Proper Vacuuming Techniques

by James Williams

It may sound odd, but some people do not know the proper way of vacuuming even though they do it regularly. You may take the idea of ‘proper vacuuming technique’ for granted and shrug it off, thinking you are okay as long as your machine works and cleans your home.

Honestly, yes, vacuuming is certainly not rocket science, and all of us are aware of the basics of cleaning our home. So, knowing some methods and implementing those can make dramatic changes to our home.

As such, I have provided some techniques of vacuuming properly which I hope will help you to do your task more effectively.

How To Vacuum Carpet Lines
How To Vacuum Carpet Lines

Do Not Make It Harder

Proper Vacuuming Techniques
Proper Vacuuming Techniques

First of all, vacuuming tips is the most obvious one- do not make it harder than it needs to be. Other than making additional messes, try to keep it simple. As shoes always bring some dirt to the house, take them off before entering the home.

If you do not want to enforce this policy, simply put a mat at the entrance where everyone can wipe off his shoes before entering the house.

Do It Twice

It is not an easy task to clean your home in one go. Hence, vacuuming multiple times ensures the house to be tidy enough. Thus, vacuum each area several times until you think nothing remains there.

In inclusion to that, go over the same area several times from different directions. This will help you to clean dirt more effectively. Besides, this procedure turns into a necessity if you own pets.

Pets hair keep shedding through-out the day and get all over the furniture and carpet. To get rid of the hair, you must run over those areas multiple times.

Vacuuming Tricks
Vacuuming Tricks

Make A Schedule

Making a schedule is very important when it comes to cleaning your home. You can pick a particular day of the week or month; you may also do the cleaning regularly. Make a schedule and follow it so that you can ensure you are not skipping any cleaning-day.

In most of the cases, vacuuming once in a week is enough. However, you need to pay extra attention to the areas where there is a lot of furniture and other objects. If you have pets that stay inside, you may have to do vacuuming more often. It is also true if you have kids at home as they make the place untidy while playing.

Change Your Bag

Change your bag regularly. You will have to go through a hard time if your canister or bag is already full while you are vacuuming your place. No matter whether you have a bagged or a bag-less vacuum cleaner, it is better to keep an eye on how much full the bag is:

  • Bagged Vacuums

Bagged Vacuums
Bagged Vacuums

In most of the vacuums, you should empty the bag once it gets three-quarters full. If you make a delay, the hose might get clogged, and some parts of the devices may get faulty too. When it happens, your vacuum stops working the way you want it to be.

  • Bag-Less Vacuums

Bag Less Vacuums
Bag Less Vacuums

Even if your vacuum cleaner does not have a bag attached to it, you can take a look at the container to find if it needs to get emptied. Then, empty the canister as soon as possible to make your vacuuming more efficiently with less effort.

Likewise, no matter which type of vacuum cleaner you use, it is wise to check if it got filled up with dirt. If you do not clean it for a long time, after a while it will start making more mess every time you vacuum your home with it.

Spot Treat

You cannot remove stains by a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, if you spill something on the carpet, make sure you treat it immediately to minimize the chances of making a long-lasting stain.

Accordingly, while vacuuming, if you see any stain on the carpet, it is better to treat it with a spot cleaner before you get done with vacuuming. This will get you a good vacuuming result, and along with that, your carpet will stay in a better condition.

Moreover, you can also use a steam cleaner if you get to see stains on your carpet. This method is considered as the best one to remove unwanted spots.

Remove Objects From The Floor

Remove Objects From The Floor
Remove Objects From The Floor

This part is just a common sense that you need to remove small objects from the floor before vacuuming. It will help you clean the floor easily and prevent those small objects from getting into the vacuum. If they get stuck in there, it may ruin your vacuum cleaner or damage its internal parts.

Furthermore, this may lead to bigger problems like making your machine completely nonfunctional.

Don’t Move Furniture Frequently

Don’t Move Furniture Frequently
Don’t Move Furniture Frequently

You do not remove the larger items while you are vacuuming your house. After all, moving all the furniture while cleaning your place does not make any sense. It may help you keep your house cleaner to some extent, but that is not much feasible for most of us.

Sometimes, you can move your coffee table to reach those high-traffic areas for cleaning.

Go For The Right Setting

This tip will help you to vacuum your floors more effectively with less effort. Take a look at the setting and always choose the right one on your device. Different vacuum cleaners have somewhat different settings. It lets you customize the working functionality based on the surface that you are about to be cleaning.

Apart from that, the setting of your device should be based on the height of the surface that you are going to clean. By adjusting the height, you will make sure you get very good suction and eventually clean the floors more efficiently.

Opt For Deep Cleansing

Even if you vacuum your house regularly, occasional deep cleaning can provide you with a lot of benefits. You can do it with shampoo or steam, also both. Deep cleaning your carpet can help it get rid of the dirt that got stuck to the fibers of the carpet.

At the same time, right after you clean your carpet, you will see that it gets way easier while vacuuming. Also, after you give a deep clean to your carpet, you should maintain a fixed vacuuming schedule that you perform regularly.

Regarding that, as an additional tip, vacuum the dirt as much as possible before you shampoo the carpets. This will ensure your carpet gets cleaner after the whole procedure.

Focus On Hard-To-Clean Areas

Focus On Hard-to-Clean Areas
Focus On Hard-to-Clean Areas

There are some areas at your home which are a bit difficult to vacuum. These are mostly stairs and closets. Although it always seems tempting to get done with cleaning those areas real quick and moving on, it is better not to do so.

If dirt stays anywhere at your home, chances are, it will move to other places and make more mess. Hence, focus on the areas which are hard to reach, take time and vacuum those areas properly.

While vacuuming the stairs, it is recommended to use the attachments on the vacuum cleaner. This technique will help you to clean the edges of your carpet, and you will not have to carry your device everywhere while doing so.

Keep It On For A While

If you own a HEPA vacuum cleaner, this cleaning tip is for you. These vacuums are most effective at removing dust in the air, allergens, and the floors. This little tip can help you to make your rooms cleaner, just leave the HEPA vacuum to keep on running for a few minutes more.

However, do make sure that you removed the hose already. Once you return to the room, it will look clean and tidy. Note that the tip mentioned above is only helpful if you really want to nullify airborne particles and enhance the quality of your indoor air; otherwise, you better get an air purifier for your place.

Dust Other Home-Areas First

Dust Other Home-Areas
Dust Other Home-Areas

While cleaning, it is better to dust your blinds, higher objects, and baseboards before vacuuming the floors. Dust accumulated at those places will fall on the ground, and when you start cleaning the floor, they will get sucked in by your cleaner.

As a result, if you do not do the dusting before vacuuming, you may have to vacuum your floors all over again right after the dust settles on the floor.

Extra Attentions For Rugs

Observe your device interacts with the rug while vacuuming it on the floor. At times, your cleaner may get stuck on the corners of your rug and may get damaged. It varies from one model to another.

To avoid this problem, start cleaning from the center to the outer portion of the rug. Also, make sure you are using the proper setting while vacuuming your rug.


Following a routine of cleaning your home can assure you healthy living and keep you aloof from dust and dirt. Make regular dusting and vacuuming your topmost priority and follow some basic rules of doing them. It will not only keep your home clean but make yourself good about your own place.

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