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4 Best Water Powered Sump Pump Reviews

Have you ever had your basement or crawlspace flooded? Then you understand how much of a dreadful experience it can be. Flooding doesn’t just make the area inaccessible; the water causes immeasurable damage to everything that’s down there, including the overall structure! The most effective way of preventing water from filling your basement is by […]

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DIY Guide On Sump Pump Weep Hole Installation

Sump Pump Weep Hole

Sump pumps are extremely useful pieces of equipment for areas that experience frequent flooding and rain. They drain water and prevent the basement of your houses from getting flooded. However, they are not perfect, and during operation can experience certain issues that can hinder them. To prevent these hindrances, some common accessories are installed with […]

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How to Install Battery to Existing Sump Pump

Installing Sump Pump Battery

Suppose you’re a homeowner living in a flood-ridden area or somewhere that faces heavy rainfall on a yearly basis, then you’re already familiar with a sump pump. Furthermore, you probably are looking up how to install battery to existing sump pump often too. After all, these devices do not come cheap, and you will be […]

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How Do You Replace Pedestal Sump Pump

pedestal sump pump

Pedestal sump pumps are nothing short of a godsend to people who have a tiny pit in their homes. It works just as well as any other model, and you can place it anywhere so that you can easily access it anytime, unlike the ones you have to keep at the bottom of the hole. […]

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Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener Review

Ghost Controls TSS1XP Gate Opener

Having a renewable power source for your home is a smart way of living. Not only do you get to save on preposterous electricity bills but also give something back to the environment. While solar-powered generators and cars are all the rage right now, it turns out you can get automatic gate openers that run […]

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Zoeller M53 Sump Pump Review

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump for crawl space

Dealing with water can be tough, and when it comes to pumping and supplying, things can quickly get really messy. If there are basements involved or walls, then it becomes imperative to find a good way to deal with the water. Pumps have revolutionized how we deal with water problems. They provide quick transport of […]

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Wayne Cdu980E Sump Pump Review

Wayne Cdu980E Sump Pump

Pumps have been making work easier for us for many decades now. In the old days, there was no easy way to transport water at high speeds, and there was surely no way to get your basement dry. However, pumps have changed all that, and this is a result of careful and diligent engineering. Now, […]

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Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump Review

Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump

For the Wayne store, perfection is everything! They want their products to be absolute marvel. Keeping such a motto in mind, the company came up with this item, which is easily one of the best in the market. Want to know more about the item? For that, you will have to finish this review. The […]

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How to Install Sump Pump Alarm System?

The Best Sump Pump Alarm

Sump pumps are the most important water pumps that every house needs at present. These pumps do a great job at keeping the house basements water-free. This quality of the pumps prevents any damage originated from molds. Especially if you belong to areas exposed to flooding, sump pumps are right up your alley! In case […]

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How to Install Check Valve on Sump Pump?

Installing Check Valve on Sump Pump

Almost every basement that has a sump pump needs a check valve. A check valve is a metal fold attached to the discharge pipe of the sump pump. This check valve remains closed prior to its opening through water pressure. Again, when the water pressure slows down, the valve automatically gets closed and restricts any […]

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5 Best Sump Pump Battery Reviews with Buying Guide

The best sump pump battery

Floods are no fun, especially when your house is down-river, you never know when the water level soars up and ruins your otherwise perfect weekend. You need to keep your tidy basement away from dirty groundwater, even when the electricity is out, and your primary sump pump is rendered powerless. The best sump pump battery […]

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Wayne ESP25 Battery Backup Sump Pump Review

A Man Installing The Wayne ESP25 battery backup sump pump

If you are a homeowner, a flooded basement is a horror you never want to come across. The extensive structural damage caused by it and the endless repair costs are nothing short of a nightmare. That is why we always recommend investing in a backup that would step in and take over your primary pumps […]

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Superior Pump 91250 Thermoplastic Review

Superior Pump 91250

Buying a house isn’t easy. After you find the perfect home for your little family, you must worry about so many other factors. The last thing you need is a flooded basement in your new home or stagnant water bodies growing mold. Submersible utility pumps can drain out the water very fast and keep the […]

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