How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag for Free the Second Time

by James Williams

The most important thing in any video game is the username. If you have a bad gamertag, it can be difficult to make friends with your fellow gamers and level up. This is why it's imperative that when you change your xbox gamertag for free the second time, you do so wisely. In this blog post we'll go over how to do just that.

I wrote a guide with over 15 ways to change your xbox gamertag for free. One of the methods is changing it on an old account, which ensures you are not charged any money.

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag for Free the Second Time
How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag for Free the Second Time

Why is my gamertag number?

Many gamers have a gamertag number. The number is not significant to the gamer, but it may be important for others who want to know more about you. A lot of people use their social security numbers, birthdays, or phone numbers as their gamertag number. What number should I choose? It's up to you! You can pick any four digits that are meaningful to you and make them your own personal identifier on Xbox Live.

How can I change my Xbox gamertag for free again?

If you have been gaming on Xbox for a few years now, then there is a good chance that your gamertag has changed over the course of time. If you are looking to change your gamertag for free, this article will give you some great tips on how to do so without spending any money. The first step in changing your gamertag is going through and updating your ID or display name with the new one. You can update it by going to Settings>Account>Profile from the main dashboard. Once updated, go back into the game and see if it has changed yet.

  1. Check your Xbox profile settings to see if you can change your gamertag
  2. If not, contact customer service for help
  3. Change your gamertag through the Xbox One interface by following these steps
  4. Finally, update all of the networks that are connected to your Microsoft account with the new gamertag
  5. Test out the new name on a game or two before making any final decisions.

I can't believe you got scammed by that website. I've also switched several times, and the only way is to change it at your local Microsoft store.

How do I change my second Xbox name?

  • Make sure you're signed in to your Xbox
  • Press the Guide button on your controller
  • Select Settings and then select Profile
  • You'll be asked if you want to change your gamertag or profile name - choose one of those options
  • Enter a new name for your Gamertag or Profile Name, and press A when done
  • Your console will automatically update with the new information as soon as you enter it

How many times can I change my gamer tag?

The gamer tag is the most important aspect of your online gaming experience. It's how you identify yourself to other players, and it can be a lot of fun personalizing your character to reflect who you are in real life. Unfortunately, there are some limitations on just how many times you can change your gamer tag before being stuck with the one that was created for you when you first signed up for an account. Here's all the info about how often gamers should be changing their tags so they don't get stuck with an old version of themselves!

Why does it cost to change gamertag?

If you're a gamer, then you know that your gamertag is the name that represents you in Xbox Live. You may have had it for years and want to change it, but are wondering "why does changing my gamertag cost?" The answer is simple: Microsoft charges $9.99 to do so because they want to make sure no one tries to steal someone's identity on their gaming site. If this has happened before or if you just can't think of anything new, there are other options out there like changing your email address instead!

How do I find someone's name from their gamertag?

  1. First, you'll need to know the person's gamertag
  2. Next, go to a website called Xbox Live Gamertags and type in their gamertag
  3. You should be able to find all of the games they have played with that account on this site
  4. Click on a game and it will tell you what their username is for that account
  5.  If you want to add them as a friend or send them an invitation, click "Send Request"
  6. If they accept your request then congratulations! They're now your friend :)


If you've changed your gamertag on Xbox 360, it might be time to change it again. We all know that the first thing someone does when they get a new game is see who else plays online and create their profile with an appropriate name (something cool). But what if you want to make a second account for another family member or friend? What about changing your tag because of something in real life like a divorce or job loss? Whatever reason may exist for wanting to change your gamer ID, we can help! You don't have to spend hours going through complicated menus and tutorials trying to figure out how exactly this process works- just contact us today and let our experts do all the hard work. And best yet.

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