How Does A Vacuum Pump Work

by Kimberly Hill

The whole vacuum pump technology came to life more than 300 years ago, and it is safe to say that it was a huge success. You can see almost everyone using vacuum pumps nowadays.

A lot of us use these pumps on a day to day basis. It is usual for you to wonder how do these pumps work. So, let us feed your curiosity and put its hunger at an end.

The basic of it is very simple and easy to understand. You will get to see why these pumps are a massive success, mechanical, industrial, and commercially.

How It All Began

How It All Began
How It All Began

The first demonstration of the vacuum pump was way back in 1654 by its inventors. At the time, the mayor of the city Magdeburg, also a german scientist, invented the vacuum pump.

His creation showed the whole world how intense atmospheric pressure is. He put together two halves of a copper sphere with mated sealed rims. Then he proceeded to take the majority of air inside of it out.

There were two teams with 15 horses on each end, and they tried to separate the thing. Even with so much force, they failed to do so. It was called the Magdeburg hemisphere experiment. This experiment went viral, and people lost their minds.

Soon enough, people started using this technique commercially. It helped revolutionize our whole economy and all modern industries.

The Basics Of It

The basic idea is simple. Why does vacuum happen? When the air or molecules from one area goes to another place, you get one place with low pressure and another with very high pressure. The low pressure created a vacuum.

It needs more and more air or various molecules to fill the void. Also, the most significant factor is that the relatively higher molecules create hefty pressure. This is why it became tough for the horses to separate the two halves.

So, vacuum pumps utilize this technique to create very high pressures. Your usual vacuum pump will take the gas out of a container and create pressure inside.

Types Of Vacuum Pumps

How Does A Vacuum Pump Work
How Does A Vacuum Pump Work

There are various types of vacuum pumps available in the world. These range from very high power to low power. Even though they have the same basics, they have different ways of utilizing it.

1. Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps-
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps-

This vacuum pump is the most focused one out there. It got constant updates throughout time. They mount the vanes on a rotor, which is rotating in a circular case. It uses centrifugal force to move outside too.

The reason this pump is so popular because it takes away a lot of issues in the industry. It runs very quietly and demands significantly less energy, which is great for saving money and peace of mind.

Besides, this pump runs at a cooler temperature, and the build quality is very compact. One of the most remarkable features is that they have internal injection channels. So, woodworkers and paper makers can sigh in relief.

2. Dry Claw Vacuum Pump

To avoid contamination, this is the best pump to pick. It avoids using any lubricants, making the whole procedure much more advantageous. This pump is excellent for long-term usage as well.

Dry Claw Vacuum Pump
Dry Claw Vacuum Pump

How does it do that? Well, there are two claw-shaped rotors in the pump. They don’t touch each other at all. So, in return, you have a product that does not wear itself out.

Now, there is no need for extra service to keep the pump in check. Pretty neat, right? Well, that’s not all. You can use these pumps in your house as well. They are extremely quiet and runs very efficiently.

Moreover, you can use multiple units altogether too. People mostly use this pump for packaging lines, central vacuum supply systems, and drying processes. This pump is famous for its efficiency and the long-run.

3. Screw Vacuum Pump

Screw Vacuum Pump
Screw Vacuum Pump

Now, this pump is the best for cost-saving because it has two rotors inside of it, which swing in the opposite direction of each other. Thus, you can get a lot of energy out of them. They are perfect for getting the best value.

It is very impressive how these pumps manage to keep the temperature very low, but the output is very high. The noise pollution is not very much strong and bearable. You can add VSDs for the best value too and see people using these pumps while packaging food, cans, glass, etc.


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Final Words

Vacuum pumps are getting more and more efficient as more and more time passes. They have come a long way, and it will keep getting better. There are various pumps out there for various workloads.

Likewise, these machines are beneficial for improving our lifestyle, so it is on us to learn as much as we can about them. This way, we can achieve peak quality.

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