track of counseling work, meditation timing, and assignments efficiently.
  • It can also guide people who like to maintain and manage their time accurately for various works.
  • This device is pretty handy if you want to use it as a kitchen appliance.


Whatever the reason you end up choosing to use a countdown timer, this device will help you manage your time better. Sometimes, it is impossible to keep track of time when you are having a hectic day or have too much work scheduled.

What better than using a fantastic tool like a timer to manage this issue? But I can understand why you may feel hesitant to create one because I thought the same too! That is why my simple guide of how to make a timer will take away all your hesitant feeling and allow you to create a personalized timer freely.

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