What Is Pergo Flooring

by Lucas Lee

Pergo flooring is a well-known manufacturer’s product name; a brand of laminate flooring that was invented in the mid-‘70s. The name itself does seem to evoke some sense of higher quality and everyone who has tried it claim that it’s an amazing premium flooring choice. It combines beautiful design with long-lasting durability like never seen before. It’s engineered to withstand many years of use and still looks beautiful. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new floor for your home, then Pergo is the way to go.

Why To Choose Pergo Flooring ?

What’s not to like about Pergo flooring? Pergo flooring is quite possibly the best all-encompassing deal that gives you total value for your money. We have come up with a list of impressive benefits that come with using Pergo flooring:

Pergo Wooden Flooring
Pergo Wooden Flooring

1. Water-Resistant

What Is Pergo Flooring
What Is Pergo Flooring

Unlike other laminate floors in the market, Pergo flooring is water-resistant and gives you a half an hour window to clean up spills. The waterproof protection feature is not only able to withstand spills but can also withstand splashes and pet accidents to ensure maximum durability.

The water resistance feature makes Pergo flooring a great alternative for areas where you anticipate spills like kitchens.

2. Resistant To Stains, Scratches, And Impacts

Of course, no type of flooring is indestructible and so you need to protect your Pergo floors. These floors are not prone to staining, fading in sunlight, and scratching. To protect against damage from furniture, appliances, and high traffic, use rugs and mats to cover the floor. This will ensure that your Pergo flooring stays beautiful for years to come.

Pergo Vinyl Flooring
Pergo Vinyl Flooring

3. Boasts Of Superior Wear Performance

Pergo flooring is extremely durable. The floors are protected by a tough external layer and resin coating making them stronger. They’re impact-resistant and longer-lasting than hardwood or vinyl flooring.

4. Simple To Clean And Maintain

The surface coating on the Pergo flooring makes it easy to clean and maintain. To remove dirt from the surface, all you need is a dust mop or vacuum.

What’s more is that the surface doesn’t need any waxing, varnishing, or refurbishing to keep it looking good.

5. Offers A Variety Of Styles

The possibilities for new styles and colors are limitless. There are a variety of colors and patterns available so you can easily match the floor with the exact mood and style of the room.

The styles simulate the authentic look of hardwood or stone. You will be surprised by the availability, realism, and quality of Pergo flooring.

Pergo Extreme
Pergo Extreme

6. Pergo Flooring Is Economical

One of the main benefits of Pergo flooring is that it’s generally cheaper compared to hardwood floors and yet it’s still durable and looks good.

Considering that Pergo flooring doesn’t need professional installation and can be installed by do-it-yourself techniques, it’s safe to conclude that the flooring is quite an economical choice.

7. Easy To Install

Another benefit of Pergo flooring is its ease of installation. The flooring comes in planks, rectangles, and squares that are snapped together to create a solid surface. This means that the job may be tackled as a DIY project. Also, if you hire a professional to do the installation it will cost a lot less than other types of flooring because the tongue-and-groove fittings are easy to assemble.

Installing Pergo Flooring

Pergo flooring can be installed in any room of the house either over wood or concrete sub-floors. Here’s how you go about it:

1. Installing Pergo Over Wood

  1. Prepare the floor by cleaning it to remove any dirt
  2. Remove any carpets, baseboards, and vent covers from the floor
  3. Install the vapor barrier especially if you’re concerned about moisture
  4. Pick a corner to start laying the tiles. It’s recommended that you start in the back left as you work towards the door.
  5. Leave a ¼ inch gap around all the edges to allow for expansion
  6. When you put the tongue in the groove, press down until the joint clicks into place
  7. Work in rows until you’ve filled the room
  8. After you’re done with the Pergo flooring, install the baseboard and return any other fixtures where you removed them
Best Flooring Over Wood
Best Flooring Over Wood

2. Installing Pergo over concrete

  1. Smoothen out the concrete to ensure that is level
  2. When the concrete is dry after the leveling job, install the vapor barrier
  3. Install the Pergo flooring as described above
  4. Trim the tiles to fit on the ends.
Best Flooring Over Concrete
Best Flooring Over Concrete

When you install Pergo flooring over uneven sub-floors you risk cracking or separating the tiles eventually.

Quality Comparison How Does Pergo Flooring Compare To Other Laminates?

Pergo floors are not only designed to look good but they’re also high-quality and innovative when it comes to performance. Even though Pergo flooring looks similar to other laminates in the showroom, some distinctions can mean the difference in a sturdy floor that remains intact and retains its beauty for years. Pergo uses a three-layer system to improve the durability of each panel while also reducing the noise produced when you walk on it.

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