Application Of Timer And Counter

by James Williams

Counting and keeping track of numbers are a few of the fundamental aspects we need to do regularly. Previously, people used to follow some orthodox procedure to do the calculation. Over time, due to the advancement of modern science and technology, we came up with better and more efficient methods for doing so.

Now, different automated processes to do counting have been developed. Right after the industrial revolution, mechanical counters had been integrated with machines. Thus, from the 20th century and onward, counters and timers have been implemented with electronics.

What is a Counter?

It is a logical circuit designed in a way that it counts the number of a particular event in terms of a clock signal. The counter works based on different types of electronic devices. It’s basically a sequential logic circuits that record the frequency of electric pulses that go through the counter.

What is a Timer?

A timer is a kind of clock that is specialized for measuring specific intervals of time. Every device needs to keep count of time. That is why most of the electronic devices got a timer in them. There are some special types of timers.

A watchdog timer is one of them, which resets the corresponding system as soon as it sees any malfunction, fault, or a system hang.

Application Of Counter

Application Of Counter
Application Of Counter

Counters are mostly used in different counting applications. In those applications, they measure the interval of time in between two-time instants or frequency of a specific signal. A lot of devices like calculators, processors, real-time clock, etc. use the counter.

Digital counters are also used in alarm clock, car parking control, set AC timer, etc. These are also used for counting the time that is allotted for any special type of event or process set by someone. You can use both up and down counter for the self-reversing as well.

Besides, you can use it as a clock divider circuit. Nowadays, digital counters got a parallel load feature in them, which is used for presetting the counter for instigating initial count. At home, counters are commonly used in the microwave, keyboard controller, washing machine, led indicator with time scheduling feature, etc.

In some cases, they are used in machine moving control too, but counters got heavy usage in multiplexing circuits and digital clocks. Often people use them for generating staircase voltage.

And last but not the least, counters are used in analog and digital converter along with designing digital triangular wave generators.

Application Of Timer

Application Of Timer
Application Of Timer

Uses of timers are manifold in our everyday life. We use the simplest version of timers on our clocks, watches and phones. But in industries and other commercial sectors, more complex types of timers are used.

In those places, digital timers are mostly used. Usage and significance of digital timers are very high in commercial areas and industrial sectors. The kind of digital timer that almost all of us use at home and are familiar with is the microwave oven.

Timers come in handy when we have to keep track of time while doing some tasks or during production hours. Later on, it calculates costs and other aspects.

Like mentioned before, timers come in different forms and features. Nonetheless, all of them are portable and pretty handy.

As they run on battery, you can use them for a very long time without any significant kind of damage. As their internal and external mechanisms are very much simple, it is easy to handle them. A lot of companies manufacture different types of digital timers.

Regardless of that, digital timers have made a lot of tasks easy to complete. They are used both at home and in industries.

Importance Of Counter

In the digital system, it is one of the most logical and versatile devices. It is like a memory counter which is used for counting. The main idea behind this device is, it exploits digital technology for counting the occurrence of an event and displays the result.

Likewise, this device is important for everyone in his/her everyday life. It helps us in procuring our money by saving the electricity bill for us. Even a real estate agent uses this gadget to measure interior dimensions.

For saving time and money, people now use counters for tallying numbers. In the retail shops, the device is used for keeping count of outgoing and incoming customers in the shop.

Importance Of Timer

Importance Of Timer
Importance Of Timer

This device serves both the utility of displaying time and setting time. It is also very much useful for fulfilling preset conditions and making different kinds of electronics work based on such conditions. In most of the cases, resolutions for different sort of problems get easy with digital timers.

If you know the procedure or someone guides you with proper instructions and information, you can easily operate it. A digital timer is not only for sports, but it serves some other purposes as well.

Accordingly, a mother with a newborn can find it very useful as it helps from making and warming food for her baby to sneaking in a powernap. Then again, when you are in a hectic schedule, there is every possibility for you to forget important works. Hence, you can get a reminder of that by a timely beep with this device.


The importance and application of these precision instruments are enormous in every work-field and our daily life. The output that is displayed on the digital screen makes it very much easy to make a variety of entries.

Also, these devices are very economical, easy to operate and can be used for various purposes. Grab these when you are struggling with your time management and you never know how much you will be able to get done with, once you get started!

There are varieties of timers and counters in the market. Differences mostly lie in the functionalities of the devices. So, get yourself the one that fits your purpose and go through the manual to use it effectively.

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