How To Remove Leaf Stains From Concrete

by James Williams

Leaf on the ground for a long time may cause strains. It really looks embarrassed when you walk through concrete full of stains.

Do you want a permanent solution on how to remove leaf stains from concrete? 

If your answer is “Yes” then this article is really going to worth it for you. Spend a few minutes to read all the instructions attentively to explore the solution yourself. 

What Do I Need To Remove Leaf Stains From Concrete?

  • A broom: Get a normal broom. You can take the older one also.
  • A goggle: Goggle saves your eyes from dust in the air.
  • Hand gloves and footwear: You must put in hand gloves and footwear that covers your whole body so that you may not experience a chemical reaction. 
  • Laundry detergent: Get some normal laundry detergent from your washroom. 
  • Oxygen bleach: You can buy this powder from your local market.
How To Keep Concrete From Staining
How To Keep Concrete From Staining
  • Trisodium phosphate: You may not need this one. In the case of hard stains, get some trisodium phosphate.
  • Freshwater: fix a hose pipe with your water line to get fresh water with pressure.
  • A bowl: Get a bowl of large size to make the solution in. You can use an alternative way. 
  • A stiff brush: Buy a new stiff brush with a strong handlebar and soft brush. 
  • A sponge: A sponge will help you to clean the hidden area using hand.
  • A water jar: You can use the flower water jar. 

How To Remove Leaf Stains From Concrete Step By Step

How To Remove Leaf Stains From Concrete Step By Step
How To Remove Leaf Stains From Concrete Step By Step

Step 1: Put In All T0he Protective Measures:

Put in all the protective measures that I have mentioned in the list above. 

Get the hand gloves that cover your elbow. Besides, wear waterproof shoes that cover your knee. In the case of the goggle, use your riding goggle.   

How To Remove Tree Sap Stains From Concrete
How To Remove Tree Sap Stains From Concrete

Step 2: Sweep The Full Area With The Broom:

Go to the concrete with the broom. Sweep all the leaf attached to the concrete. 

Although you may see the stains here and there in the concrete, you better clean the entire slab. Make sure there is no debris on the concrete. 

Sweep The Full Area With The Broom
Sweep The Full Area With The Broom

Step 3: Mix Up Detergent And Water In The Bowl:

Now, get the bowl or bucket to create the solution. 

Be attentive here. Put some laundry detergent in the bowl. You can measure the volume using a teacup. Put 2 cups of detergent into the bowl.

Add 8ox Oxygen bleach and 1-cup trisodium phosphate into the bowl. 

You can use organic stain remover if you think it is suitable.

Pour water slowly in the bucket. Put your stiff brush or a stick to have a fine solution. 

If you have a larger area, add more chemicals to the solution. You better use more water rather than chemicals. 

Mix Up Detergent And Water
Mix Up Detergent And Water

Step 4: Put The Sponge Into The Bowl And Use It Once To Test

When the solution is ready, rinse the sponge into the bucket.

Sweep a little area to check out whether the solution is working or not. 

If everything is all right, jump to the next step. Otherwise, maximize the volume of chemicals in the bucket. 

Organic Stain Remover
Organic Stain Remover

Step 5: Spray Fresh Water Using A Pressure Hose

Spray fresh water in the entire area. Use your water hosepipe in order to push pressure.

You can use an alternative way to pour water on the concrete instead of a hosepipe. Just fill the target. 

Using A Pressure Hose
Using A Pressure Hose

Step 6: Pour the Solution All Over The Concrete Using The Water Jar

Pour the solution into the water jar slowly. You may need to pour it more than one time. 

Pour the solution in the entire area of the concrete. Don’t be hurry at this stage. Make sure, you have covered all the areas sufficiently. 

After pouring the solution, wait for 15 to 20 minutes. The concrete should suck some of the solutions.

Be sure that the entire area is wet.  

Step 7: Scrub The Concrete With A Stiff Brush

Take the stiff brush and start scrubbing from one corner. Start scrubbing from the higher portion of the concrete. 

Don’t forget to scrub the slab with strength. Remember, the more you push, the more stains will clean. 

Drug the brush parameter wise, up and down. Turn it in every possible movement so that the stains get off from any directions. 

After scrubbing the entire area, look at the concrete carefully whether there is any missing portion or not.  

Clean Concrete Driveway
Clean Concrete Driveway

Step 8: Use A Hand Sponge To Stain Off The Hidden Area

Get the sponge and scrub the hidden area using your hand. 

The hidden area is not visible to others. You may leave those areas. 

Use A Hand Sponge
Use A Hand Sponge

Step 9: Rinse The Area With Fresh Water

Get the hosepipe and set waterline. Rinse all areas completely. 

When you can see a clean concrete is appearing in front of you, do not allow any dirty chemical on the ground.

Dispose of the dirty water safely to the safety tank. Spray water as much as possible. 

Step 10: Finishing

Now, look at the concrete. I hope, you will never ask “do leaves permanently stain concrete”. Read the next paragraph to maintain your concrete.

Allow the concrete to dry up in the air. Don’t walk on the concrete now otherwise your shoes may spot somewhere. 

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How To Maintain Concrete

  • Sweep the concrete regularly

If you have trees beside the concrete, you should sweep away the leave at least once in a week. 

Concrete is porous in nature. It absorbs the colors of the leaf. Do not allow leaves for a long time on the concrete.

Clean the concrete once in a year following the instruction: Now, you know how to remove flower stains from concrete. Follow the instructions to remove any kinds of stains. 

  • Take care of your concrete

Walk around the concrete to look at any disorder or cracking. Fill the cracks with cement and sand. You can use a concrete sealant to seal the gapes.

Bottom line

I hope, you have the easiest way on how to remove stains from concrete. To get a better result read the instructions two times more. 

If you feel familiar with the instructions, so what are you waiting for? Start cleaning. Don’t forget to maintain concrete.

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